Top 7 Online Plagiarism Checker Tools for Bloggers in 2020

It is not a permissible act to submit content without rephrasing if it has been extracted from already existing resources. An elaborated understanding can be attained by going through an example. If you were a product review writer, accessing content on different related websites would be a regular activity for you.

To write reviews, a writer has to go through brand websites, understand the features, perform comparisons and complete several other tasks. The key point here is that when sufficient material according to the requirements has been arranged, it cannot be copied and submitted as is. Copying content means accessing written material that does not belong to you.

In other words, you would be taking the credit of the actual author. Strict and extreme actions are taken against writers who produce plagiarized content.  Even if you submit copied content unintentionally, the same penalties will hold validity.

Plagiarism can cause serious consequences as an example if you are a student of masters in any particular subject and you tend to copy someone else content in your thesis and represent it as your own original, if you get caught you might get suspended from the college or even expulsion. Plagiarism laws are very strict in most of the countries and can cause serious problems to the plagiarist.

Common cause of producing copied material

Producing copied content is intentional in many cases. Writers who do not have the skills to develop content from the start adopt such unprofessional tactics. In some scenarios, plagiarized content is submitted unintentionally as well. A blogger may not feel that using proper software to perform the check is needed. This mindset results in major blunders related to content progress. If you submit copied material, it simply means losing your trust as a blogger. This is when people would stop trusting you and what you bring to the table in terms of content. This problem can easily be handled by using a reliable plagiarism checker.

This practice is most common in students and not very common in professionals. Students are most affected due to no proper guidance or knowledge about it.

For the year 2020, you can choose any one of the seven options listed below.


1.   Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

Writers have a liking for this plagiarism checker due to several incomparable constituents. Fast-paced scanning is a plus point that cannot be overlooked. The time, which a tool takes to run through the content, depends on how robust it is in terms of software development standards. Weakly developed tools usually are hung when a user performs multiple checks or gets large chunks of content scanned. This tool does not have such limitations. It is dependable in every way, which is why users have no issues in counting on it.

A complete plagiarism report

Very few tools provide a proper plagiarism report to the users. When the content has been uploaded and it shows the presence of plagiarism. Click on the “Download Report” button and you would be provided with two options. The report can be downloaded in HTML and PDF format.

Multiple content uploading options

This tool has two alternatives to upload content. The first way is copying the content as text from the source file. You can also upload the content as a file. This tool provides support for PDF, DOC, DOCX, and TXT file formats.

Access the online tool for free

This tool is used to check plagiarism online so users can begin without installing anything. This tool is suitable for users who do not know how to go about executing installations. You can use this quality plagiarism checker directly by opening the link. There is no need to check the specifications of the computer or smartphone before you start using the tool.

2.   Plag Scan

This is surely a quality tool for checking plagiarism. In terms of uploading content, you can either paste the content in text form or opt for the file uploading option. If you have the content saved in the form or a document (PDF, TXT, DOC or DOCX), uploading can be done by browsing the file.

When the content uploading step has been completed, click the “check plagiarism” button. This would generate a plagiarism status showing parts of the content have originality problems. You can rectify these mistakes and then repeat the process. The content has to be scanned until no parts are shown as plagiarized.

Plag Scan is easily available and most importantly it is free for all the users and can be used multiple times as per demand. It is free and precise enough which makes it a good option to use.

3.   Edusson Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker by Edusson is quite effective in overall terms. Edusson is known as one of the best plagiarism detectors. Edusson not only precisely checks for plagiarism but users to proofread the content also use it. Edusson is able to check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors. In short, Edusson is a complete package.

There is an easy process after which the user gets to know whether the uploaded content is copied or not. For busy article writers, students running to meet deadlines and others who have to complete their writing tasks urgently, this tool is a good alternative.

A report is generated when the plagiarism check is performed. This report comprises of two parts. The first section defines whether the content is plagiarized at any level or not. When you talk about the second part of the report, it shows mistakes related to punctuation marks, grammar, sentence structure, and other similar areas. Concisely, this report gives a clear estimate of content health.

However, Edusson is expensive as it requires some handsome amount of money to allow users to use all the features but the quality it provides makes it worth to spend. You can add Edusson as in word, chrome or any of the commonly used software.

4.   Plagiarism Checker by Academic plagiarism

This tool is definitely a relevant suggestion for people in need of a reliable plagiarism-checking tool. It is a free option so users do not need to check their financial standing.

  • The first selection comprises four options and the user has to select according to the form of content he has. For instance, if the plagiarism check has to be performed for a piece of web content, select the relevant option before you move on to the next step.
  • To upload the content, the file uploading and pasting as text options are available. Along with that, the user can also drag the content file and drop it on the tool screen. In terms of usability, there is nothing complicated about using this plagiarism checker. Writers, students, research professionals as well as business associates use it.

5.   Plagly Plagiarism Checker

This tool is used widely because of its simplicity. Content uploading can be done by pasting the text or typing it. There is no need to use the plagiarism checker offline and you only need internet connectivity to access it.

  • An easy to use plagiarism checker makes a big difference for anyone who writes content. If you are an undergraduate student who has to work on a term paper with a short timeline, it would important to be done with the plagiarism checking tasks quickly. This is not possible if the tool you are using has a complicated set of controls. Users have to develop an understanding of these tools before they can use them comfortably.
  • The Plagly plagiarism checker is a simple but powerful option to check the uniqueness of content. It produces a report highlighting the percentage of content that is copied. Along with that, the parts, which have to be rephrased, are shown to the user. The writer only has to rewrite the content and run the plagiarism check again. If the report does not show any signs of plagiarism, the content can be published without the slightest of apprehensions.

Either you are professional or a student and need a free but good grammar checker Plagly is here to help you.


As the name suggests it is totally free for every user. is one of the plagiarism checkers that checks content while going through millions of websites and get results in several seconds.

The key purpose of a plagiarism-checking tool is proofreading the content and showing sections, which have not been rewritten properly. To use this online software, past the text to be checked in the given text box. To execute the content checking process, click the “check plagiarism” button.

  • This tool compares the entered text with information published on the internet. If there are any similarities, the related areas are made apparent. To eliminate plagiarism, the user has to rephrase content areas having issues.

7.   Essay on time Plagiarism checker

One of the most precise and trusted plagiarism checkers that is used by a professional writer, bloggers, and website owners to accurately check and point out any kind of plagiarism in the text.

Essay on time is one plagiarism checker that is able to point out even accidental plagiarism while searching through the entire internet platform.

Once the interface of the tool is loaded, you would see a text box. This is where you have to paste the content to be checked. If you are a blogger and wish to check a post, copy the written material and paste it in this box. The plagiarism scanning process would run through the content from beginning to end. If there were any problematic areas, the writer would be able to see them. Using this reliable online checker is much better than searching for plagiarism issues and then correcting them.

Essay on time is not free and applies some charges to use plagiarism checker but due to its precision and reliability, millions of people worldwide are using it as their plagiarism checker.

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