9 Real Estate Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business

Real estate is a competitive market in the contemporary world. Though the digital era has opened a pool of opportunities for realtors to market their business, reaching out to the right audience is still a challenge for many.

All it takes is the right marketing strategy to attract potential buyers to your business and close a deal successfully. So, here we have compiled nine real estate marketing techniques that can help you grow your business. Whether you are starting the venture or at a stage to attain new clients for your business, these techniques will drive insane growth for you.

1.   Kickstart Real Estate Marketing with a Professional Website

real estate website design

Your first step to marketing should be having a full-fledged professional real estate website by your side. It is a storehouse of everything you have to offer your clients – from property listings to contact details and the value you can add.

Having a website is one of the proven real estate marketing techniques as it helps you showcase your services and provide all the details of your properties in one go. As most of your potential audience refers to the internet for making buying decisions, make sure to update your site regularly with new listings.

2.   Educate Your Audience and Drive Traffic with Blog

real estate marketing blog

Create content around your services, and educate your buyers, helping them to streamline their buying decisions. All you need is comprehensive keyword research to create SEO optimized content for your blog. It enables you to bring in more traffic, which can be directed to other parts of the website with internal links.

Content creation is among the best real estate marketing techniques that create brand awareness and give detailed knowledge of what they are investing in. At the end of your blog post, don’t forget to add relevant CTAs (Call To Actions) like social share buttons or a link to your lead form/contact page.

3.   Leverage Email Marketing to Notify Your Contacts

email marketing for real estate agents

When it comes to adopting real estate marketing techniques, email marketing is the most underrated but beneficial way to reach out to your audience. Once your traffic is converted into leads, it’s time to nurture them. Email campaigns can help you with that.

Start your newsletter and add your leads to the email list. Send them new blog content updates, property listings, a video of your property, or a home’s virtual staging. This sneak preview can even entice them to prioritize their purchase decision.

4.   Run Paid Ad Campaigns on Instagram and Facebook

facebook ads for real estate agents

Social media advertising is one of the most leveraged real estate marketing techniques that drives more engagement for your business. People are more active on Facebook and Instagram. Creating targeted ads can help you promote your listings in your preferred post type like images, videos, carousels, and more.

The hashtags on these social media platforms narrow your reach to selected people. That means you can add targeted hashtags to your ads to reach a specific group of people. This ensures that your posts are visible to people who are actually interested in buying properties.

5.   Showcase Your Listings with Drone Photography

drone photography for real estate agents

Visuals speak better than words. While listing your properties, make use of a drone camera or hire a drone service to capture the house’s exterior and the surrounding areas. Drone shots provide a broader and more exciting view of the property, enticing users to look at various other angles.

You can go the next mile and shoot videos up from the air to give your audience a virtual tour of the house along with patios and pools. These creative real estate marketing techniques can help you represent your brand more appealingly.

6.   Capitalize on Content Marketing to Build Brand Awareness

Creating content isn’t enough. You need to distribute it across different platforms or marketing channels to inform people and invite them to your website. How will your audience read the blog or an article if they don’t know it exists!

Content marketing is among the most productive real estate marketing techniques to drive visitors to your website, blog, and other content channels. All you need is to look for external sites where you can either promote your website’s content or create fresh pieces to build your brand. You can then link that content to your website to provide further information relevant to your business.

7.   Invest in PPC Advertising to Bring High-intent Traffic

google ppc marketing ads for addiction treatment

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising is categorized under expensive real estate marketing techniques as you have to pay for each visit that your website gets. The best part is, this technique reaches the most interested audience – people who are willing to buy homes or properties online.

PPC advertising needs proper tracking tools to ensure that you’re paying for the right clicks, and those clicks are resulting in sales. Else, you might end up spending your marketing dollars in vain.

8.   Embrace Word-of-mouth Marketing or Referral Programs

Word-of-mouth marketing comes under lead generating real estate marketing techniques. As the name suggests, this technique works on reviews and recommendations from your previous customers. When you have happy customers by your side to spread kind words about your services, you can expect a significant number of leads flowing through your sales funnel.

Every new real estate prospect seeks assistance from their relatives, friends, or colleagues while buying a new home or a commercial building. If any of their acquaintances happen to be your customer, you can close the deal in no time!

9.   Offer Incentives to Entice Your Potential Clients

Giving away free offers or incentives is a smart real estate marketing technique that can help you get the most demanding email addresses for your campaigns. Some people may not be willing to submit their email credentials directly.

You can target these people by attracting them with free offers like building reports, mortgage calculators, or informative guides. Understand that you are asking for lucrative information, so you should provide something equally authoritative in return.

You may be on different stages of your business journey and may have varying goals. But these real estate marketing techniques help you build a strong foundation for your business online. If you feel lost in any of these steps, don’t hesitate to consult a real estate marketing agency to help you.

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