Marketing Tactics That Are Most Effective According to Experts

Your potential customers are currently online on their phones as we speak. They could be searching for a new product or service. If your marketing efforts are on the right track, customers will find their way to your business.

You could spend a lot of money on billboards and TV ads, but your efforts will only reach the local markets that way. Online marketing has to be incorporated into your strategy because it allows you to learn more about prospects and what they want. They will learn about you as well, which can increase brand loyalty. This will help you expand to a global market and reach anyone who has internet access.

Moreover, online marketing is relatively cheaper than traditional marketing methods. You will figure out if your efforts are successful right away, and you will be able to track responses to your marketing strategies. That’s why we recommend you start your digital marketing campaign as soon as possible. Here are some of the most effective marketing strategies.

⦁ Starting a Blog

Blogging is one of the most effective formats of content creation, according to many business-to-consumer marketers. If you have a website, as you should – add a blog page to it. Start writing informative content related to your industry. Make sure that it’s not only useful but also very engaging and easy to read. Your content marketing team has to fact-check every single article before it’s published to inspire credibility and trust. Customers need to find that your website is full of valuable content, and this will encourage them to come back to it later and possibly make a purchase or subscribe.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO in marketing is used to increase traffic to your website or blog and ensure that possible leads can find your content. You initially have to have good content for SEO to do its magic. You can look for different marketing agencies to help you implement the best strategies. By using SEO, you can put your website or blog at the top of the search results. It also helps because it targets people who might be interested in the product you sell or service you provide. The main idea is that Google, or the chosen search engine, has an index that lists websites, according to specific algorithms.
⦁ Guest Blogging
Guest blogging means writing on someone else’s website within the same industry. The main aim is to drive people back to your brand and website. This can increase traffic while giving your brand credibility as well. It’s a nice way for you to have a good relationship with peers from the same industry. Putting your name next to a leader in the industry will establish your place in the market. Additionally, you will gain a new audience that wouldn’t find your product otherwise. Guest blogging goes both ways. You can feature a business that is similar to yours on your website. That will help your content to gain a new perspective and become fresher.
⦁ Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing was simply a way for companies to advertise and publish their content. It has evolved into something bigger nowadays. Businesses now use social media to learn more about their audience and track their comments and posts. Moreover, engaging in the conversation is a big part, too. Many businesses hire people whose jobs are to reply to any inquiries or complaints about the product or service. There are 5 pillars of social media marketing. They are strategy, planning and publishing, listening and engagement, analytics and reporting, and finally, advertising. The most popular platforms for social media marketing are Facebook and Instagram.
⦁ Email Marketing
Do you check your email every single day? The answer is probably yes, in fact, 99% of consumers check their emails daily. That’s why email marketing has an even better conversion rate and ROI (return on investment) than social media. Plus, you own your email, and it won’t get deleted or suspended. You start email marketing by using a service that makes a list of leads that you can send emails to. There are techniques to ensure that your email doesn’t end up in the spam folder. We do advise you to refrain from sending too many in short intervals, as that can drive customers away. Once your leads subscribe to your email service, you can send newsletters to turn them into loyal customers.

⦁ SMS Marketing
Not only do you check your email every day, but you also always open any SMS message on your cell phone. We know that because 98% of people open their SMS messages daily. That is one of the reasons why companies like to use SMS marketing as one of their strategies. It also helps increase brand awareness and engagement. And it can lead to conversions and generate sales. You can use simple SMS messaging to perform lots of functions. You can use it to promote events, set reminders of events, announce sales and discounts, and send updates and notifications.
⦁ Paid Advertisements
If you pay for your website to be featured on ad space, it’s called paid advertisement. It happens through biddings between marketers and the space owner. There are three categories of paid ads: pay per click or PPC, pay per impression or PPI, and display ads. Granted, it’s more expensive than other marketing strategies like earned or owned advertisements, but it’s effective. Paid ads can introduce your business to a larger number of audiences. The more popular the website you’re featured in, the more possibility for more leads. Your ad will be placed at the top, side, or bottom of the webpage.
⦁ Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you pay an affiliate to market your website or product. They publish information about your products on their vlogs, blogs, or social media accounts. You mostly gain more money and more customers without making any effort. The affiliate partner markets a product that they love and believe in. And for your part, you give them a percentage of the profits. In the end, all you have to do is track sales via the affiliate link to determine how many sales you gained thanks to the affiliate. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.
⦁ Influencer Marketing
You’ve probably seen celebrities advertise for products before. Influencer marketing revolves around the same idea except that it’s influencers instead of actors and musicians. An influencer can be anyone who has a large following. It can be a YouTube vlogger like PewDiePie or an Instagram model. It can be a regular person who shares details about her everyday life. What happens is that there’s a collaboration between that influencer and your brand. They can advertise for it in different ways. The difference between influencer marketing and affiliate marketing is that the latter focuses on sales, while influencer marketing focuses on brand exposure.
Responsive Web Design
Have you ever closed a tab angrily because the website didn’t support a mobile version? We understand where you’re coming from. People are using their phones and tablets more often now. The mobile user experience should be as smooth as on any platform. So how to achieve that? By using responsive web design. Using responsive programming, you can make your website work on all mobile platforms, including smartwatches and tablets. Hire a web designer to do all the work. It’s worth noting that mobile-friendly websites are preferred by Google and given precedence on search results.
⦁ Crowdsourcing
Generally, crowdsourcing is when a collection of people are used for a common goal. The main aim is to solve a specific problem. In marketing, it’s more about gathering intelligence from the public and using it for business purposes. Crowdsourcing has a good relationship with marketing, where one helps the other. When you engage people in your project, you will gain their loyalty and support. Take Starbucks as an example. They created a website for people to submit, view, and discuss their ideas with employees. In Mcdonalds in 2014, they asked people to create their perfect burgers. Then, they took it a step further and made the public vote for the best burger created, which they released weekly.
⦁ Contests
We love contests because our competitive natures draw us to them. If you start a giveaway contest on your Facebook page, people who weren’t interested in the product before may start participating. You can do different types of offers like discounts, buy one get one or give away free samples. You can advertise for an event then give people free tickets. That way, people will engage with your Facebook page, may check your website, and possibly make a purchase. And the winners will get to try the product themselves, and if they like it, they may start advocating for your brand.

There are many channels for online marketing that you can take advantage of. We advise you to take different approaches to advertise your business. Make a budget for marketing and sales campaigns and hire people who will make an effort to succeed in your business. You won’t spend a fortune like you would when you advertise on TV or a billboard. But the money you will spend is a great investment for your business growth. And no one watches TV anymore, anyway.

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