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When people visit your website, this is often their first encounter with your brand. Your website is the face of your brand, and you should use it to make a good impression from the start. Every one of your visitors has seen hundreds of different websites so they form their opinions quickly. According to research, people form an opinion about a website in less than two-tenths of a second so the design of your website can have a big impact on your business.

Web design trends constantly change so it can be difficult for businesses to keep up with them and to stay relevant. Internet users can immediately spot a difference between a convenient modern website and an outdated one. No matter how innovative your brand is, you won’t be able to strengthen your innovative image if your website looks dated. Therefore, putting a lot of effort into website design is not just a good thing for your business but a necessity.

Keeping up with design trends is especially important for tech companies, and one of the most rapidly growing tech industries is biotechnology. Biotech brands need to compete with numerous new startups that appear here and there all the time. They also need to attract attention from investors, prospects, and media. The biotech industry also has a specific audience. Most of your visitors are probably well-educated and familiar with healthcare and medicine. As a result, biotech brands need to communicate complex concepts through a good design and content that’s easy to comprehend.

When it comes to content, the task is somewhat simpler. Of course, you need professional writers who are familiar with the industry and understand the specifics of your product. In this case, you can simply look for freelancers with the necessary background on custom writing review websites like Best Writers Online. As for the design, the situation is more difficult because, unlike the content, the design is heavily influenced by trends. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your website doesn’t lag behind.

Although the design of your website should reflect the distinct features of the biotech industry, it doesn’t mean that the industry should limit the design. It’s important to demonstrate the personality of your brand and to make sure that the design of your website will stand out. Here are some examples of the best biotech websites that might inspire you.

Top 11 Biotech Website Designs 2023

This company creates medicine for people who suffer from rare forms of genetic epilepsy and its most dangerous types, like Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Otahara Syndrome, and Dravet Syndrome. Being a biotech startup, Epygenix needed a modern website that would reflect the company’s success in research and technology.

There are many biotech websites on the internet, and Epygenix decided to make a website that will make them stand out from the crowd of competitors. The main goal was to highlight the company’s technological capabilities and an experienced team of researchers so that the company can look attractive to potential partners.

This website has a unique design that perfectly highlights the company’s mission and its dedicated team. The content is concise and clear, accompanied by photos that help break up the content and make the website visually attractive. A video of zebrafish is used as a background on the Technology page. This fish is one of the key elements of the company’s research so the background also complements the message. In addition, every page features a call to action aimed at potential partners.

Analytical Lab Group
This company describes its mission as “helping protect life,” and it focuses on preventing infections by using pharmaceutical, biotech, and antimicrobial solutions. ALG is one of the leaders of the industry, and it has many EPA and FDA-focused laboratories in different states.

After acquiring three new companies, Analytical Lab Group decided to rebrand its website. The design of the site is based on a WordPress theme and filled with content. The content is well-organized so it’s not overwhelming despite its abundance. The whole design is well-balanced, which is not an easy thing to achieve when a website has lots of different content and many additional elements, such as lead generation forms.

Minerva Neurosciences
This company focuses on developing a treatment for various central nervous system diseases, including Major Depressive Disorder, Insomnia, Parkinson’s, and Schizophrenia. Minerva Neurosciences creates innovative treatment solutions based on in-depth research, but its old website looked so outdated that it didn’t reflect the nature of this biotech company which focuses on cutting-edge methods of treatment.

Therefore, the company came up with a new minimalistic design. The website contains short informative blocks that provide all the necessary information for potential investors, regulators, and scientists. The website is focused on the company’s mission, and the design doesn’t distract visitors from it.

This site is responsive and mobile-friendly. All sections are consistent in terms of colors and graphic elements. There are many graphics that enable visitors to quickly get a lot of information about the company’s projects and research with no need to read lengthy textual sections.

Transcriptic is a company that sells assays that can be accessed through the cloud directly by lab workers. This company has an impressive range of products, and the website perfectly illustrates it. Blocks with short product descriptions and graphics contain links to pages with more detailed information on each product.

The website is not only informative but also very easy to use because every offer has multiple navigation paths. You can access products both from the navigation menu and from the home page. While many other companies provide details on all of their offerings on one page, Transcriptic decided to create dedicated landing pages for every product so that the website can appear in search results related to each particular product.

This biotech company from Canada puts a lot of effort into educating people about the impact of microorganisms on water systems. The company’s educational mission is a perfect marketing tactic for solutions that enable customers to mitigate health risks associated with microorganisms in water.

As the company has expanded to the U.S. and international market, it decided to change the design of its website so that it can reflect and highlight its message. The website has a modern look and feel. Although it’s very clean and simple, it also contains many interactive features, including a custom login system and a custom solution finder. Thanks to the integration with Pardot, the company can easily manage its lead programs and the gated content.

Xytex is a company that has been in the market for 46 years. It focuses on cryo services, and its brand values revolve around helping people start a family. Xytex has a donor sperm program, and it also offers storage of body tissue and blood. Given that the company’s customers include families, healthcare professionals, and individuals, having a good website that would attract all these types of customers is especially important for the company.
The main challenge for this company was to create a website that would contain tons of information, while also being easy to navigate and having a simple design. The website is based on WordPress so the company can benefit from having a robust CMS. There is a simple interface combined with a variety of custom tools so visitors can register, search for solutions, and manage their relationships with the brand from the dashboard. The content is well-structured and accompanied by relevant images.

Celltreat sells laboratory plastic consumables to various companies, and it has a massive range of products that includes both sterile and non-sterile items. The online store features over 400 positions separated into a dozen different product categories. The products are sold both directly from the eCommerce website and through dozens of distributors.

For such a company, the main priority is the functionality of the website. Visitors should be able to not only visit the website and buy something but also find the necessary information to compare different products and prices. Celltreat’s website is flexible and easy to use despite being filled with information of different kinds. For instance, the company often publishes lots of information on promotions and sales. The information on promotions can be accessed through a ticker at the top of the main page that slides left to right.

The main feature of this design is professional high-definition photos of products. All the production is branded, and the website features the same brand colors, creating a consistent user experience. To add a touch of creativity to the design, this company included product illustrations along with product category blocks. These blocks are linked to product overview pages so that visitors can quickly check out the description of any product and its price.

Ambys Medicines
When creating websites for biotech startups, designers often feel tempted to overcomplicate things. There’s no need to overdevelop a startup’s website given that neither the company nor its customers may not need extensive functionality at first. The Ambys Medicine website is amazing because it’s simple. It includes a lot of content, but the content is perfectly structured and sorted into the three main categories: information about liver diseases, the company’s approach to treatment, and the About Us page.
The home page includes a great animation of the human liver that changes its color. All the pages are easy to navigate and accessible from the home page. This website might evolve and change as the startup grows but now it works as a perfect basis for future development and has all the necessary functionality that a young company needs.

Akouos is a company that focuses on gene therapy for hearing loss. The company’s mission statement is “healthy hearing available to all,” and the website focuses on storytelling, which is a great marketing approach for such a brand. The website has a clean and simple design. The scrollable homepage features a compelling story and photos of people with hearing loss. These are not stock photos but pictures of real patients that rotate when you visit the site.

There’s no need to click on any links to learn all the necessary information. You can simply scroll down the home page and read about the impact of hearing loss and the gene therapy approach. All the content is accompanied by relevant graphics and photos. When visiting the website, potential customers can quickly get the necessary background information on the issue, understand how this company can help them, and learn how gene therapy can help in each particular case.

Beam Therapeutics
This company develops precision genetic medicines, and its website perfectly reflects its technological capabilities. Given that a lot of traffic comes from smartphones, and mobile-friendliness is an important factor for Google’s search algorithm, making your website mobile-friendly is a necessity. Beam Therapeutics proves that it’s possible to create a beautiful dynamic design while also making it optimized for mobile devices.

Subtle motion graphics make the user experience more enjoyable, and all elements of design work equally well on both desktops and smartphones. Color gradients and minimalistic illustrations don’t distract visitors from the content but perfectly complement it. Despite the amount of content, it’s properly distributed among different blocks and sections so it doesn’t look cluttered even on small screens.

MatTek Corporation, which develops tissue cells on computer chips, has a strong online presence, and its website has received the WMA Web Award back in 2016. In fact, this company used to have two separate websites: a corporate site and an eCommerce site. This approach, however, may look a little outdated so MatTek decided to merge these two websites into one source powered by WordPress.

The new website features a convenient custom search tool that allows visitors to quickly find any information they need. The home page features interactive 3D models of human tissues so visitors can click on them and land on a page with more detailed information.

Wrapping Up
The biotech industry quickly evolves so the competition among biotech startups becomes stronger. Companies need to build a strong online presence to succeed, and keeping up with web design trends becomes a necessity. We hope that our list of the best biotech websites will help you get inspired and figure out what your own biotech website should look like.

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