10 Technology Companies Crushing it at Digital Marketing

In the age of increased competition for attention on digital channels, tech companies can struggle to reach the right audience and enhance their sales funnel. While tech companies have always been the trendsetters of using social media marketing, the use of innovative tactics has set the bar high.  For instance, today, the very nature of digital marketing demands that you continually re-evaluate your strategy with fresh and current trends. Moreover, the way technology companies have been approaching marketing has evolved. Thus it’s imperative to leverage strategies that will drive results.

Nonetheless, as challenging as digital marketing may be, numerous technology companies have managed to promote their brands globally. The common tactic across these brands is to converge their marketing strategies with expertise from social media companies in Dubai and across the world. These companies have set the bar high in their use of innovative schemes that promote the production of successful campaigns that inspire others to test boundaries and optimize their strategies.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 technology companies crushing it at digital marketing.

  1. Tesla

Tesla’s prominence on social media is nothing but impressive. Despite the company being relatively new in the market compared to its competitors, e.g., BMW, Chevrolet, and Audi, they rank among the top three most mentioned brands on Twitter. With over 340k mentions, likes, retweets, impressions, and replies, they are crushing their competition. And while their strategy is driving startling results, what’s surprising is the fact that they only tweet four times a month.

This level of triumph is a holistic process driven by two main elements. One is the popularity of the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, and his use of his personality to humanize the brand. Secondly, it’s their continuous use of the live stream feature for events that draw loads of hype and attention from their target audience who share the links through social media and live-tweeting. What we can learn from Tesla’s strategy is that having an active online presence makes your brand more personal and relatable. Moreover, live streaming events are excellent to interact with your customer base to keep them focused and engaged.

  1. GE

While for most of us, Pinterest is the go-to for all your DIY projects, cupcake recipes, home décor, and not science facts or machinery. Yet, GE has managed to revolutionize this notion and create a name for itself on the platform with approximately 40 custom Pinterest boards and over 27,000 followers. Among the most popular boards is the “Hey girl,” which cleverly incorporates a twist on famous memes by including a science-themed pickup line. Other popular boards include “Badass machines,” which display the biggest and best technologies produced by the company and “DIY Science.”

  1. Cisco

In a world troubled with political unrest and catastrophic news every other day, Cisco is at the forefront of promoting positive change. For instance, the company’s past campaigns, e.g., “there has never been a better time,” implies that technology is the solution to some of the biggest global challenges.

Besides spreading their message on various channels, including TVs, their social outreach strategy, specifically on Twitter, is nothing but tremendous. The organization uses multiple hashtags to share real stories about how it’s impacting people’s lives. The majority of their campaigns aim to help people recognize the difference Cisco is making in the world. For instance, in a recent campaign, Cisco partnered up with Anniecannons to help transform human trafficking survivors into software professionals. In addition to using tech to combat human trafficking, they also mobilized this partnership to help spread the word by giving their partners access to assets such as training courses, digital playbooks, and so on.

  1. IBM

With over 580k followers in the United States alone, IBM has been ranked among the most influential tech brands on LinkedIn. Generally, this IT company uses its page on the platform to share insights on company developments, sneak peeks at new products, and employee stories. However, the success of IBM’s winning strategy is partly because the company takes advantage of nearly every feature on LinkedIn. Moreover, like most other tech brands, IBM encourages its staff members to share posts on their page as well.

For instance, the company manages more than ten showcase pages for their different products and services, such as IBM Internet of Things, IBM Cloud, and so on. Additionally, they have a separate page that highlights the company culture, including videos, photos, cultural insights, and blog posts from the company’s staff members.

  1. Microsoft

While Microsoft may be among the leading computer programs sellers, it’s Instagram presence focuses on real people. The brand launched its account in 2014 with an impressive and calculated strategy – highlighting remarkable stories from people who use their products to explore their interests or make a difference in the world. The company gathered a team to tour the world and meet the real Microsoft users who are creating change, then publish their videos, photos, and stories on their page.

With over two million followers, Microsoft continually involves its audiences by requesting them to share their stories or comment and like posts if they’ve ever used specific products of theirs. This allows the brand to accrue more user-generated content, which strengthens their relationship with their customers or target market.

  1. HP

With almost 5 million followers, HP uses its Facebook account to share industry news, engaging videos, product promotions, shareable graphics, among others. In the past, the company launched numerous successful campaigns that tapped into various subject matters. For instance, the “Wolf Campaign” which focused on drawing attention to cybersecurity in the workplace and “bend the rules” which attracted the attention of influencers and celebrities to encourage people to explore their creativity.

  1. Apple

Apple is one of those successful brands that you look at and ask yourself, “how did they do it?” With astounding revenue growth from $8 billion to $180 billion in just ten years, who wouldn’t ask themselves this question? However, Apple’s success isn’t just about high returns or selling their products. It’s about their digital marketing strategies.

Unlike most brands, instead of spending money on PPC ads on Google or Facebook, Apple relies on product placement and positive reviews from the media. Besides that, they position their products to their target market by making them believe that they make life easier, better, fun, and cool.  For instance, if you are keen, you’ve probably seen a lot of apple products on popular shows, especially those with celebrities.

  1. Samsung

Samsung is considered one of the most tech-savvy global brands that draws attention with its successful and effective digital marketing campaigns. This tech company uses a futuristic and powerful marketing strategy that has kept Android, in an iOS dominated world, in the game. For instance, the company uses bold branding that draws the attention of its target audience and educates them on the values, visions, and mission of the brand.

Additionally, the company leverages social responsibility, such as Samsung’s Italy project, PizzAut, which is a tablet application for people who have autism. Also, their campaigns mostly have elements of loyalty programs and social media activation. Besides that, the key to their digital marketing success lies in social engagement, where they encourage their target audience to share their views or concerns, which are addressed in a timely and relevant manner.

  1. Google

If Google is good at one thing, it’s their digital marketing strategy. While you may never come across an ad from Google, this remarkable search engine uses some of the most fantastic and impressive subtle marketing strategies ever to exist. For starters, they offer a free and open platform that attracts users without much of a second thought. Moreover, the brand’s culture of conversation humanizes its services, which creates a communicative environment that inspires interactions either within SEO or SEM industries.

If anything, Google’s self-digital marketing strategy, is all about their image. As a result, they are very particular about how they want to be viewed. Hence, they create quality products or services. As opposed to actively creating marketing campaigns, this search engine platform has established itself as an authority and a community that exudes openness. Thus, in essence, their identity does their marketing for them.

  1. Intel

Besides being synonymous with modern electronics, intel is recognized as the largest manufacturer of semiconductors chips. Since 2015, the company’s leading position can be attributed to its powerful ad campaigns that are mainly based on real life stories. In recent times, their campaigns focus on initiatives such as AI technology. Moreover, the company’s B2B marketing strategy revolves around highlighting its complex tech solutions using real life stories.

There you have it, the top tech companies crushing it at digital marketing and exactly how they are doing it. Ideally, from the above digital marketing giants, for your digital marketing strategy to succeed, it’s vital to take risks. Also, try out different social media platforms as well as strategies to see what works for your company. The trick is to brainstorm unique ways to get your message across and beat your competition.


Q: What makes a technology company successful in digital marketing? A: Success in digital marketing for technology companies often involves innovative strategies, understanding the target audience, utilizing cutting-edge tools, and consistent brand messaging.

Q: Can I apply these strategies to my small tech startup? A: Absolutely! Many strategies used by successful technology companies can be scaled down and applied to smaller startups. Innovation and adaptability are key.

Q: What are some common digital marketing channels used by tech companies? A: Common channels include social media, content marketing, email campaigns, SEO, PPC advertising, and influencer collaborations.

Q: How can I measure the success of my digital marketing efforts? A: Success can be measured through various metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, ROI, customer retention, and tracking tools like Google Analytics.

Fazreen Razeek
Fazreen Razeek works for a grafdom and is the leading web designer Dubai. When he’s not pursuing his passion for education technology, Fazreen writes engaging content that aims to offer advice on trending web development and designing tools.

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