5 Best Marketing Ideas for Healthcare Organizations


Marketing is the key to selling a business’s products and services, including the healthcare sector. It is significant that the marketers keep up with the latest technologies and strategies that emerge in the market if they wish to meet their targets. Medical offices and healthcare organizations must come up with suitable approaches that include a presence on the internet. Here are five effective healthcare marketing strategies that can help your healthcare facility to attract more patients:

1. Having a Good Location Based SEO Strategy is the Key to Increasing Your Search

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 healthcare marketing ideas

77% of patients use search engines before they can book an appointment to get treated.

Your marketing efforts are going to burgeon if you use location-based search engine optimization (SEO) and geo-tag the location in all posts. This way you will get targeted customers to visit your site. Creating Long-tail SEO search terms rich content will get you high value organic local traffic.

For instance, it is a great idea to create exclusive content around topics that reveal your location such as “best doctors for diabetes in …..” or “Cure for Diabetes in …..” or be more specific and create content on a topic like “Where to get the best cure for diabetes in …..”. These are powerful keywords and will rank on the first page of the search engine and attract qualified and valuable traffic to your business.

Also, Instagram and Facebook are two significant social media platforms that can get local traffic right to your doorstep. You can geo-tag locations on Instagram and run location-specific ads on Facebook. Users who see your posts are your potential customers.

2. Build Online Reputation

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    marketing ideas for healthcare

    Online reputation is vital for the overall success of your healthcare business as people will come to you if they trust you. Despite offering the best product or services, you may not have many people walking in if your online reputation is not intact. Remember –

    • 38% of people use the internet to look up information on medical and healthcare facilities. [Source]
    • 47% of people use the internet to look up information about health care professionals and doctors before they can visit the facility.
    • One of the most commonly researched topics on the internet is doctors, specific conditions and diseases and their treatments.

    If your brand is to be trusted then your website should look professional and contain correct information. ‘You Reputation Precedes You’ – give your audience the right advice when asked for so they keep coming back to you. They must make your site and facility their choice of healthcare whenever they need medical help.

    3. Implement Tech Enabled Solutions

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    People have become dependent on the internet and smartphones. It is not just the millennials but also the older generation that are embracing technology-enabled solutions. Tech-enabled solutions help them to manage chronic illnesses, they don’t have to be dependent on others.

    You can give users the freedom to book their appointments, speak to the doctors, call for an emergency, view report results, order medicines, etc. Hospitals using apps to enhance workflows and clinical communication are usually the top rated hospitals and have highest patient satisfaction.

    Families living in rural areas or those with specially-abled children have access to health professionals when they have the facility of using apps.

    Therefore a good app that is enriched with several good features, is easy to navigate and be used by both young and elders must be available to the users.

    4. Videos and Guest Blogs Can Work Wonders 

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    Users prefer to watch videos, and it has become an important part of SEO. YouTube happens to be the most popular social media platform for videos. It is also the second-largest search engine in the world.

    Uploading health-related videos to the patients that provide information on diseases, conditions, physicians, and services provided can be a great way to promote your facility.

    There are many video creation tools that can intensify your reach and build brand awareness. However, you must add the right tags, description, and locations. You must provide your website link, or there should a call to action mentioned in the description box.

    Another way to draw valuable traffic to your website is through guest blogging. Depending on the area, the healthcare facility is situated, and the audience they are targeting, guest blogging can be an excellent way to draw more customers.

    Guest blogging also helps in backlinking, which is a critical part of SEO. Whenever a well-known website puts a link back to your website, it gives your website additional points. The search engines love authentic backlinks and will always rank your website on the first page.

    So, if you create a high-quality keyword-rich content which is featured on a different relevant website that links back to facility’s website, you are sure to have more traffic than the others.

    5. Develop and Sending Healthcare Engaging Emails to Patients


    ideas for healthcare marketingEmails are now easily accessible on phones and this makes it an excellent marketing channel. You can send across reminders of appointments, reports, industry news, newsletters, vaccination details and many more health related information through emails.

    You can develop long-term relationships with patients by sending customized emails. Health related information help the patients to be updated with the changes happening globally or in your facility.

    Email marketing when done right can resonate flawlessly with different audiences. Segment the email list to create different lists of patients that have similar concerns or interest. This will help you send relevant content to those that have subscribed to email receive your emails. The more relevant emails they receive, the more inclined they become to visit your facility when they are in need of medical help.

    Customer or patient retention is also possible through emails. You can send reminders through emails or offer them discounts that can be used when they visit your health facility. This may be a small thing but would work great when used right. Happy and pleased customers will never go elsewhere if they trust that your facility will provide them with the best services.

    Implement these ideas in your marketing strategies and help your health organization grow.

    Ready to boost your healthcare business? Our experienced healthcare marketing consultant and dedicated healthcare marketing agency are here to help. Get in touch to start your success journey today! 

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