How Digital Marketing Changed the Business World

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Society has changed over the last 20 years and no more so than in business, where we have seen the rise of the internet and the digital world. In the past, it would have seemed absurd to have conducted the majority of your marketing online, whereas nowadays, you will get nowhere if you do not use the digital marketing tools on offer. Here we are going to take a look at how digital marketing has changed the business world.

Communication Is Now Instant

In the past, communicating with your customers was a lengthy affair because marketing often involved advertising in the local press or on billboards, or by conducting letter drops through the post. The best means of communication was often word of mouth, and even this took time to build up. Well, this all changed with the advent of the internet as it allowed businesses to communicate directly with their intended audience; there is no hanging around waiting for them to get back in touch. Social media does the communication for you by providing a channel whereby people can interact with the content that you publish about your products and services in a transparent way.

Content Is King

Whereas in the past, you would share content about your business via brochures or catalogs, today that same content can be shared via your website and social media platforms, and it is key to creating a buzz about your business. One of the best ways of driving traffic to your site is by creating higher quality content that users can engage with, helping you raise the profile of your business and brand. Studies have shown that the ROI on increased digital content vastly outweighs the ROI using traditional means, so if you want to drive your business forward today, it is paramount to create quality original content.

The Importance of SEO

With content being at the forefront of any social media strategy, tailoring that content so that it rises to the top of search listings is crucial if it is to reach as large an audience as possible. Pablo, an expert at, recommends that you use SEO to your advantage so that it becomes easy for your customers to find you by making sure you use backlinking and the correct placement of authority links as well as other optimization techniques. It is possible to use a marketing firm to handle the optimization for you as they will have the experience to understand the analytics that will help guide your website to the top of the search rankings, and this often makes more sense than hiring someone in the house, which could be a hit or a miss.

There Are no Physical Borders

Digital marketing has managed to erase borders in one fell swoop. A company is now not only able to sell and market all their own products on their own website, but they can also sell via other company’s platforms such as on Amazon, which means that the whole world has suddenly become their marketplace. This also extends to staffing as suddenly, it does not matter where your staff works geographically as there are so many business tools available to help you to be able to communicate across the globe effectively. In reality, digital marketing has opened up the whole planet for your business.

The Rise of Data

Digital marketing has enabled exponential growth in the amount of data available about your customers and also your competitors, although it takes an expert to analyze and interpret the available data. It is important to analyze which metrics are going to be a key part of your company’s success and to do this, you need to know what specific outcome you are looking for. Which channels do your customers engage with? It is all very well receiving likes, but if your customer isn’t engaging, you do not create brand awareness and build a relationship. So, to make the best use of all the data available, it is important to hire the right analytically minded employees to understand it.

As we have discovered, the new world that we live in with digital marketing to the fore is vastly different from the world we inhabited only late last century. Without using SEO techniques and being aware that content is king, you will struggle to adapt to the new digital world. Data and using analytical tools to interpret said data is key if you want to thrive and increase the noise surrounding your brand, and given there are no physical borders, the world really is your oyster as you can find staff and customers anywhere. 

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