How to Properly Market Your Company’s App

In today’s business world companies are connecting to their customers through dedicated apps. And while having a professional app can set you back up to $100,000, it will help your company grow in the long term. In fact, having one is now a necessity, as it can be used for promotional efforts and help you better engage with customers. It can also serve as a feedback mechanism between you and your clients. Additionally, having an app boosts your brand, as it gives the impression of it being tech-savvy and in tune with the times.

What’s more, having an app is now an indispensable component of the digital sphere. App use is so widespread, in fact, that entrepreneurs starting an app business can expect to enter a large, lucrative market that will continue to expand in the coming years. The app user penetration is currently at 20% and is expected to leap to 35% by 2024, as more and more users become willing to pay for access and in-app purchases. Crucially, around 90% of mobile time is currently being spent on apps, underscoring why companies need to develop their own.

However even if you have a great app it will only serve you well if you market it properly. To help you do that, here are some pointers on how you can properly market your company’s app:

  1. Specify Your Audience

Determine your audience so that you will be able to tailor your marketing strategy to your target demographic. This will ensure that you incorporate elements that will directly appeal to them. You can do this by specifically identifying the age range of your target audience, their interests, their tech proficiency, and the industry they are in.

  1. Employ the Right Marketing Tactics

Next choose the right marketing strategies. You may, for instance, organize contests and post unique content online. But whatever marketing practices you decide to use, make sure to leverage effective marketing channels. Social media tops the list with millions of people worldwide owning an account on at least one platform. So, make full use of them to promote your app, (like Camera+ did when they announced their app’s release on various social media platforms).

  1. Set a Launch Date… and Make It a Big Deal

One way to create hype around your app is to schedule its launch, and making a big deal out of it. Create an online buzz, which you can do by posting social media teasers about your app, promising exclusive offers for every download, and using influencers. This will create positive traction and hype around your app, which will increase the chances of it being downloaded.

  1. Create Videos That Can Go Viral

A viral video is a popular, yet inexpensive way to promote products, While making a viral video can be tricky, and there are no guarantees that your content will take off, these pointers will help:

• Make sure the video makes viewers feel good about your company and the app you are offering

• Appeal to your viewers’ emotions, especially through humor

• Ensure the video can promote your app even with the sound turned off.

• Have a call to action to download it.

Of course, you need to make sure that you have a good app — something that people will find useful and fun to use. Yet in today’s digital landscape you need to ensure that you don’t just have a good product, but that people know about it. To help your app reach the widest market possible the above tips will help

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