Video Marketing Infographic: The Next Big Trends Are Here!

The primary goal of every business brand, be it large or small, is to grow and expand. So, marketers are constantly on the lookout for the strategic tool that will help them achieve their ultimate goal. And in this digital era that we live in, the solution could be far simpler than we imagined.

With the rise of the internet as the fastest tool for spreading information around the world in a matter of seconds, countless opportunities knocked on the doors of marketers to take their business online and effortlessly reach their target audiences. And video marketing is here to help!

In this article, we are going to look at the roots of video marketing and the remarkable results it produces. We’ll also cover the latest trends in the industry, which can help your business stand out from the competition.

Let’s dive right in.

Brief History

The first appearance of video marketing was back in 1941. That year the famous American watchmaker company Bulova aired a short video advertisement on TV during a sports match. Word of the results they received in return, the number of increased sales, and many other benefits quickly spread. As a result, it wasn’t long before other brands started catching up to the idea of video commercials.

Even so, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that video marketing got its name and was increasingly being adopted by business worldwide. At this point, this marketing tool’s popularity exploded thanks to the advent of the internet.

Businesses with a sharp eye for new trends saw the potential video marketing had and seized the opportunity. And they were right – according to the latest studies, video marketing is exceeding the results of the picture and word-type content combined by a country mile.

Which begs the question:

What Makes Video Marketing So Much Better?

If you are just starting out in the world of video marketing or are looking to learn the key elements that make this tool stand out from other marketing methods, we have the answer.

The first and most obvious reason why video marketing is simply better is that it is everywhere. Literally. It’s all over the internet and social media, and statistics show that more than 75% of users watch online videos every week, while 55% of users watch videos every day.

What’s more:

A study revealed that as many as 80% of users were able to recall a video they watched in the past 30 days but failed to recall a picture or word-type content they came across. This goes on to show that videos leave a lasting impression.

Bearing all this in mind, we can only expect that videos grow sales and audience. In fact, to back this up, video marketing stats reveal that more than a billion hours of videos are consumed on YouTube on a daily basis. This information goes on to show that videos alone generate 1,200 times more visits and shares than text and images combined.

And that’s not all:

The web browsers also favor websites whose landing pages contain a video. This helps increase website conversions by a whopping 80%. And by the time the year 2020 rolls around, it is estimated that video content will make up as much as 82% of all consumer web traffic.

Video Marketing Trends in 2020

2020 is just around the corner, and it promises to be yet another year full of ruthless competition in the world of video marketing. Now, we know staying ahead of everyone else is hard. That’s why we have the latest trends and tips that will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the video marketing trends that will mark the future.

1. How-To Videos

Definitely not a new trend – but an evergreen one, that’s for certain. And evergreen content, as the name suggests, is always relevant. Statistics show that viewers from all types of audiences enjoy watching explanatory videos that describe how to use a product or service. These videos also include sharing tips and tricks about our everyday lives. And thanks to the fact that they’re so incredibly relatable, they help build a strong connection between the business and the target audience.

2. Short Videos

Holding the attention of the viewer for a long period of time is not an easy task. But as we all know, short is sweet, so we suggest you make your videos just that. There is no point in making a long video. Let’s face it, regardless of how much context or depth you put in it,  people will have a hard time watching a short-movie that promotes a brand.

Key takeaway:

Videos which are short, have a nice product description, and aren’t assertive, promise the best results.

3. Engage With Your Audience

If there is another fan-favorite we have to mention when it comes to video marketing, it is undoubtedly engagement. Studies reveal that viewers are 1.8 times more likely to make a purchase when watching a video that has someone explain the product to them. Additionally, they are even more likely to recognize and trust the brand if their opinions about the product or service are taken into account. So, you can benefit from engaging with your audience, as you can listen to the thoughts and suggestions people have to improve every little aspect of your business.

4. Follow Trends

Last but certainly not least on our list of video marketing trends is to do just that – follow trends! Associating your brand with the latest and most popular things happening around the world is a key method of keeping your business fresh, updated, and on the right track.

Bottom line:

Video marketing has a tremendously high return on investment, and these hot video marketing trends are the way to go in 2020.

We hope this article helped you learn some valuable information that you can use to your advantage and help your business reach new heights. Good luck!

Video Marketing Statistics

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