19 Companies with the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

Today, businesses worldwide spend a lot of time and money on digital advertising. Some of them fail in their marketing campaigns while others succeed, mostly because they continually re-evaluate their strategy.

One of the best ways to get inspired is to look at brands that have dynamic digital marketing strategy. Here are 15 companies that can teach a lot on digital marketing campaigns.

Overview of Companies and Their Key Digital Marketing Strategies

CompanyKey Digital Marketing StrategyPlatforms Used
American ExpressCommunity and membership engagementFacebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+
MintContent creation, infographics, personal finance blogFacebook, Twitter
ZapposCustomer focus, listening to clientsTwitter
AmazonEngaged community, customer reviewsFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Spark
AirbnbSocial media marketing, website layout and functionalityVarious social media platforms

American Express

American Express, a famous credit card company, has a robust digital marketing campaign. It is regularly experimenting with new digital marketing channels. AmEx is active on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and other platforms.

Community and membership are the most important parts of American Express marketing. AmEx uses every opportunity available to increase its social media influence. It also organizes a friendly and easy-going online experience for all its customers.

Customers are very important for American Express. Engaging with them, delivering them unique content, and creating an ideal digital experience is what matters for AmEx.


Mint has an awesome digital marketing strategy that made them one of the best financial management services. They started working mostly on content creation, conducted targeted campaigns that gain trust from their audience. Their team created great infographics that are packed with well-designed and compelling information.

They focused on creating a unique personal finance blog. It was full of engaging content that spoke to a young professional crowd. Thus, the blog became popular in personal finance and drove traffic to the app.

Mint then started using Facebook and Twitter in a very effective way. They had discussions with their customers, held giveaways, and promoted their pages.

Mint is now more than just a product. It is a place for talking about finance, telling trade stories, and sharing advice.


America’s largest online shoe retailer runs a great digital marketing campaign. In fact, it was one of the first companies to use digital marketing channels such as Twitter, instead of traditional ones.

Zappos does not just focus on accumulating new customers, but concentrates on its current customers, thus ensuring more followers in the long term. They listen to their customers carefully and apply new ideas from what they learn. They focus on what their clients want, not on what they wish the clients would want.


The world’s largest online retailer has a great digital marketing campaign. Amazon always highlights the importance of an engaged community.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and now its very own Spark network became one of Amazon’s keys to success. With Spark, Amazon can learn more about the customers’ interests and aspirations.

Online customer reviews are fundamental for Amazon’s digital marketing strategy. Amazon reviews are a fascinating system that develops within the platform’s product pages. Each customer has the option to post reviews of a product they purchased, which significantly influences the purchasing behavior of most customers.


Airbnb, an online marketplace that arranges and offers lodging, had an enormous growth with the development of digital marketing. They adopted a great digital marketing strategy and then implemented it properly.

Airbnb started using social media marketing actively. It helped Airbnb get massive media coverage and increased their followers. With social media usage, they could send their brand message clearly. Airbnb is active on almost all social media platforms.

A large part of Airbnb’s success is due to their website. The layout and functionality of the page make it very easy to use. Their content is excellent and is designed to keep customers on the site and provide them with supporting information for trips.


Domino’s is the largest pizza chain in the world that has a robust digital marketing strategy.

In the late 2000s, while other businesses were just considering digital marketing, Domino had already focused its attention on creating an app for iOS devices. The app became popular on iPhones and iPads for its many features.

Domino’s adoption of digital marketing continued with the turn to consumer feedback. The most important thing they started working on was the customer’s opinion. It has become the first pizza company to have an online tracker and voice ordering app. Domino’s insisted that ordering is possible on every digital platform.

Now customers can order Domino’s pizza from the Facebook messenger, Google assistant, Alexa, and even from smart TVs.


The worldwide recognition of Nike is the result of their brilliant work in digital marketing. Nike’s success is immense, and every action within its online strategy brings a large profit.

Nike campaigns are marvelous. They focus on creating meaningful content to build customer loyalty. They always pay attention to the social issues and include nascent and cultural movements in their ads. By using social media platforms, which were popular among their customers, Nike managed to reach millions of people and improve its lead generation as well.

Nike’s advertising campaign has proved that their strategy was working and still continues to work. Today, Nike has almost 99 million followers only on Instagram and can call itself the largest manufacturer of sportswear and footwear.


Lego, the famous representative of the toy industry, has focused on customer engagement as well as product quality and customer relationships. Digital campaigns are an essential part of their marketing strategy. The brand actively uses its own websites, gaming websites, e-commerce channels, and social media platforms.

Social media is an integral part of the marketing strategy of Lego. They are using Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to grow the customer base and engage followers. Lego has more than 13 million followers on Facebook and 5 million followers on Instagram.


Behind IKEA’s success, lies Ikea’s brilliant digital marketing strategy. Companies can learn from IKEA’s online business transition.

IKEA uses social media a lot. They post discounts, promotions, giveaways, news, and events on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. They are very responsive to messages from every customer.

IKEA follows the latest trends in technology, such as virtual reality and augmented reality. IKEA also uses SMS marketing, which enables its customers to know what is new at their local IKEA branch via SMS alerts.


Coca-Cola is always active on all social media platforms and works on creating a personalized customer experience. They have over 90 million followers on their social media pages. They have an incredible Twitter profile, which aims at creating direct engagement with all of their followers.

Coca Cola’s ‘share a coke’ groundbreaking campaign was a great hit and made a huge impression on social media. It was an innovative campaign where the company’s iconic logo was supported with names. It was a hit campaign that led to an increase in their sales.

Now Coca-Cola continues to use and deliver innovative and creative digital marketing programs all over the world, thus staying irreplaceable in the market.


Starbucks is one of the most successful brands in digital media. It stays involved with numerous social media networks.

Starbucks always tries to get costumers engaged with their company. They create appealing contests on their social media, so the costumers want to engage. A great example was Starbucks’ “Tweet a Coffee” campaign, which engaged customers and built awareness of the brand.

Customer feedback is vital to Starbucks. They get feedback for consumers, embrace the positives, and alter the negatives.

Social Media Presence of Selected Companies

CompanySocial Media PlatformsNotable Campaign or Feature
Coca-ColaFacebook, Twitter, etc.‘Share a coke’ campaign
StarbucksVarious networks“Tweet a Coffee” campaign
McDonald’sFacebookMobile apps, Apple Pay
HeinekenFacebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTubeCreative website, football legends


McDonald’s always has bright digital marketing ideas that help them run influential campaigns. McDonald’s is quite popular in social media. It has about 80 million followers on Facebook. Their staff tries to respond to the followers’ comments and messages as quick as possible.

The company introduced the technology at its restaurants, enabling customers to customize orders. They also use mobile apps to drive promotions.

Recently, McDonald’s introduced Apple Pay, which is a more convenient payment option for its customers.


Heineken actually became the most popular beer company in the world. Heineken concentrates on social media a lot. They are active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. On their Instagram page, they recall and remember the legends of football, thus connecting beer to sports.

Heineken goes very creative with its website. They have an overwhelming webpage with all the news, great infographics, funny and exciting stories.

Due to Heineken’s commitment to marketing, they were awarded the Creative Marketer of the Year in 2015. In fact, they were the second company to win this award twice.

Red Bull

For an energy drink company, Red Bull has one of the best digital marketing strategies in the world.

Content marketing plays an essential role in their marketing campaigns. They have some of the best content that drives their customers.

They post all their content on social media, with videos that frequently go viral.

For instance, the man jumping from the edge of the space, the one instantly switching planes in midflight or the motorcyclist climbing to the top of the Vegas Arc de Triomphe.


The 110-year-old car manufacturer remains relevant and engaging in the digital age. Ford is doing a great job in social media marketing.

First, they have an outstanding and unique blog, “The Ford Story.” Each time they add a new post, they put the image, headline, and the comments from readers onto the front page of their website.

Their viewers can read the fans’ and followers’ comments before reading the actual article, which puts the customers’ viewpoint first. Introducing the blog and the readers’ comments to new viewers sets a welcoming and friendly first impression for any company.

Ford is active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr, having millions of social networking impressions

Innovative Digital Marketing Features by Companies

CompanyInnovative Feature or CampaignImpact or Recognition
Domino’sApp for iOS devices, online tracker, voice ordering appOrdering possible on every digital platform
NikeMeaningful content, social issues in ads99 million followers on Instagram
IKEAVirtual reality, augmented reality, SMS marketingTransition to online business
Red BullViral content marketingStrong brand awareness through content

Every digital marketing campaign is vastly different from others. But as we see, a properly executed one can raise brand awareness for every company and make them stand out from the competition. The 19 companies discussed above are very different. But they all used their creativity and were able to understand their audience, which was the key to their success in the digital marketing world.

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