Does Investing in Google Ads Really Pay Off?

Having a business is a challenging, but fun endeavor. If you’re good at something, you can sell your service. If you have a good product that people want, you can sell that product. However, it doesn’t matter how good you and your product are, if you can’t reach your target audience you simply won’t make a profit.

That’s is where marketing comes in. It’s not important what line of work you are in, if you want to be visible on the market, you have to own a website. TV commercials are great, but not many people find what they are looking for that way. When they are looking for something specific to buy, they use Google to find it.

Therefore, you have to try your best to rank high in Google search. As you probably heard, this is not simple. The competition is tough and Google has many strict rules when it comes to content and ranking. Well, why shouldn’t you just pay for a Google ad? Isn’t this the simplest solution? In a way, yes. However, paying for an ad is not a guarantee that you will get a return on investment. Therefore, this begs the question – does investing in Google Ads really pay off?

Let’s find the answer together.

Google Ads Are Great For Targeting A Specific Audience

One of the most important things you have to do when paying for a Google Ad is to target it to a specific audience. You know the profile of a person who might be interested in your product. Target people who fit that profile. If you don’t target people properly, your conversion rate will definitely be low. This means your ROI will also be low.

This happens when your ads are not shown to the users who are interested in what you have to offer. That’s an example of a bad investment caused by the lack of targeting skills. Therefore, if you don’t have a lot of experience in digital marketing or if you don’t want to hire a professional to run your paid marketing campaign, you should maybe stick to Google My Business posts.

GMB post provides you with an opportunity to share crucial information about your business. It also allows you to connect with your target audience. You have an option to include a photo, a specific CTA (Call-To-Action), or a link to your site. If this form of digital marketing intrigues you, feel free to read more here. It’s simple, it’s cost-effective, and it gives results. If, however, you have someone to run your marketing campaign, then you should consider utilizing the targeting power of Google Ads.

You Pay For Clicks

Google Ads is a form of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. This is pretty self-explanatory. You pay a certain amount of money for every click on your ad and, in return, Google puts your ad on the top of the results page. Yes, this might boost your traffic and visits, but it doesn’t guarantee you a conversion from a visitor to a paying customer. There are people who will click on your ad just because it’s ranked first, but they might not be really interested in buying your product. This is the worst-case scenario because you still have to pay for the click, but you didn’t make a sale.

It’s Hard To Compete With The Big Guys

Back in the day, Google Ads was much more affordable. Then, everyone had a chance of targeting their audience via paid advertising. The small businesses were able to compete with big companies. However, today, Google Ads is much more expensive. Today’s prices make it difficult for small companies and startups to compete with the big guys.

Even though there is no clear answer to the question posed in the title, we have reached our verdict. Investing in Google Ads is a viable option if you have enough resources and a capable marketing team at your disposal. If you have a small business and you don’t want to risk it, there are other digital marketing options you could try. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of them. Try creating high-quality content and informing your target audience about your product via blog posts. This will generate organic traffic and it will boost your conversion rate.

There are a lot of benefits to using this form of digital marketing, but the best thing about SEO is that it’s very cost-effective. It’s definitely something to think about if you don’t have money for paid advertising.

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