Interactive Content – How Can It Influence Your SEO Strategy?

Do you seek ways to make a mark in the sea of content? The most common aspects that often make it to the SEO plan are keyword mapping, backlinking, or static content creation.

Indeed, we can not do away with these pillars of SEO just because the competition is using them, but they bear results too. However, we often scout for opportunities that are novel and efficacious.

Interactive content can be your answer. It can help elevate the user’s interest levels to scroll through the content and engage better with them. Thereby, it can help you align your communications as per the user intent and fetch you brownie points for your SEO efforts. 

But how do you go about it? 

What Does It Mean?

In simple terms, interactive content includes lively materials that lure the inward site traffic to engage with them. You can visualize content that needs the active participation of the visitors who use it. The content has the potential to adapt as per the inputs fed by the users.

Such content types can include, but are not limited to:

  • Animated infographics,
  • Calculators,
  • Quizzes,
  • Assessments,
  • Ebooks,
  • Short games

There is a rise in the investment of established brands in interactive content. They are opting to use more of these to ensure higher on-site traffic engagements. It also increases the efficacy of the message that goes out.

With higher on-site interactions, the chances of people staying on the site for longer durations are specifically high. It presents a considerable opportunity for the engagement of the visitors. It is true because the users experience more exciting, fun-filled, and customized content. This presentation of the information, therefore, helps escalate the user readability.

It also makes the content creator aware of how and when the people will interact with the information. This aspect is especially crucial as it helps to chart the strategies. 

How Does It Happen?

If you can do the activity properly, the interactive content can help you add an engaging aspect that can furnish a lot of value for the user. A custom-tailored message for each individual has a higher potency to be relevant to the audience. 

Isn’t scoring high on relevancy the whole point of SEO? Let us delve a little deeper into how the interactive content can help fetch you such results. However, if you feel that the same is a little overwhelming for you, you can always reach out to seek external help.

A Search Engine Marketing Consultant can help you design the perfect strategy to create interactive content for your SEO efforts. Such content happens to be more engaging and high on shareability quotient.


Engagement is a crucial aspect for both your SEO efforts and your brand. The presence of interactive content on your website makes sure that the visitors spend more time on your pages. They are also prone to give out their personal information more easily. 

The result of any action or SEO effort is also about how people conceive your message. It is not only about bombarding them with the information. The creation of interactive tools, such as assessments, quizzes, or calculators, can help engage and delight them.

These actions of the brand can help you to have:

  • Higher social media sharing
  • Link generations for your website
  • Increased time spent on your website and higher visits  

Brands create content regularly in an attempt to beat their competition. The interactive content can be your unique offering to fetch a higher score for your brand. It can also help assure you to garner more love from the audience.


The term link bait refers to the act of bating the users to generate links to your content. It can be possible through unique and good content creation that people will want to share willingly.

A higher brand awareness generates through such engagements, which is not possible by the traditional means. 


Social shares do not help to alter the organic search ranking of your site. However, they can act as a vote of confidence by the users for the content. With time the same can help increase its visibility and thereby garner the attention of the search engines.

So as you can see, choosing to use interactive content can help you change the game for your brand. It can help you fetch a better score in the minds of your target audience. You can get higher engagement and more site visits with this tool.

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