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Lorenzo Gutierrez

Digital Marketing Consultant

SEO Trends 2021 – How These Modern-Day Changes Can Affect Your Business?

Every year you might be noticing newer updates and trends related to search engine optimization. No business would be in a position to take a risk on missing the latest search engine algorithm. All businesses would prefer to keep themselves updated with any changes happening in the online searching world. They also want to know the potential effect on business with the changes in the search engine.

Keeping themselves updated with the latest trend in the search engine helps in better business planning. Also, a business would save by preventing penalties or even maintaining the ranking of the site. Hiring the best SEO service provider, like OuterBox, can help businesses achieve online success, by adapting to frequent changes in SEO trends.

We have outlined some of the latest SEO trends that have the potential to impact your business. It suggests how an organization can use an online platform via advertisement to reach their target customer for the year.

1. Mobile SEO

Paying attention to the latest trends in mobile SEO is vital. Today everyone is on the mobile, and for anything and everything they wish to know, mobile is their best partner. No one would stop to give importance to SEO for the desktop. By doing this, the ranking of your site on the desktop might go higher. If you ignore mobile SEO, the rank of your site becomes abysmal in the mobile. Every business must give importance to mobile SEO.

2. Zero-Click Search

The listing in the local search must not get underestimated. Local SEO is necessary as there are more and more zero-click searches happening. The Search Engine Research Page provides the result for the top search. Most of the zero-click searches tend to be local. Hence it is crucial to make a concrete backlink profile and create a My Business Account in Google.

3. Voice Search

You would notice a paradigm shift in the search engine as voice search is gaining popularity around the globe. Conversation sampling is taking place daily. Artificial Intelligence gets answers to queries even before users looking for them would change the landscape of SEO. The times ahead are very interesting and exciting. The objective for anything is to add efficiency, and voice search is committed to that.

4. Intent Content

The key trend in 2021 for SEO would be creating the best intent content keeping in mind the user; it is essential to win top ranking. The website focusing on black hat SEO would lose ranking and ultimately traffic to their sites. You are required to research the keywords that people tend to search. Spend time in knowing what the competition is offering and create unique content that attracts many users.

5. Content Focusing on Readers

There is no second thought that you have to give importance to technical algorithms and make plans accordingly as it is dynamic. At the same time, it is not under your control. Therefore, there is a need to keep your focus on making reader-centric content. You must plan to promote content that helps out people to get solutions to their problems.

Instead of only focusing on satisfying the search engine, give importance to your visitors. You will see a better performance of your site that results in the improvement of rank.

6. Video Content

As the impact of Youtube on SEO is on a continuous rise, it is better to focus on an SEO strategy that comprises a video component. The video needs to have the target keyword so that the search becomes optimized. Make sure to have the keyword on the video embedded on your landing page.

7. Essential Web Vitals

This year SEO is giving focus to the user. It is an indication that the site must provide a great experience to the user. The optimization includes instant loading and on-time response. The navigation through the mobile also needs to be easy so that the desired site ranks in the first ten Google searches. Keep your website centric to the user. It will provide you with great SEO results.

8. SMITH Algorithm of Google

The new algorithm of Google is SMITH, which stands for Siamese Multi-depth Transformer-based Hierarchical) and is based on BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformer) algorithm. It makes Google interpret the purpose and intent in a better way. With SMITH, it is convenient to in-house more related information on the main page alone, instead of incorporating separate landing pages for various other topics.

Digitization is the Future

If you look at the data of internet users as of January 2021, it stands at four and half billion. It is close to sixty percent of the global population. Hence it is vital to give attention to planning a better SEO for your website. You need to be aware of the Google algorithm that is a crucial factor in optimizing your site.

If you have an in-house SEO team to optimize the website of your company, it is better. But there are many SEO professionals and companies available who offer you the service. The professionals understand the importance given by Google, and they are in a better position to guide your website optimization.

Make sure to use all the strategies favored by Google for a better SEO of your site. Study the trends that are giving better results and ranking in Google. Your site must rank on the first page of the search listing. The reason is the user may not have time to browse through every page of the search engine. Make your site by putting in information that the users search the most. Keep a close eye on the keyword used by the users. 


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Lorenzo Gutierrez
Digital Marketing Consultant
Lorenzo Gutierrez is a Digital Marketing Consultant and a certified Google Partner. He helps small businesses and corporations grow their revenue online. He does this by mixing passion, innovation, & expertise.