Best Web Techs to Adopt to Boost Your Career or Business Opportunities

To be successful today, it’s crucial to be well conversant with the latest technologies. Both industries and individuals tap into the power of techs and try to keep up with software development trends to expand their business or job opportunities, remain competitive, and boost their income. Below are some of the most popular technologies to learn and adapt today to take your career or business venture to the next level.

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Much has been said about the benefits of React for industries and frontend development, in particular. Such reputed companies as Netflix and Dropbox are successfully leveraging the potential of React and advocating its business benefits. A good many startups and long-standing businesses are now tapping into the power of React and React Native to secure a high ROI through their applications. Among other reasons why React remains the best bet today is the ability to build robust web applications whereby one can reach those customers who haven’t downloaded the mobile version of their business app. React enables developers to put together highly responsive and easily accessible applications, which are very popular with users.

With the React framework at hand, you can achieve higher web performance without writing tons of code. As you may know, React boasts a number of reusable components, which allows for utilization of some individual parts of an app on both the server- and client-side. This means less cost and time spent on designing this or that solution.

Another plus worth mentioning is React’s formidable community that grows with each passing year. A huge community support may serve as a guarantee that you or your developers won’t be stuck for long on any problem.


Web designers require a good base that gives us everything a typical website would give and which is also super customizable. Among the many CSS framers that designers use to do, Bootstrap has a special place. It’s a default in Joomla 3, and especially if you use WordPress or Drupal, you know just how handy Bootstrap may be.

First off, Bootstrap is very easy to get started with. For a front-end developer learning CSS preprocessing is an important step. But if for some reason you haven’t learned it, Bootstrap will help you out. It’s built on a 12-column grid with different components such as breadcrumbs, dropdowns, navigations, and many more, which gives you a wider scope while designing. Another cool thing about bootstrap is that a lot of elements are interactive with a lot of bundled JavaScript plugins, which saves you or your IT specialists a lot of testing time. Overall, Bootstrap is a great technology to adopt for your business growth. It also can be a great skill to learn if you’re looking to expand your portfolio and be more competitive in the job market.


HTML… Need we say more? For one, who’s just starting out in the field, it can be a little overwhelming to choose a technology to master first. The simple safe choice would be to start with HTML. Of course, this tech is not suitable for each and every project you conceive of. But it’s commonly referred to as a ‘lifeline’ language due to its universality and abundance of useful features. So, it can absolutely save you in your time of need. Could be a hiccup with the design team or your contractor, even small things like formatting in your business blog, a small tweak in the email template, or pitching a guest post… All of these situations may seem small, but learning HTML can really help you out.


Moving on to number eight, which is the tried and tested JavaScript technology you might be well familiar with. Learning JavaScript is another basic and important skill as a developer. If you think of a basic skeleton of your business website, you think of CSS and HTML as an outer appearance of the base content. There, the website seems done, right? But, in fact, your website needs something that can actually bring it to life. And that’s where JavaScript comes in handy, as it makes sites functional and interactive to the end user.

These days, JS runs across the entire software family and has become somewhat of an all-purpose language. But is this technology still relevant well in 2021? If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have mentioned it on today’s list. It has been the most commonly used for eight consecutive years. And that undoubtedly counts for something. Presently, more than 94 % employ JavaScript and thanks to server-side runtimes like Node.js, its importance is even higher now.     

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