10 Digital Marketing Hacks Guaranteed to Grow Your Traffic and Sales In 2023

Growing your business in this increasingly competitive world has become a bigger challenge. Many businesses are spending lots of money through Facebook and Google Ads which makes both platforms more competitive and expensive to market on.

Focusing on algorithm updates alone does not guarantee you of any meaningful results.

What should you do?

Well, today I have for you the best digital marketing hacks which you can adopt to make a big impact on your website traffic and sales in 2019.

Let’s find out more about them.

Digital Marketing Hacks for 2019


  1. Make sure your sales team follows up on leads in 5 minutes or less with Pushover + Zapier

Staying with updated lead information is the best way to go for both you and your sales team in this day’s complex business environment. Make sure you use the Zapier app to keep yourselves on track of whatever lead you’d generate from your marketing tactics.

  1. LinkedIn prefers video

This platform is craving for more video content. Instead of using the same marketing strategies as your competitors, try to stand out with video! Using videos in your LinkedIn updates gets way better results than a basic image or text ad.  

  1. Adding the year to your title tag increases CTR

Recent statistics shows that title tags with a year at the end, results in more clicks than those without. People are searching for up to date information. So writing something like “the best cars to buy in 2019” can attract many visitors than simply saying “the best cars to buy.”

  1. Send paid traffic to content first

It’s good to maintain good relationship with your customers so that they will call again next time. So, instead of directing them straight to the landing page, where they should buy your product, use paid ads to educate them through some of your content marketing efforts like blog articles which talks more about your product’s merits. If you don’t have content then see my page on hiring a content marketing consultant. This is the strategy I use to warm the audience up to the brands I am marketing. This works much better than serving ads to a cold audience. 

  1. Brand queries is the fastest way to increase rankings

It is of paramount importance to be ranked number 1 for those search queries which contain your brand name. This is because those people are the ones who know your brand already.

  1. Share your content over and over again

People need time, and repeated efforts should be shown to them so that they may understand the benefits which come along with being loyal to your business. You cannot convince someone about your product or brand just by their first glance. 

  1. 2X your ad engagement with short Video

Videos have always been the best medium of doubling engagement and sales volumes. Instead of relying mostly upon images and texts, Digi Novations recommends in their blog post to use short-form videos which can help because they can take a larger story and break it down into smaller snippets.

If you have a larger video project, you can include editing for one or more video snippets for social media.  

  1. Capture 96.54% of organic traffic from Google with long tail keywords

Long tail keywords touches a lot of aspects which matches visitors’ searches. Long tail keywords are easier to obtain as they do not have as much competition than the root word. Another benifit of using long tailkeywords is that they tend to convert at a much higher rate. 

  1. Re-use videos to 4X your social traffic

Do you know that you can boost your traffic by simply posting same videos time after time to each channel? Post native videos to, YouTube and Facebook for better results. A study performed by Quintly found that Facebook native videos received 4x more interactions than those shared from other video platforms.

Try it and see the magic! 

  1. Never lose another social visitor with Sniply

Sniply is a social media marketing tool that allows people to add custom messages to any web page they post. Users can embed call-to-actions into every piece of content they share, including links to articles from LinkedIn, Blogs, HuffPost, etc.

That’s it for now! I plan to continue to update this list so check back later for more hacks. 

Lorenzo Gutierrez – Online Marketing Consultant

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