Whether you’re a business owner or website designer, knowing the best practices used across the world for developing an effective B2B website is a must so that they can create a website that helps drive organic traffic and improve quality leads.


In today’s business environment, a website plays a key role in the success of a business. A responsive, effective and persuasive website goes a long way by leaving a positive and lasting impression on potential customers.


When it comes to B2B businesses, website design happens to be the best sales tool since B2B marketing has altogether different challenges in building customer relationships. While B2C sales take usually just one site visit, B2B sales are finished in a relatively longer period — several interactions through multiple connected devices. Therefore, it becomes imperative for B2B website designers to design an impressive, informative and responsive website that engages visitors with the brands.


After digging down deep, we found 8 great B2B website designs that will inspire entrepreneurs and designers to create a responsive and persuasive B2B website that will leave a positive and lasting impression on customers and connect them with the brands.


During the research, I realized that following a successful B2B website must provide:


  • An amazing user experience
  • Multiplatform adaptability
  • Answers to the users’ queries
  • Better user experience by loading quickly
  • Long attention spans by offering the users immediately what they want


Here are 8 great examples of B2B website designs to inspire in 2020.


  1. Sprint


sprint b2b website designIf your web content is vibrant and positive, it will definitely leave a positive impact on your users. So, choose your brand voice wisely that aligns well with your company’s mission statement. Let your users informed always by engaging and relatable content.


Identifying the importance of good content in web design, sprint’s website has put carefully crafted content on its pages. No matter how beautiful your website design is, if the web content is poorly written, you will find many important business opportunities. So, pay heed to these tips when creating website content:


Be specific, to the point as viewers may bounce from the page and go to one of your competitors if they find any ambiguity.


Yours is a B2B website, so tell them clearly the benefits of partnering with you. Use nicely written case studies of your previous partners to show them rather than just telling a story.


Even if your web content is well written but may fail to meet your goal if it’s placement is not right. Thoughtful placement of content is vital to direct visitors to your call-to-action. Not only this, great placement of content establishes a hierarchy within the website that helps visitors to prioritize the important information.


2. JCurve Solutions


jcurve solutions b2b website designJCurve Solutions is a B2B company providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. The company appeals to visitors who are considering an ERP implementation with a CTA that asks, “Just thinking about ERP?” If you are still not sure and want to know more, the downloadable guide will walk you through the key benefits and what JCurve can offer to you.


JCurve is specialized in catering to the needs of small businesses. It explains each product that it offers in a simple language that even a new entrepreneur can easily understand. The site has used flat design techniques with plenty of informative videos to help further explain to visitors the advantages of implementing ERP and how to begin with.


3. Rollpark


rollpark b2b website designRollpark is into creating customizable parking areas to be used for commercial vehicles using Geotextile — a rollable material.


Rollpark’s website uses long scrolling. It means the website builds as visitors scroll and translates well to mobiles. When you enter the Rollpark website, you’ll find potential B2B buyers presented with a video of the product in action and numbers. The website designers also incorporate large images that link to Rollpark case studies presenting the parking challenges and how the company helped them to overcome this issue.


4. Powerwest


powerwest b2b website designPowerwest is an Australian B2B company involved in providing building and designing power generation solutions to mining and resource companies. Upon entering its site, you’ll immediately come to know what this company can do for you. It’s extremely clear and to the point. The language used on this site is easy-to-understand and supported by high-quality images of job sites.


Even the CTAs are catchy and their navigation panels are easy to follow. Concise wordings and less text are amongst the other features that compelled me to pick this website in the 8 great B2B websites designs to inspire in 2020.


5. Rocka


rocka b2b website designRocka lets businesses and entrepreneurs, startups in particular, to create and launch digital ventures. Along with a long-scroll design, this website also uses bold coloring and simple, animated background of varying geometric shapes.


The website focuses on explaining its process in the language of a layman. It was nominated for an awwward in design, creativity, and innovation.


6. Zendesk


zendesk b2b website designZendesk provides excellent customer support service. It lets you chat and talk to a live executive while availing the full experience conveniently. Like their brands, Zendesk’s website design is focused on customers.


7. Quid


quid b2b website designQuid’s website follows the principle – Less is more! Website designers simply hate clutter and chaos. Its homepage is a great example of a minimalistic approach of design. Since Quid’s homepage is polished and clear, even the smallest statement leaves a great impact on the visitors.


8. Asana


asana b2b website designCall-to-action buttons are strategically placed on this website that direct visitors exactly where the website wants them to go. These CTAs, along with catchy animation of the products, are effective that turn visitors into customers.


9. Drift


Drift stands out in the crowd — no stock photos, no cartoons. This business-to-business website is a great example of a minimalist, clutter-free website. The website features its employees and gives visitors an insight into the people behind the company. Through this brilliant move, the website makes visitors feel personal and wins their trust. Each of the webpages has a smiling face, while individuals and group photos are smartly incorporated into the website’s design. Moreover, the drift website manages a balance between a clean style and visual experience.


10. Dropbox


dropbox b2b website designDropbox is a file hosting service that provides files synchronization, cloud storage, and client software. Its business user guide is set up as a separate business-to-business website. It’s a great example of a material design approach. While visiting this site, you’ll experience like reading an interactive book in which the screen turns animations and sections easily accessible from the table of contents. Moreover, the website is amazingly interactive and easy-to-use.




The bottom line


Being a B2B website owner or designer, you need to understand that your website must speak volumes about the company in such a way that’s neither too flashy nor boring. Take inspiration from the websites mentioned above and create one for your business/client that clearly speaks to the visitors and turn them into your potential customers.


If you need a professional B2B websites designed for your organization then get in touch with us we are a California website design company with offices in San Francisco. 


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