Adapting to the Technological Changes in Online Marketing and Website Designing Post Covid-19 Pandemic

Business in the world is running as usual despite the pandemic strike. The role of ours as digital marketing specialists remains the same. We are still finding out different ways to anticipate and provide quick responses to our customers at this time. Our services will play a crucial part in bringing change in digital marketing and web designing

The spread of coronavirus has brought instant, unexpected and groundbreaking changes in every aspect of almost all individuals. The COVID-19 never gave us a chance to stabilize, and now we are doing everything from our home. 

Usually, these activities which were taking place at school, recreational areas, offices, restaurants, and shops are now getting performed from home. Amidst this confusion and disorder, we have adapted to what the business demands today to be effective in the market.

We all have seen that digital work is changing rapidly today. The increase in online usage marks the beginning of the new normal. It also brought in behavioral changes related to online among people across various digital channels. 

There is a lack of clarity, and in many cases, we are working on digital marketing strategies and designing websites blindly. The sign of things to get normal is a far story. SOS Creativity states that “We are optimistic about the future and looking to give the best services to the customer while growing the digital business.”

Addressing the Digital Challenges Post Covid-19

There are some highlighted points to overcome challenges in the digital world of Covid-19:

Website Adjustment. It is necessary to make changes to your website according to the traffic trend in the current situation. Analyze the web traffic and study the pattern of the past one to two quarters. Then make proper plans for your most viewed web pages, work on ways to get more attention and easy accessibility to these pages. It will help you in changes that you aspire for your web design and strategies in digital marketing.

Providing Services Digitally. There is no point in getting overshadowed by your competitors even though they made adjustments as per time. Draw your customer by providing services digitally as if the services are happening in person. It will happen if you can give a smooth process to order online or through virtual storefronts. Promoting these online services is also necessary.

Digital Communication Needs Personalization. Analyze and plan innovative ideas for personalization, contextualization, and engaging customers digitally. Study the pattern of online behavior and past purchase of every visitor to your website, and anticipate their requirements. Then make available the relevant message and engage them with the content which grabs their attention.

Sales Shift Needs Detail Analysis. Examine the products in high demand and where the product demand tanked during the pandemic. Make your digital shift plan as per the demand analysis. Base the analysis plan for social media marketing, increase the visibility of the high-demand product, and make smooth navigation for the customers.

Eliminate Outworn Contents. As the strategy to align yourself to the Covid-19, a review of the digital asset is imperative. Work towards improving the quality, users, and visitors experience and integrate efficient SEO strategies for every page of your website. Get rid of all the obsolete products, past events, and promotions that are no longer needed.

Include Crucial Web Designing and Covid-19 Information in Your Digital Strategies

Your website is the most relevant digital property, and there are different ways to improve it. The core focus needs to be on design, functionality, and elements in the website contents. It helps in getting relevant information on time.

There are few great ideas to share Covid-19 information. Please refer below.

Integrated Landing Page. The content about Covid-19 needs easy accessibility and visibility, so the best option is to make one single landing page for Covid-19 itself. To enable the search engine to perceive it as the key page for information on Covid-19, use ‘Coronavirus’ or Covid-19 in your website URL slug.

Homepage Masthead. The element that captures the attention of the user is your masthead. It is an ideal place to incorporate information related to Covid-19. It carries a positive message that the priority of your website is addressing the current concerns of the user. The Covid-19 link in your masthead makes Google aware that your website is updated and ready for indexing and searching. 

The Header of Website. The users visit both your homepage along with other pages on your website. Therefore, your website header on top of every page is the right place for providing necessary Covid-19 information on time for your visitors.

Main Navigation. The link of Covid-19 needs placement in your main navigation. It is another way of telling Google about the update of the website.

Alert Bar. The alert bar is above the navigation, which gives critical information like the protocols of Covid-19 and limited hours. Post the pandemic alert bar usage will be for information about upcoming promotions and various events.

The Pinnacle of Social Media

The pandemic has given a break from shopping, socializing, and all other activities. It has made social media platforms attract traffic. According to the study from Deloitte, 82% of respondents have chosen social media for getting information on products and different brands available. The study also shows that 75% of respondents have increased the consumption of social media during Covid-19. Moreover, 14% of shoppers are purchasing using social media.

Almost half of the respondents view that social media impacts their decision to select a particular brand to consider for purchase.

It is a clear message of refocusing your energy on social media, in which social sharing is necessary. Make the relevant changes in your web design and digital marketing strategies during this pandemic. The change must align with the behaviors of the audience in social media. Make sure there is consistent brand promotion of all digital properties. Also, all the information present needs to be correct, non-conflicting and updated.

Additional Sources Critical in Web Design and Digital Marketing

Email. There is an increase of 20% for the email opening rates as people are at home during this pandemic and more engaged with their laptops and desktops.

Video/Virtual. To engage the customer actively provide them video content and experiences virtually.

Mobile. The use of mobile in this pandemic is at an all-time high. According to a global survey of March 2020, 70% of the responding internet users across the globe made use of their smartphones in the pandemic outbreak. Also, as per the Liftoff Mobile App Report, Covid-19 has given rise and strengthened the business of 70% of mobile marketers.

Finding Solutions in Crisis

Companies who want to make a successful jump from the pandemic will have to be more agile, proactive and should seek innovative digital solutions. As we cross different phases of Covid-19 and the life after the pandemic, there is a need for a better foundation for your digital channel. 

The basis of this foundation needs to build on supporting potential customers and business stakeholders. Consult with your digital marketing agency to recommend the best solution to achieve great heights.

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