This 1 Conversion Optimization Hack (Exit Intent Popup) Helped Me To Generate 100 Extra Digital B2B Leads In a Month

By employing this simple hack I was able to generate 100 extra digital leads in a month for my former employer a Biotech company.

I was driving traffic a sizeable amount of traffic to the website from multiple channels such as content marketing, Google Ads, and SEO.

However I needed more leads for my sales team.

As always I did my research and it lead me to exit intent popups. At first I was skeptical about using popups as they tend to turn off customers. But this popup was different.

What Is An Exit Intent Pop Up?

An exit popup is a last ditch effort to retain visitors who are attempting to leave your website. An exit popup uses computer wizardry to track the mouse movement of visitor and as soon as the cursor moves outside the page boundary a pop-up window appears. Bingo. This buys you more time to convince the visitor for making a purchase.

Why Should You Use An Exit Intent Pop Up?

• Help to sweeten the deal – If a visitor has landed on your page, then they have an interest in your product. However, certain factors such as price, etc. may make them leave the website. An exit popup can act as a savior here where you can introduce a new offer such as a discount to recapture their attention.

• Capture consumer data – As I mentioned previously, an exit intent popup acts as a last resort to engage with your visitor. Hence try to create a popup which can capture the email address of the person to build a brand relationship with them and make them a regular shopper. 

• Act as a friendly reminder – There are chances when the visitor might have filled the shopping carts and is planning to leave the page without making a purchase. An exit pop up, in this case, can act as a friendly reminder that they have some items in their cart. 

How To Create An Exit Popup?

Always remember that the designing part is most essential in an exit popup hence try to stick to a template or hire a designer to create one that is simple, clean and resonates with your brand. 

It is impossible for a non-code savvy marketer to create an exit popup from scratch. I recommend using an app such as OptinMonster and Wishpond.

Points To Consider While Implementing An Exit Popup
Immediate pop-ups tend to turn off visitors, but if strategically placed, then they can be used to keep the prospects warm. If you are planning to implement an exit intent popup, you should follow these techniques.

• If you want to increase your conversion by 30 to 40 percent, you must provide a Yes/No option than just one CTA

• The action trigger should be apparent with a single image and simple text. 

• The ad design should be responsive so as not to paralyze the visitor who cannot engage with the ad and wish to get out of it. 

• You can also measure the results from A/B testing and watch out what works for your brand and what does not.

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A little bit about myself: Lorenzo Gutierrez, founder of Lorenzo Gutierrez Digital Marketing, has a decade of experience growing business revenues with cutting edge digital marketing. With an MBA from Western Governors University and a passion for the craft, he offers a results-driven approach to digital marketing, ensuring your online success.

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