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If you are looking to take your business online, build a new website or are just looking to revamp your Content Management System, WordPress is a wonderful option. With over 27% of the internet running on WordPress and over 76% of the CMS market ruled by WordPress, it is the go-to choice of anyone in web design and development.

If you want to do your web design in WordPress, you will do well to hire a website design company, that provides WordPress web design & development. A professional can work magic to create the website of your dreams with the designs that are customized for you!

There are many WordPress web design agencies out there who provide small business web design services as well as eCommerce web design services.

List of Website Services Provided by Us

1. WordPress Website Design Services:

The types of website design services provided depend on the clients’ needs – what website types they require and the purposes of the website. We will cover the general list of services.

Customized Website Design:

All clients ask for a custom-designed website that suits their needs as well as their tastes. After all, why would you hire a designer if not to build a website that you can be proud to show off!

Writing custom code for everything is difficult for a beginner to do. But with WordPress, you’ve got it all covered.

WordPress being open source the customization options are endless. Your designer can customize everything and anything. Want to have a funky menu? You’ve got it. A designer background? You can have the look and feel you want!

2. Small Business Website Design Services:

Your Site’s Template: The template is your site is the theme that you use. It is the theme which gives your website its layout. You can have a designer build a custom theme from the ground up or choose a third party theme. WordPress Repository is full of free as well as premium themes that you only have to select the one that attracts you and change it to the way you look.

Menu & Widgets: Have you ever tried customizing a list on an HTML site? It is difficult and time consuming. With WordPress? Your designer can position the list at the place you desire and change the look and feel of your site. Most themes today are shipped with the option to customize the widgets and menus with a few tweaks to the code.

Site Header: The site header is the first thing that a visitor who lands on your website notices. With WordPress, you can make create unique site header that communicates the core of your message or business to your visitors. You can add an image, animation, video or a slideshow header. With or without text!

Page Background: Do you know with WordPress; your designer can customize the background of your website. Add an image or coloured background. How much fancier can you get?

Website URL: Did you know that WordPress supports custom URL? Yes, your developer can save you the trouble of remembering those long and complicated URL.

Colours & Fonts: What did we tell you? WordPress can customize anything and everything. From your fonts to size and the colour of your fonts to buttons colors. Hello, branding!

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design

With smartphones becoming more and more popular, that half of all website traffic is from smartphone users. Imagine a customer who visits your site and has to pinch and zoom, and scroll from left to right. And now if they had to fill in a form to contact you. On a smartphone screen, the form fields and the call-to-action buttons are too small to tap accurately. Oh, the horror! He’d leave as soon as he enters.

Which is why your business needs to work with a web design agency that offers responsive design services.

But not with WordPress responsive themes, the elements of your site resize and realign themselves to fit the screen size.

3. eCommerce Website Design Services

eCommerce is booming nowadays. Won’t you like a piece of the eCommerce pie?

A simple, easy to navigate and buy eCommerce website design brings in big bucks for your business if you are looking to sell products online.

More and more brands and businesses are moving entirely or trying out the Internet business. That is why we see some impressively innovative, immersive and beautiful ecommerce website designs pop up. These sites not only provide a calm oasis to shop from the comfort of your home (or office) but also a complete brand experience.

You need a website that can handle the logistics. A WordPress designer can build a website customized for eCommerce, complete with all the necessary details.

Check out these eCommerce websites for inspiration: Leader Bag Co-Leader Bag CoAdidas Futurecraft, and Eddie Parker Flower.

Tips to Choose the Right Designer

Your website designer must keep the following points in mind while designing a rocking site for you.


If you do it. Do it right. The website you design should shout who you are and what you have to give to the world, convey your brand identity. Helping you stand out from the crowd. Your logo, the colours and font you use build recognition and trust. Familiarity will make your customers comfortable and soften them up to buy from you.

Customer Experience

You must give an exceptional customer experience. Everything about your website must be user-oriented. A lot of elements come into play when you are in the topic of customer experience.

To give an exceptional website experience, keep the following points in mind:

Don’t keep them waiting: This is the visitor on your site notices. Even before your headline appears! Your website visitor might bid adieu and may never come back to your site if it takes forever to load. Aim for a shorter span than 3 seconds. The maximum time is 3 seconds; anymore and you might have just lost a customer.

Catch their attention with your Design: Your design must be aesthetic. Remember KISS, Keep It Simple Silly.

Convey your message clearly: The attention span of humans has been dwindling since the advent of internet technology. Your website design and content must convey your message most openly and boldly as possible as soon as the visitor lands on the site.

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