Do you  lack  inspiration  for  your  digital  marketing?  Reading  and  evaluating practical,  real-life  digital  marketing  case  studies  can help you get on track. This guide  has  a  compiled  mega-list  of  some  of the best marketing case studies with solutions you should not be missing out on. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into it.

Saashacker   –   19   SaaS   Marketing   Strategies   That

Bootstrapped Ahrefs To $40m ARR

Saashacker  is  an  avenue  that  brings  together  executives,  founders  and  investors from  well-reputable  companies  who  share  their  valuable  and  scalable  insights. Business  use  information  gathered  through  this  platform  to  turn  around  their businesses   in   days.   While  being  100%  bootstrapped,  the  company’s  annual recurring revenue grew by over $40m. The number of employees increased from

15 to 50 during this time period. How did it manage to achieve this?

Ahrefs employed a variety of SaaS marketing strategies to grow their company. He ditched  the  conventional  methods  of  SaaS  marketing  wisdom  and  relied  on  the power  of  word-of-mouth.  He  knew  this  marketing  technique was more effective and credible than any other tool. He focused solely on product quality and knew the  reputation  would  speak  for  itself.   One  excellent  strategy  was to boost their exposure and market their brand name during the world’s biggest SEO event. The company used Twitter by including nerdy SEO data to the cups served during the conference and went semi-viral.

They actively participated in identifying a gap in the market and used resources to fill  it  with innovative solutions. The content was produced about how their SEO

tool  helped  resolve  many  issues.   Ads  in  the  form  of  blog  posts  were  made  to spread  awareness.  Other  than  this,  they  gave  away  free  courses  on  how to blog successfully   for   businesses.   Again,   used   word-of-mouth   as   a   promotional technique. To gain readers’ trust,  employee images were pushed to the front.  They also  did  20  podcast  within  the  tie  frame  of  4  months.   Channels  like  YouTube, Reddit and their own blog were utilized to post content. It is a case study that was submitted  by  the  content  maker  of  Edu  Jungles,  Adam  Smith.  You  can use this service to write an impactful case study effectively.

Hootsuite – How the British Museum Increased Social

Media Engagement by 126%

One  of  the  digital  marketing  case  studies  included  here  is about Hootsuite. It is about  a  British  museum  that  turned  into  a  leading social media dashboard. This conversion aimed to increase the reach to their customers and set up an effective social  media  campaign  strategy  to  engage  them  more  frequently.  The  company devised  a  three primary goal strategy for delivering digital-first customer service and  enhancing  engagement  and reach. It also helped the management to identify revenue and income generation opportunities.

Then,  to  make  the  best  out  of  all  the  social  media  channel.  Channel-specific content  was  produced.  Hootsuite  helped  to adapt to the dynamic and new social media  strategy.  It  meant  studying  customers’  buying  and  demand  schedules  on different  amrkekting  channels  and  creating  content  so  that it catered to as many customers as possible. It also helped in tracking and analyzing results.

The  success  factors  were  identified  and  applied  to other parts of the marketing strategy  as  well.   What  were  the outcomes? They gained more than two million new  followers  on  Facebook,  Instagram  and  Twitter.  Other  than  this,  their  tweet responses increased by 126%, which led to a hike in customer engagement as well. Moreover,  over  1300  tweets  tagged  were  analyzed  for  uncovering  insights  that could be used to devise a new marketing strategy.

SEMRush  –  Raise  Your  Game:  A  Step-By-Step  Guide

To Gamification Marketing

This  case  study  focuses  on  how  SEMRush  employed  gamification  marketing  to educate its customers about their value offerings. They wanted to bring uniqueness in their marketing strategy for standing out against the competitors and attracting new customers with the variety of features they came out with.

The problem began when users started finding it challenging to keep up with the novelties that the SEMRush tool frequently came out with. The company wanted to increase  awareness  among  customers about the functionality of their platform so that  more  people  could  adopt  their  offered  tools.  As  a  result,  they  aligned  their marketing strategy with Easter, a global event.  An egg hunt game was launched so that  it  looked  good  with  the  ongoing  theme as well as gamification perspective. The players who discovered all fifteen eggs were rewarded with a list containing the top 10,000 most searched keywords. It was done for ten countries in total.

They    also    created    a    unique    and    exciting   hashtag   for   Twitter.   It   was

#semrushegghunt, and it was only a matter of days until it went viral. A lot more people  started  to  reach  out  and  learn  what  was the platform actually about. The social  media  and  customer  support  teams  were  already  trained  and  prepared  to meet people’s unexpected increased demand for queries all over social media.

Resultantly, around 9300 users participated in this game and marketing campaign. SEMRush  also  received  more  than  eight  million  impressions  on  Twitter.  Social marketing  case  studies  like  these  help  to  understand  the  significance  of  online marketing and its wonders for a company in no time.

Buffer  –  The  Simple  Facebook  Posting  Strategy  That

Helped us 3x Our Reach and Engagement

This  social  media  case study emphasizes how a simple marketing strategy could drastically expand reach and engagement. The problem identification was made by Buffer when he started observing that their Facebook engagement and reach were significantly decreasing over time. The management found a solution after careful evaluation of the problem.

They analyzed the trend and figured out that the more they were using Facebook to post  content,  the  less  reach they were receiving with every next post. It is when they  decided  to  post  only  educational  and  entertaining  content.  The  volume  of posting got decreased too. Posting was done only once or twice daily, focusing on curate  content  to  increase  reach  and  engagement.  An  active  Facebook  audience was  built  via  creating  engaged-focus  and  brand  awareness  posts.  They  were exciting and interactive so that more people were interested in viewing them. The posts that were already doing well were boosted to amplify the reach.

The  combined  effect  this  had  on  their  business  was  extraordinary.  It  tripled  its reach from 44000 to more than 150,000 users on Facebook per week. Other than this,  the  average  daily  engagement  enhanced  to  more  than  1000  from  500 originally. The posts being made also started reaching almost 20,000 people. And how  was  this  achieved?  Just  by  thinking  strategically and implementing a small changed in their Facebook marketing strategy.

Leadfeeder – How ConvertKit Grew from $98k to $625k

MRR by Doing 150 Webinars in 1 Year

ConvertKit  was  an  email  marketing  platform.  The  founders  of  this  company wanted to expand their brand and use a limited budget to generate high revenue.

They planned to focus mainly on webinars. It was because webinars were a method of  marketing  that  did  not  require  a  lot  of  funding.  Also,  using  a  relatively  new product,  a  community  was  built  around  it  through this. The company initiated a wide-open affiliate program where it started holding webinars along with affiliate partners. They continued to do so regardless of the size of the audience.

They   held   up   to  30  webinars  every  month,  giving  away  tons  of  valuable information to the audience; this was done free of cost without asking for anything in   return.   They   kept   the   technology   use   minimal   and   straightforward   and maintained a narrow target audience, the blogging community at that time.

Their  revenue  grew  drastically  from  $98K  to  $625K  in  just  one  year.  They successfully  hosted  150  webinars  in  the  first  year  alone  and  witnessed  a  637% increase in monthly revenue. This digital media case study is proof that you do not need to spend a fortune to achieve your business goals. Being smart, consistent and hardworking can be enough to make you succeed in this field.

BoxCrush – AdWords Success Story

Another internet marketing case study that made it to this list is BoxCrush. It is a full-service web development, website design and digital marketing agency based in Indiana.

It gained popularity when it successfully helped an industrial client increase their clickthrough  rate  by  improving  their  AdWords  campaign.  It  worked  on  their customer’s AdWords account and rebuilt it from the ground up. They split it and divided    into    meaningful    campaigns    for    targeting    specific   segments   and demographics. They developed Ad Groups within each of these campaigns. These were used for targeting the audience associated with each of them.

They expanded the campaign from three to six Ad groups once they witnessed an increase  in  performance.    The  clickthrough  rate  increased  by  making  the  ads enriched with relevant specific keywords. Over time, the process was reoptimized and refined, leading the results to grow even more than they did in the first month. It enhanced the CTR to 3.89% from 2.41%. It also decreased CPC to $2.17 from

$2.24  in  just  one  month.  These  digital  case  studies  reinforce the significance of social  media,  and  the  digital  marketing  tools  businesses employ to achieve their business goals and grow exponentially.

Exposure  Ninja  –  How  We  Increased  PPC  Leads  by

325% in 60 Days for a Dental Clinic

Exposure Ninja is an impact-driven and result-oriented digital marketing agency. It serves small and medium-sized businesses. This campaign case study explores how

this company assisted a dental clinic with PPC ads in a competitive area. This was done in an attempt to generate more customers and to increase sales. They installed Hotjar for their client to identify which areas were serving as conversion blockers and where and why users were dropping off after reaching the landing page.

It  was  found  out  that  users  failed  to  find  helpful  information  they  required regarding   the   client’s   top   service.   The   website   was   cluttered,  which  made navigation  difficult.  Visitors  usually  spend  only  a  few  minutes,  if  not  seconds, looking for specific information. If it is not presented in a prominent area, they end up leaving the website.

It meant reallocating resources for optimal use. They created a new landing page from  scratch,  focusing  on  their  high-profit,  priority  services.  The  historical  data from the previously running Google Ads campaign was utilized to experiment with the development of advance bidding. New landing pages were introduced, and the campaigns were tweaked to optimize the client’s budget. This, as a result, increased the conversion rate by 252.94%, which was from 17 to 60. Other than this, the cost per conversion was decreased to £34.37 from a total of £154.28 earlier.

Turned Into $6,120

This inspirational advertising campaign case study revolves around Paid Insights’ success story, which is a company that helps its clients understand how AdWords can  be  used  in  their  marketing  strategy  to  gain  monetary  benefits.  It  provides actionable  advice  to  help  businesses  expand.  In  this  case,  Ross  Kaplan  helped mental  health  counsellor  gain  new  customers  by  running  a  successful  local AdWords campaign. The company helped build a new and improved website for the  client  and  used techniques to optimize it for conversions. They even utilized modified broad match keywords to come at the top of search results even if people searched for it in a different sequence. Paid Insights also targeted local zip codes only  that  were  surrounding  the  office  of  their  client  so  that  the customers drive time could limit to no more than ten minutes. What change did it bring about? By spending a total of $520only, they managed to acquire six new customers for the local  mental  health  counsellor.  Moreover,  in  three  months,  the  company  gained over $6120 in revenue.


Brian Is an app develop turned digital marketer who cofounded this consulting firm to  help  business  leaders  and  entrepreneurs  grow  and  scale  up  their  business operations  by  offering  valuable  insights  into  their  business  strategy.  In this case study marketing-oriented firm started by Brian is discussed along with its success story.

Brian Downard helped its client, a high-end patio furniture business client, drive up the  sales  figures  and  the  footfall  in  their local store. Using the content from the previous  blogs, infographics, ebooks and other marketing channels, the company built  a  warm  audience  for  the  client.  It  recommended  that  the  client  offer  its customers  a  discount  of  50%  to  provide  incentives  to  people  for  visiting  their showroom personally. This promotional technique was used through the creation of engaging and attractive ads posted on Facebook.

It also redirected users to a landing page directly from the ad. This page provided an  overview  of  the  variety  of  products  the  business  was  selling  aesthetically.  It helped  in  appealing  to  different  target  audiences  effectively.  They  also  added  a prominent  call-to-action  feature  for  the  customers  to  get  in  touch  with the sales

representative  conveniently.  As  a  result,  the  client-generated  $106,496  sales  in patio furniture was $194 originally via Facebook ads. These  online  marketing  case  studies  have  been  proven  motivational  for  several businesses seeking inspiration to drive results. There is a lot to learn from each of them.  Even  though  the  techniques  might  vary  with  each  company, but the main features  that  helped  them  reach  the  top  were  knowledge  about  different  online marketing tools a

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