How to Organically Grow Your Business In 2020

Setting up your own business has always been the dream for a sizeable chunk of the population, and the coronavirus pandemic is the opportunity that many people have been waiting for. The pandemic has led to thousands of people being furloughed, or worse, they have been made redundant. This needn’t be the disaster that many people see as it opens up many new opportunities and gives you the chance to set up that business that you’d always dreamed of. For some of us, though, it is difficult to know where to start and how to drive our business organically, so here we are going to take a look at how to grow your business in 2020.

Use Social Media

Our use of social media has grown exponentially over the last two decades, and there are few people who live without it and even fewer businesses. In fact, for businesses, it is one of the most vital tools available to grow your business, and it can often be free. The first step is to choose which of the many platforms to use to market your business by identifying your target audience and then seeing which platform that demographic uses most often. You then need to use your platform to showcase your brand by posting blogs and information about your products or services. Don’t go into overkill, though, as this will just drive people away, you need to have the right ratio of posts regarding your services and also informative posts about the state of your industry. Try and appear if you are an expert so that your page becomes the go-to site for your product.

Up Your SEO Game

After social media, the next most important way of marketing and showcasing your business is via your website, and you would be surprised about the number of websites out there that don’t do this successfully. The most important thing about your website is its visibility and the amount of traffic it receives, so it is paramount to invest in great SEO services to drive it to the top of the search rankings. It is vital that you review all the local options because, for most businesses, it is nearby trade that will provide the majority of your customers, so it is highly desirable to maximize your SEO in order to deliver this. Once you arrive at the top of the search rankings, you will be in the best position to receive traffic to your website and to increase sales. 


Networking is fundamental if you want to grow your business organically. You may not like getting up at 5 am to go to a breakfast networking seminar, but if all of your potential customers and your competition are there, you would be a fool not to attend yourself. The more people that you talk to about your business, the sooner word of mouth will get around. You can also use it as a brainstorming session to see how your competitors are driving their businesses forward and if you see an idea that you like, you can jump on it and introduce it to your own business. Networking should be near the top of your list if you are looking to grow your business organically.

Host Events

Hosting local events is a great way to attract new business and create awareness around your brand in the neighborhood. If your business is involved in information services, you could hold a seminar where you invite local businesses to discuss the industry’s state. By inviting your competitors, you can tap into where they think the market is going to be driven in the future, thus allowing you to adapt ahead of your peers. You don’t even need to host events relating to your business, as you could, for example, set up an annual golf day that you invite every company in the local area to. Your ultimate goal is to create brand awareness and noise about what you can offer, so by hosting an event that becomes part of the local calendar, you will have people talking about you throughout the year, and this advertising hasn’t cost you a penny.

As we have discovered, in order to grow your business organically, you need a great social media presence, and you need to use SEO to have your website at the top of the search rankings. Create noise about your brand and products by hosting events, and don’t forget to network so that you are well versed with industry developments. Follow these tips, and you will be well set to organically grow your business in 2020.

lisa alther
Lisa Alther is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.

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