Videos to Enhance Customer Experience in the Healthcare Industry

History of Business Relation

The world is changing fast in all aspects of life. For example, we see the development in technology, changes in concepts, and mixed behavioral changes in societies. But all the changes are deeply connected and one side of it is continuously influencing, and in turn, getting influenced by, the others.

In the old days, long before the concept of reading and writing was widely popular, people liked to hear stories through oral narration (or storytelling). Later books took the place and people became engaged in reading books, journals, handouts, and other forms of printed information. That was the only way to market products and make the customers aware of a particular service.

Then, the invention of the video in the early 1900s quickly made it a means of marketing and mass awareness for the next several decades. The 90s saw the substantial opening of the ‘world wide web’ or the internet. Then in the 2000s, the practice of uploading and watching videos on the net started (more precisely around 2005).

People readily took it not only as amusement and entertainment but also as the smartest and most powerful tool to market products and services. On the other hand, an increasing number of viewers started to search for videos that provided the information they needed instantly and urgently. Reading of paperback books and journals declined during that time.

And the triumphal role of video is still on the increase.

Role of Video in the Present Business World

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Several reasons necessitate the use of video for any business. Before describing the reasons we’d like to pinpoint one single psychological factor that works behind all of them: watching video is much easier than reading articles. Videos explain your idea in a vivid visual form that written form or even use of images would never be able to depict.

Here are the main reasons why you should use video:

1.  Video Boosts Conversion and Sales

Conversion (in business) means the positive changing of the mind of a person that results in them converting to a prospective client from a potential client. This is where you can see how a video on your landing page can boost your conversion.

Videos lead directly to sales. A business study reveals that 74% of users who watched a video introducing and explaining a product subsequently bought it.

Again, when it comes to personalization videos work even better.

2.  Video has Great Return on Investment

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Return on Investment or ROI is a performance measure that tells us how much return is accrued compared to the investment cost. This is an important part of any business. When 74% of viewers end up buying a product after watching a video about it, you can see how great the ROI is on investing in a video for your product.

Researches also show that the quality of a video doesn’t matter if the message is passed quite clearly, i.e., if the content is appealing the video quality doesn’t reduce the effectiveness.

Another good news is that the video editing software, which is mostly free to download, are getting more and more powerful, easy to use, and available on the internet.

3.  Video Builds Trust

Videos like unboxing a product and a comprehensive description of where to buy it and how to use it can easily grab the attention of the viewers and can readily create a trust that no other ‘written literature’ or image gallery could have created that fast.

4.  Videos are promoted by Google

Undoubtedly, Google is the most popular web search engine on the web. And it promotes videos a lot. When your video comes on the list it increases watching time and thereby you get the advantage of having your product gain awareness across the market.

5.  Influence on Mobile Users

This is another potential reason that hardly needs any explanation. Today’s young generation is inclined more on videos than readable materials. Therefore the impact of a video is greater than that of articles and photos. Just take a look at the popularity of TikTok with Gen Z.

6.  Best Engaging

Even the laziest viewers (who could also become one of the prospective customers) get engaged in video learning. There’s almost no strain to apply; just sit back, and watch.

7.  Social Shares

That’s the most important job that a video can do for you. Today’s world has become one single little village by the personal and direct connection that social media is creating and boosting. And the recent trend is that the videos get most of the shares among curious viewers.

How Does the Concept Apply in the Healthcare Industry

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Now we can discuss how your video can bring you success in your healthcare industry.

1.  Tell Your Story

Imagine that a patient is telling how she was helped, aided, and eventually set free from the mental anguish she was suffering through for years. With some convincing graphics, emotional music at the background, and other sound effects, the video could speak a thousand times more than that you could describe it with any form of text or pictures.

While doing healthcare marketing, it is important to bring up the human side of healthcare, the practical service, and its result from the first-hand assertion.

2.  Educate Your Audience

Few people like technical terms and almost none are satisfied with knowing just what you are doing. There are more like you out there. What you need to do is to let people know which health issues they may have, why they shouldn’t panic, and how they go through a systematic process that is going to cure them. That’s something people like to watch and feel like they learned something new. And that’s exactly how you make them your customer.

3.  Show Empathy

Every person has pains and woes of life. People like those who show empathy. As healthcare service is directly a humanitarian service, empathy is something that could readily touch their feelings, grab their trust, and eventually draw them near you.

4.  Create a Destination

Show people how you are going to help them by solving their problems and providing them with tips they often need. It may be short videos of a healthy diet, recipes, or exercise routine. These are so engaging that you can grow thousands of followers within months. Now it is your turn to make them your active customers.

People have problems and you provide solutions. That’s the most effective relationship between you and them.

5.  Inspire your Audience

Now that you have drawn their attention and grabbed their curiosity, it’s time you showed them how you’re different in the service market, what’s your specialty, and why they should contact you. Several short videos showing different parts of your service could effectively communicate that message.

Final Thoughts

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When it comes to creating content for customers related to healthcare industries, nothing can beat the effectiveness of a video.

This is one of the best ways to create connections with your audiences, communicate with them, increase your brand value, as well as ensure a better customer experience.

However, making great content for this niche isn’t easy. It requires a lot of time and effort compared to other digital marketing methods. But an amazingly created video can be the best thing you can offer your audiences.


FAQ on Videos to Enhance Customer Experience in the Healthcare Industry


What are the benefits of using videos in the healthcare industry? Videos can provide clear explanations of medical procedures, personalize patient care, enhance engagement, and improve overall satisfaction.

How can videos be used for patient education? Videos can visually explain complex medical terms, procedures, and treatment plans, making them more accessible and understandable for patients.

Can videos be used for staff training in healthcare? Yes, videos are an effective tool for training healthcare staff, offering visual demonstrations and step-by-step guides for various medical tasks.

How do videos contribute to enhancing customer experience? Videos can create a more personalized and empathetic connection with patients, providing them with valuable information and support in a relatable manner.

What types of videos are most effective in healthcare marketing? Testimonials, procedure explanations, virtual tours of facilities, and staff introductions are popular video types that resonate well with healthcare audiences.

Are there any privacy concerns with using videos in healthcare? Privacy is paramount in healthcare. Videos should be produced and shared in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, including HIPAA in the U.S.

How can I start implementing videos in my healthcare practice? Start by identifying the needs of your patients and staff, then work with professionals who specialize in healthcare video production to create content that aligns with your goals.

Can videos be used for telemedicine? Absolutely! Videos are a key component of telemedicine, allowing healthcare providers to consult with patients remotely, providing care and support from a distance.

What equipment is needed to create healthcare videos? Basic video production requires a good camera, microphone, lighting, and editing software. Collaborating with a professional video production team can ensure quality.

How can I measure the success of my healthcare videos? Success can be measured through metrics like viewer engagement, patient feedback, increased understanding of medical topics, and positive impacts on patient care.


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