Digital marketing is the way of new worlds businesses to reach the customers. Social media marketing, marketing through mobile phone applications, advertisements on websites or advertisement through any other machine-readable source are the ways included in digital marketing tools. Digital marketing might seem easy to users or the tech world inhabitants as the backend hard work is rarely depicted. It is an art and people and businesses who are successful are masters in this art.

An excellent blog post, a user-friendly application, or a captivating ad takes a lot more than depicted. The backend hard work starts from an assessment of ‘’What customers like or What they are looking for these days?’’ Without having a proper and clear understanding of this a good digital marketing strategy can never be made. Digital marketing strategists use social media like Facebook, Instagram; etc. and check the types of posts in the concerned niches that people loved the most. They also go for the Google Play Store or Microsoft store’s application download data. What is the number of mobile phone application downloaded and the ratings of applications from the field? Ratings let them access the aspects that they can improve in their mobile application.

It was just a glimpse of background search to device an effective digital marketing strategy. After initial development the tedious work of designing and hosting starts that end up on engaging ads that appear on a website you visit or a very helpful mobile phone application.

Definition of digital marketing”Financial Times.

Some examples of excellent digital marketing from the business world are; Uber, Yelp, and Mastercard. Uber is a car hiring company the services of which can be availed from a user-friendly mobile phone application. The next is Yelp, a review website founded in 2004 and now has more than 170 million monthly visitors. Michael Luca of the Harvard Business School stated in his working paper, “Reviews, Reputation, and Revenue: The Case of”  that, an increase in Yelp’s review cause a 5-9% business revenue increase. The last example is known for excellent content strategy. Mastercard’s campaign “Sound of Priceless” is a good example of marketing.

Luca, Michael. “Reviews, Reputation, and Revenue: The Case of” Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 12-016, September 2011. (Revised March 2016. Revise and resubmit at the American Economic Journal – Applied Economics.)

So, the more you will dive into the subject the more you will know about it. For now, it is clearly depicted that digital marketing is not an easy job and businesses must create a post of digital marketing strategist as not anyone can do this. What is a digital marketing strategist? Let’s see!

 What is a Digital Marketing Strategist?

In previous times when a person wants to know about something, he starts by asking experts, reading books, or visiting faraway places. But now, a big thanks to Google which bring the far places near and is a great place to find concerned information. But, it is still an art to find authentic information on Google because everyone here is an expert in his self.

When you will google “What is a Digital Marketing Strategist?”. You will get mostly job descriptions from various companies or probably a Quora’s definition. For a reliable definition let’s see what experts say? An interview with some experts published in Marketing Magazine in March 2015. Digital Marketing Strategists Karly Gaffney, Brett Macdonald from Attention Agency and Zulu Alpha Kilo respectively presented their definition of a Digital Marketing Strategist. I compiled their words to form an understandable one read of Digital Marketing Strategist Definition:

“A digital marketing strategist is responsible for the web presence of the business. He/she search the market for trends, consumer’s interests and behaviors, and market competitions to create an effective digital marketing strategy. They develop and constantly analyze the effectiveness of strategy after implementation.”

So, they are the individuals who can make the future of your business bright or can lead it to failure if inexperienced. Unlike the traditional marketing strategist, the work of digital marketing strategist does not end after launching the campaign. He still must check the response and make the revisions during the campaign. He stays connected with several teams within the business to make the campaign successful.

5 Skills a Digital Marketing Strategists Must Have?

digital marketing strategist skillsGoogle and Facebook are two big names. Their actions become trends. So, when they hire people without university degrees, they make the rest of the market to think that the real skills need to be discovered. The digital marketing strategist can be a person with a university degree in Mass Communication or any other media field or it can also be a one who is skillful. There are 5 skills stated that are essential for a good digital marketing strategist.

1. Customer Friendly: The first thing that determines whether he/she is suitable for the post or not is their customer assessment. How they interact with customers and what they can assess from customer reviews? This skill is a base of good analysis. Jonathan Long from Market Domination Media said that a likable personality builds good relationships with bloggers, publishers, influencers, and the ones most concerned for the campaign.

2. Analytical Skills: . As the base of launching an effective campaign is data analysis. The digging deep and not be distracted by the glazes is a real skill in data analysis.

3. Know the Importance of Social Media: Social Media is not just for killing time. It is probably the biggest source to know the trends. A good digital marketing strategist will also know how to use this power in his businesses favor. According to Miles Jennings from, social media is a budget saving marketing space and a good strategist should be well-versed with the social media’s landscape. The paid campaigns ensure good profits if used wisely.

4. Content Management System (CMS): A content management systems bring traffic to websites. A digital marketing strategist with working knowledge of more than one CMS is an asset. One of the famous CMS is WordPress. Angela Ruth from com calls WordPress a go-to platform for a digital marketer.  She said that WordPress keeps the knowledge about CMS updated as it always presents something new.

5. Know How to Impress in Less: In busy schedules, long videos and articles bore the audience. A person who can use as few words as possible for an explanation or presentation, always cast a positive impression. Alex Frias from Track Marketing Group considers the copy and visual manipulation a critical skill in digital marketing.

What is the job of Digital Marketing Strategist?

Till now we discussed the definition of digital marketing and digital marketing strategist along with the essential skills for a good strategist. Now, we will discuss the job of digital marketing strategist a bit more precisely. It is a general sketch of responsibilities of the post but, it varies from organization to organization that what they include or exclude in duties of a digital marketing strategist. For convenience, I stated the job of digital marketing strategist in bullet points. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of what a digital marketing strategist do?

  • Digital marketing strategist develops and implements strategies to align the users’ needs and the manufacturer’s product. We can call it the objective behind the whole work.
  • He/ She gather data from all the platforms available and analyze it for improvements in the existing strategy. To develop a new strategy the scrutinization extends to competitors too.
  • The data analysis leads the digital marketing strategist to outline a strategy that will be implemented by him and his team after getting approval from authorities. They get approval by presenting the outlined strategy in PowerPoint.
  • The work of digital marketing strategist never ends after the implementation of the strategy. He/ She has to check how the plan is going? He/ She take care of the strategy after implementation and always analyze it for improvements.

During the development of strategy, digital marketing strategist closely works with designers and personnel from the production department. That’s why the likable nature and basic design skills are plus points for the post’s responsibilities.

What are Some Digital Marketing Strategies?

The Digital marketing strategies or channels include Social media marketing, Content marketing, Marketing technology, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Search and Social Ads, and Data Management. According to a survey of mostly used strategies in 2018 social media marketing is at the top with 18% weightage and data management is at the bottom with 9% weightage. All others fall in-between.  I have basics of some of the strategies as follows;

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the management of the content of your website in a way that it can rank up in searches by search engines. SEO is a crucial element that demands time and slowly generates results but, it is the one that never fails. The results of SEO generate slow but they also stay longer. SEO experts take care of the process professionally and for a good digital marketing strategist, it is a must-have skill.
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing can prove itself a building power or a destroying one depending on the expertise dealing with it. Concise and problem-solving contents stay evergreen. The content marketing’s important point is to give the mobile devices (which are more than 50% now) equal weightage. A smart strategy for them means a win.
  • Email Marketing: A wisely designed Email newsletter bring you more visits and enhance sales. But, if it is not depicting updates and is boring then people do not take time to unsubscribe. The interactive template must be furnished with all the essentials and should be user-friendly. Inclusion of loyalty program or other offers in Email marketing enhances the fruitfulness.
  • Social Media Marketing: In the essential skills of a good digital marketing strategist we discussed that he must know the power of social media. Engaging posts when reaching on time are more effective than anything else. According to Forbes, the automation of posts ensures that you are reaching the audience when they are reading. An important aspect of this strategy is hiring social media influencers to post for you. It is part of paid social media marketing.
  • PPC: Using search engine’s ad displaying facilities is easy and fruitful. Google AdWords is an example of such a facility. The customized ads displayed through search engine facilitate advertisement, but it is a process need to be learned first. It needs a budget along with smart handling.

A digital marketing strategist knows the strategies and he also knows the experts from the field too. So, the work never delays. Here are a couple of websites during my research I came across that I feel provide value on digital marketing strategies the posts were on The Digital Marketing Institute and Smart Insights 

A Digital Marketing Strategist 

Specializing in Inbound Marketing Strategies

  So, the time of closing sentences is here. This article is comprised of basics and is a bird’s eye view of a detailed subject matter. A lot of digital marketing courses are available online from universities and they can also be availed from physical locations of those universities. The knowledge from theory is incomplete without the hands-on experience so, never underestimate it. Learn, learn, and learn!

Digital marketing is an ever developing thus changing field and it does require the individuals that best suit to this diversity. Handling a business is tedious in itself therefore, all the requirements of a successful venture cannot be full filed by the one-man army. Save but save smart. Invest in specialists, they will help you save in long-term.



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