Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Strategies

The new digital age has transformed our daily habits. Who has not purchased something online in the last months? We all buy from the comfort of our house all kinds of products. From shirts in Zara to computers on Amazon. All at the click of a mouse. 

Making use of the new technologies offered by mobile phones is one of the ways to reach your customers or potential customers much more directly.

Pharmaceutical companies must also establish themselves in a digital environment and adapt to the incessant growth of the smartphone and its use because the mobile phone is usually the first and the last thing you see every day. Connection speeds are getting better. And more people switch to smartphones, a great opportunity to get closer and interact with your target customer.

Mobile advertising investment exceeded 143 billion dollars in 2017 [Source]. And it is estimated that in 2020 it will reach more than 247 billion dollars.

You have to imagine the possibilities of a doctor, a nurse, or a health professional having the ability to quickly verify the effectiveness of medication while someone is in treatment without saying that these type of messages humanize the treatment and inform patients.

Digital Marketing for Pharmaceutical Companies

 digital marketing for pharma

The world of pharmaceutical companies has traditionally been a very conservative and classiest sector, where for the user the location of the pharmaceutical company was more important than anything else.

With the age of the internet, physical stores are less relevant, since in 24 hours we can have our products at home anywhere in the country, and less than 2 hours if we place the order from the same municipality where the warehouse is located. This behavior by the patients emphasizes the importance of having an online presence of a pharmaceutical company.

If you are a pharma company, you need to ask these questions from yourself. How do I adapt my pharmaceutical company to the online world? Do I need a marketing strategy for my pharmaceutical company?

The Four Pillars of Pharmaceutical Marketing:

1.    Website

The website should be the axis of the pharma digital marketing, but before we have to be clear about what we want to achieve with it. Do we want a corporate page to inform our customers about our schedules and promotions? Or do we want to develop an online store where we can boost our sales?

I often find pharmaceutical companies that have web pages that are practically abandoned, and that is not updated since the web designer finished it.

They usually have between 1 and 5 visits per month. Are we interested in developing a website to achieve this result? We must not let ourselves be carried away by digital novelty and do things by impulses and without a marketing plan for our pharmaceutical company.

We must be clear about what we want to do, how much we are willing to invest, where we want to go, and what our objectives are.

2.    Positioning in Google

SEO or positioning in Google is closely linked with the previous point. We have our online pharmaceutical company ready, but nobody enters. What do I do to get more visits to my pharmaceutical company? The search engines (especially Google) are the yellow pages of the 21st century.

The first thing we all do when looking for something online is to go to Google. If our pharmaceutical is in the first positions will be easier to enter our website. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to get visits.

3.    Social Networks

Another very important aspect of pharma digital marketing is social networks. Who does not have an account on Facebook or Twitter? Social networks provide us with two very important questions:

-Direct communication with our customers:

It will allow us to answer and clarify any doubts that users may have about our pharmaceutical company or certain products.

-Increase sales:

Social networks are also a great showcase to be able to announce, among other things, the latest news or the best offers from our pharmaceutical companies and thereby get more income.

4.    Paid Advertising Online

Paid advertising online is one of the most quickest and effective ways to drive traffic to your pharmaceutical company. We focus on the major media sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. With paid media your campaigns are black and white meaning that you know exactly how much you spend and how much you make back which makes calculating ROI simple. As a Google certified digital marketing consultant I setup and manage Google pay per click Ads (PPC). Because of my unique qualifications my clients ads produce outstanding ROI. See my PPC management services page for more information.

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Strategy:

As in other sectors, the pharmaceutical market, as a result of continuous technological advances, has had to adapt to a new digital reality. And to the new consumption habits that have appeared as a consequence of the digital transformation. For this, pharmaceutical companies need to develop new marketing strategies to achieve better results within an increasingly globalized and competitive environment.

On the other hand, we must not forget that this is a sector with many restrictions and limitations because they are products related to health and the field of medicine. Because of these restrictions, in the pharmaceutical sector, you can only carry out campaigns, both offline and digital, about medicines that you can buy on your own, that is, without a prescription.

A pharmaceutical company can have many strategies planned for its marketing. E.g., they can:

  • Buy the production of an ad, on an influential website with the high circulation that explains how good their product and service is (and also includes a link to the website)
  • Write an article in the corporate blog, promote it, and link it from a website with a native advertisement.
  • Make a recognized and influential website write and publish an article with a positive focus on the product or service.

Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing Trends:

Now that we are familiar with four pillars of digital marketing pharmaceutical, we need to know what are the trends in pharma digital marketing. What methods are more successful in connecting with the patients and how to achieve that? Following are the most common trends:

1.      Marketing through videos:

Videos are an easy and reliable way to convey information. Reading long articles can be tedious for a patient. So, a video provides us the opportunity of delivering the same information in a more exciting and understanding way. Animated explainer videos are quite successful in this regard. Research shows that patient prefer to watch a video explaining their disease in simpler terms. This provides them with a good understanding of their problem and makes them more involved in the treatment strategies.

So, it would be a good strategy for pharma digital marketing to produce various informative videos for their brand. Videos can be on multiple topics starting from general information about a disease to side effects of a specific drug used for the cure. All of this is a part of educating the patient and making him more self-sufficient.

2.      Influencers:

pharma digital marketing trendsNo matter what the product is, social media influencers play an essential role in its advertisement. People trust their favorite influencers and tend to follow them instead of a random video. If I want to buy makeup products, I will see what Kylie has to say about this, etc. Pharmaceutical companies can also use this strategy where they can fill Facebook, Quora, and different other social media forums with authentic health-related influencers who are trusted by the patients to deliver factual information. One such example of these influencers is Dr. Mike, AKA the hot doctor. He is a social media influencer who is successfully creating his brand. People like him can be effectively used for social media marketing for pharma industries.

3.      Personalized attention

The Internet provides users with means of contact and care with sufficient guarantees and speed to be able to assist you and positively resolve your doubts and concerns.

Each online pharmaceutical companies must have personalized telephone attention through an available pharmacist who answers questions and doubts. Also, the network should be full of health and cosmetics blogs that constantly provide information on real issues based on issues even proposed by the online user community itself.

Blogs generate quality traffic. That is, they capture a well-defined and segmented target audience that ultimately converts, a public that may be interested in hiring your products or services.

4.      Make yourself known in social networks

The use of social networks is a safe bet for the pharmaceutical industry. For this, you need to be well prepared. Not only to manage them. Also, to connect with the target audience generating conversations.

To achieve these objectives, it is important to have a clear digital strategy and focus it on each audience, getting answers as soon as possible, and generating exciting content.

Create a community around your brand on social networks. Where consumers can learn and ask about different ailments and get robust solutions, in addition to introducing your products. Make an in-depth analysis of the needs of your followers this way, you will find out the real problems of the users, and thus, you will adequately focus your online digital marketing strategy.

They are also instrumental in spreading messages and content to a vast audience. You can do it through the different channels and as a complement to the websites, news portals, and other communication vehicles. One of the trends in online pharmaceutical marketing is to involve the public in issues related to health, pathologies, adherence, etc.

5.      Email marketing:

Email marketing and newsletters are valuable tools to be in permanent contact with your health consumers.

But before launching any message, carefully analyze the profiles of your potential users — for example, demographic factors, age, sex, needs, habits, and tastes.

Then create a workflow that manages the sending of information and where you talk from the most generic about the pharmaceutical industry to the mention of your products or services at the right time.

If you are looking for a proven and experienced pharmaceutical marketing company get in touch with us today. 


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