Content Overload – How Can You Brew Fresh Ideas to Make Your Campaign Stand Out?

Are you a marketer who feels that everything around you has already got coverage in some form of content or the other?

Most of the time marketers and content creators have the dilemma about what to write for the next content. In this article, we will try to touch on a few fresh approaches that you can use for engaging and valuable content.

You might select the best blogging platforms to put your content, but brewing fresh ideas every time becomes difficult often. So what can you do to get out of such a situation?

Reach Out to Your Actual Customers

It can sound like irony, but you can reach out and listen to your existing or prospective clients. You write content to have an impact on the bottom line and not just help spread the word. So your motive should be to make your specific target audience hear you.

A creative way to do the same can be by opting to gamify the process with the help of visualization tools and surveys. It can include general questions which will help you to build your target audience’s persona better. After that, you can have brand-specific questions.

The best part of such an activity is that you will be able to make your site trustworthy, intent-rich, and linkable. Such survey results can help in writing articles and creating site content. The development of a well-defined routine can also help you to better record your customer’s questions as well. This step can aid you in your social media goals and content planning.

There are great tools that help to enable idea-sharing and in-team communication like Slack. You can choose to create a separate Slack channel and ask your support team and customers to share questions as they come across any. 

Web analytics can also be a great way to listen to your readers and customers. One of the most opted solutions that helps to understand better which on-page elements and content of your site are doing well with the users is Finteza. It helps to support a variety of functions that can include clicks, mouse hovers, and downloads, thereby enabling you to measure which content works better for your readers.

Opt For a New Keyword Research Tool

It often happens that most people use keyword research and limit its use to their SEO efforts only. Keyword research can help you to give a deeper insight into your audience’s struggles, questions, and interests. The crucial aspect to consider here is to opt for a new tool from time to time. But what is the reason for that?

Every tool you use subscribes to a different output, data source, or way to assemble those keywords. Any of these can prove to be beneficial for you to chart a lot of content ideas. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools that you can choose from.

Tools like Kparser can give information that you need to create a good list of topics. If not everything, it can at least direct you in the appropriate direction. You can build your content by referring to the popular concepts around the main topic that you get from the left-hand channel of the site.

Considering Seasonal Trends

Seasonal trends and holidays should be part of your content plans. When you opt for such trends, you get a chance to have a huge upside for new followers, interactions, and clicks. One of the best parts of such seasonal trends is that you can plan your content calendar way in advance. 

It also means that since the events are predictable and repeat at the same time every year, you can re-use your calendar as a reference point to maximize your content marketing strategy and structure your seasonal content. You need to plan your content assets for the upcoming big holidays, Amazon prime days, Black Friday sales, or any other important event relevant to your target audience.

You can choose to use Google spreadsheets to create your content roadmap. You can choose to have a printable calendar to ideate better when you start planning your seasonal content. Various handy calendar apps are available on the Internet that can help to keep track of the holidays and other important days too.

Therefore, as you can see content ideation is not easy anymore, and it can be a constant struggle for you. If you refer to the above pointers, it can prove to be beneficial during the content ideation process. Apart from the above, you can also choose to learn the art of content repackaging, find out what people are asking online, or explore what’s happening around the world. 

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