How to Build a Business by Only Using Social Media


Social media has created an immense platform for businesses to thrive due to the available market and customers. The top social media platforms for business include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin among others. The main importance of these platforms to a company is that they allow you to sell your products, create a trusted customer base and also grow your brand. To an entrepreneur, several steps are necessary for this to be successful and are discussed below. 

how to build a business by only using social media

  1. determine the target

It is an important factor as the people can either break or build your business or brand to the next level. Define the persons you are going to reach out to and market to them. This is like a problem statement in the build-up of a great project writing.

  1. establish their interest and where they can be found

They say a good plan requires intensive research on the matter. Once you have defined a target population it’s time to know where they hang out on social platforms. Are they on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or on Twitter? Join online forums, communities and ask members how and where they prefer to spend most of their online time. Sometimes these media have stats and they will be helpful to use.

  1. Branding your products

The success of an entrepreneur depends on the brand and the uniqueness of the product. First choose a username, profile picture, colors, fonts and imagery should all be of the same type otherwise your followers will be confused. The main aim of doing this is to ensure that the brand is attractive and strong to the followers and if they see it somewhere, they can distinctively say it’s yours.

  1. Quality content for your fan base

You need to think of yourself as a content marketing strategist. Every follower who visits your social platform comes a with an interest in your products and it is important to remain professional and to be timely with your updates. View your followers as shoppers and buyers visiting a store, it should always be ready and available. Remember that they have already accepted your product, put their trust in you and finally they know. It’s equally important to understand that buyers buy from people they know, trust and finally like. Every content should be well reviewed and must contain the following elements: be educative, contain dome incentive, prompt them to think and above all provide value to your work. Focus on quality over quantity anything that you post should and must be relevant to the nature of the business.

  1. Selling but in a non-salesy way

It now time you initiate a sale and start earning from your fans. Remember you have been sharing your valuable content regularly and therefore 20% of that time should be to enhance and promote the business name. One of the most important things is to make a call to action to channel your followers to your products. Social media is the fastest means of selling in the world today. It can also be where buyers now look for you through messages on the platforms. Make it count by delivering on time.

  1. Up your results

To increase your conversion rates and amplify your business. Start creating an email list. Change them from followers at social media to email subscribers. The advantage with this move is that you are sure your content was delivered and that a stronger relationship is created. Use a landing page such as Instapage or LeadPages to capture leads. Next connect MailChimp or Aweber which are both great tools to automatically send emails to new subscribers. Then entice your followers by giving them incentives and freebies on your lead page on a defined period of time.

Final Note

Since I work as a online marketing consultant I know how building a brand takes time; there is no shortcut to success but by following this proven guide you will be on the right track.

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A little bit about myself: Lorenzo Gutierrez, founder of Lorenzo Gutierrez Digital Marketing, has a decade of experience growing business revenues with cutting edge digital marketing. With an MBA from Western Governors University and a passion for the craft, he offers a results-driven approach to digital marketing, ensuring your online success.

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