Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies to Acquire New Clients Online

Internet marketing is crucial for any business today being that we are all a part of a large, global and saturated market. Everyone has some form of a digital marketing campaign going on for them, so by not participating in those endeavors, you are behind big time. Law firms are no different and have a great need for their own footprint in the digital, online world. To successfully market a law firm online, one has to meet a number of factors. Most of them rely on the more generic ones that apply to most of the other businesses in the common, global market. But some are industry and niche specific. Most people find law firms like any other thing, through a search query in their favorite search engine, usually Google. In order to remain competitive in the online market, let’s go over the most effective marketing strategies that will yield the best results. 

Law Firm Marketing Strategies & Tactics

1. A solid online presence

digital marketing for law firms

Law firms, like all other businesses, have their work cut out for them by building a strong landing page and website in general. When it comes to the law, most clients come from within a certain jurisdiction, that is to say, most clients are local. This website will serve as the anchor point of your online marketing strategy where everything can start around. It must contain all the basic information about the products and services you are offering, along with high-quality content for both future and current clients. More on why that is important later. The website needs to be a sincere representation of your law business, practices conducted and values being upheld. It also needs to contain other information like answers to the most simple legal questions that every client should know beforehand. Be sure not to go too far and offer free legal consultations, that is where the business part comes in. All of this will greatly help build a reputation as a reliable entity on legal issues and will lead potential clients to your law firm for further collaboration.

2. SEO

Search engine optimization is the second ingredient when talking about a relevant online presence. In short, it is a process of using the right words and online strategies dictated by the different search engine algorithms in order to rank higher in the search results. The better the ranking, the closer to the top of the first results page your law firm will appear. Proper SEO strategies work wonders for any business, law firms are not excluded from this rule. However, there are certain practices that need to be followed to make your SEO strategy adequate. Firstly, you need to target local, relevant keywords. These are an essential part of showing up in relevant searches made by people in your area of influence. This will increase visibility and the chances of attracting clients. Putting your website in an appropriate category is the next step. This way, visitors will find it easy to navigate through the pages in order to find content relevant to them. As a law firm, you will be offering different services for different clients, custom-tailored to their individual needs and of course, in accordance with the laws. Page optimization is the next step. Optimization is a very wide term and can mean plenty of things. It comes down to adapting your website pages so that the search engine algorithms can get a better understanding of your website. This, in turn, makes you more competitive in the search results page. Optimization is referred to as the content you put for everyone to see and hear. Images, text, video, other multimedia content, but it goes deeper than that. HTML tags are better left to the developers in charge of the creation of your website and are really important. The content itself, especially realtime type like streaming video needs to be carefully curated for optimal results.  That is where companies like Redback Connect come into play and facilitate content that leaves very little time for a correction after the fact.

3. Social Media

Social media platforms re all the rage these days and rightfully so. Everyone has their platform of choice and they facilitate the best forms of advertising, word-of-mouth, and trust-based ones. Maintaining authoritative and professional profiles, groups and pages on these platforms are essential for a good business and brand image. Convenience is the main asset here as you can reach and build relationships with potential clients without them even going through the hassle of walking through your door. Most of these platforms offer instant messaging and chat services so you can answer any and all questions your potential clients might have with accuracy and speed. Posts, comments and rating systems such as likes offer you and clients a transparent and public way of interaction.

4. Client Reviews

law firm digital marketing strategy (1)Consumers are influenced greatly by online reviews. This is especially important in this industry, as your reputation is the most important aspect of it. It can make or break a law firm. No matter the legal conundrum a potential client may have, the reviews they read pertaining to your business will help them make their decision on hiring your services or not. Needless to say, bad reviews will bode negatively and good ones will prove to be invaluable. No one expects the reviews to be perfect and every single one to be positive, but a healthy ratio is what you should really be going for. The more positive ones compared to negative ones there is, the better you stand for gaining new clients. Reviews do completely rely on your performance in the field. The happier your current clients are, the greater the chances of acquiring new ones.

5. Clients on the Move

Your site needs to be adapted for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The world is becoming increasingly mobile and the number of mobile users has surpassed workstation search queries a few years back. And search engine algorithms check and adjust their rankings for that. If the site is not responsive to a very large number of different browsers and physical devices, it can tank your visibility and therefore traffic. Online visitors have a very short attention span, usually a few seconds at best. If they cannot get the necessary information because your content is not being displayed properly on their screens or fast enough, they will move on and never look back. There is always a bunch of other law firms that have this covered and by doing so have an advantage over yours.

6. Offering Value

There is a thing called a bounce rate when talking about your website. It is a number of people that have seen what you are offering and never come back again. If people are bouncing regularly from your website, the search engines will notice and factor that in their rankings of you. So what needs to be done is to entice visitors to click further into your site once they arrive. How does one achieve that? Through content that adds value to their lives and it can be done in many ways. Quality content can come in many shapes and sizes. The more senses you can engage in your viewers the better, so employ audio and video queues whenever possible. Videos result in much lower bounce rates than other forms of content. That is not to say you should neglect textual and audio-based content. Client testimonials are a great example of the type of content that be most beneficial for a law firm. Seeing your former client’s positive experiences and solved problems is what puts a human face on an otherwise faceless company. Explainer content is also very beneficial to a potential client and therefore brings value to them. This way you will bring value to potential clients incentivizing them to return for more and hire your services.

7. Blogging

online marketing for law firmsBlogs can operate as a PR platform where all current events can be discussed. Any business today needs to maintain an active presence in their area of expertise. That goes for law firms too. Legal issues are not the only thing that should be covered in your blogs but also other industry-specific news. This shows your current and future clients that you are keeping up with the relevant subjects. Touching upon our previous subject, blogs are a great medium where you can incorporate all forms of content such as video and audio. The F.A.Q. section is one of the most important sections of any site that deals with complicated and sensitive subjects. Make sure that these are robust and offer as much content as possible. If people are looking for answers on your Frequently Asked Questions page instead of their search engine of choice, you are on the right path and you should capitalize on that.

Why you need Digital Marketing for Your Law Firm 

Your digital presence is the most important asset you have when it comes to exposure and getting your message across. It will bring in new leads, showcase capabilities and give the opportunity to build relationships and credibility in the field of law. With these basic principles, make sure you are with the times and update your marketing strategies, today.

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