How to go Viral on Social Media

It is incredible that some of the content exposed today can change your life and your business just becoming viral. The questions are, does this happen by chance? Is there a science to become viral?

It is a bit of both, but it takes time and patience.

Sometimes, a little luck is involved. But content created in the right way and published at the right time increases the likelihood of it becoming viral.

Here’s 10 viral social media posts for you to check out for inspiration.

Are you interested?

Check out the 8 techniques to make your viral content in social media:

How to go Viral on Social Media

1. Laser target the audience

By first understanding your target audience you are better able to create viral content for them. Understanding what they like. At least 1 persona should be created; a persona is a fictional character created as a proxy for a target audience.

2. Concentrate on the first 3 seconds

Put yourself in the perspective of the audience. You’re going through your feed, and the only thing that’s going to stop it is something instantly intriguing. Focus on making a video cut into something that causes it in 3 seconds. Take advantage of all the features and tools that platforms offer you, such as YouTube and Instagram, that let you choose a cover or thumbnail for a video. Make sure you choose an attractive and striking image. Make sure it is a Tumblr that appears strongly!

3. The news is everything

The first sentence of your post should be sensational. Think of yourself as a content marketing strategist. How will you get readers to stop and consume content? You have to appeal loudly, almost scream!

4. Make the public understand what actions to take

There are three ways to get public engagement. Like, comments and shares. Ultimately, you want content that gets all those answers; this is where you ask the public to participate after the title. Ask them to comment on an answer to a question, mark someone, agree/disagree, or share to spread positivity/motivation/inspiration.

5. Add hashtags to extend your reach

The hashtags are the most obvious, but they are still relevant. Adding hashtags will increase the reach of posts. You can create specific or more general content. Either way, change the hashtags to suit it.

6. Tag influencers/media accounts

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By engaging people with a broad audience, you can extend the reach of your content. Tag influencers and media relevant to the post. If they enjoy, comment and share the boom, their content is rising!

7. Be emotional

Content should evoke strong feelings for people to respond to it. It can be funny. People cannot help laughing. Finally, it can be positive. By touching people’s hearts and inspiring them, they are likely to share.

The one emotion that does not work is sadness. Think about the last time you felt sad. You probably did not want to talk to anyone back then. It’s the same concept for online.

8. Test, test, and test

The test is where the greatest effort comes into play. You have to be willing to create content, and continually change it to see what has the greatest engagement. When posting, see if it has not gained strength within 30 minutes, remove and or change everything. More, more and more. With different angles, words and cuts, the content can get a dramatic increase in engagement. In addition, posting of different forms can also. Do not settle for the first try.

Go viral on social media – By embedding these principles in creating and posting content!

If you found this helpful, be sure to share it with your colleagues! I’ll love it.

Lorenzo Gutierrez – Internet Marketing Consultant

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