8 Medical Device Marketing Strategies

Today’s life is extremely busy. The physicians, the doctors, and the C-suite Executives do not have enough time to go and check out the newly launched medical devices as the medical device marketing strategy is also not strong enough to persuade the target audience.

Nonetheless, these medical devices are only going to help the physicians grow, the process will become easy and many other conveniences will be noticed. But, because of the limited time and endless appointments, the physicians do not have the time to engage with the medical device manufacturer, so an enhanced medical device marketing strategy must be formulated.

In a 2016 Survey of America’s Physicians, it was found out that 80 % of doctors are either overextended or at capacity. So, in order to communicate with them, it is important to form the right medical device marketing strategy.

Medical device manufacturers are innovating each and every day. They are coming up with exceptional technology in order to counter modern day needs. But their main target audience who are physicians and C-suite Executives are busy and lack time to invest in the buying process.

In earlier days, reaching out to the physicians was not a difficult job at all. The sales representative used to meet the physicians and discuss everything regarding the medical device on a casual lunch. However, times have changed now. The physicians are busier than they ever were. So, marketing ploys need to be revamped completely.

After a thorough look at the present circumstances, it was found out that the medical industry is no different than any other B2B industry and it also requires a motivating medical device marketing strategy. So, the tactics that are followed in those B2B industries must be followed here as well. The 5 major tactics include:

1. Be Personal in the communication process

B2B marketing has amended its ways every now and then. Nowadays, communication needs to be a lot more personal, warm and heartfelt connected with a persuading medical device marketing strategy. Medical device manufacturers need to understand the importance of building relationships. There must be a solid relationship among the physicians and the medical device manufacturers.

The physicians and the C-suite Executives must be able to feel that there is someone who is bothered about the medical process for which an apt medical device marketing strategy must be produced. Realization is extremely important in today’s business. When the medical device manufacturers would be able to convey a friendly and a kindhearted vibe through a perfect medical device marketing strategy, the doctors, the physicians, and the C-suite Executives will be more open for a conversation.

However, a personalized relationship is quite complex to form. A few techniques are given below that might prove to be helpful:

  • Understanding the needs:

Once the medical device manufacturers start understanding the art of inferring the needs, that day these firms will be highly successful.

The likes and dislikes of the physicians must be given due importance. For example- Sometimes it happens that the physicians might refuse to review the medical device just because they did not approve of the environment or did not like the medical device marketing strategy. So, the medical device manufacturers have to make sure that everything is set according to the likes and dislikes of their target audience.

  • Customize the message:

The modern medical device manufacturers have to design their medical device marketing strategy in such a way that it answers the particular questions of the doctors and the physicians. Rather than building an all-purpose message, the manufacturers have to be specific in order to cater to the needs of the physicians and the doctors.

  • Engage through narrations:

Try to build the medical device marketing strategy in the form of narrations. Tell your target audience about the positive results that have been yielded through the usage of the products. Tell them a perfectly stitched story about the medical device’s success. This is one of the best and simplest tactics for developing a personalized relationship.

2. Engage the target audience through customized E-mail

E-mails might sound an overused tactic. Nonetheless, it is one of the best, simple, convenient and cost-effective method of engaging the target audience. People often complain about the influx of e-mails. Nevertheless, e-mail has to be the backbone of the modern day digital world. Through e-mail, medical device manufacturers can easily reach physicians and doctors.

It was found out that 89 % of sellers regard email as their main medium for lead generation. Another survey by HealthLink Dimensions made the importance of email clear by stating that over 68 % of respondents want to be contacted through email, while only 11 % want information through direct mail or in-person visits.

Nonetheless, the e-mails that are sent to the doctors and the physicians must be tailor according to their needs and requirements, this is actually the first step of building a perfect medical device marketing strategy. The content of the e-mail must be customized and should answer the queries of the doctors and the physicians. So, always create customized e-mails and fragmented lists.

  • Customized E-mails: A customized e-mail would be able to interact directly with the target audience. Their questions would be answered as it would be tailor-made to meet the specific needs of the potential buyers.
  • Fragmented Lists: fragmented lists would help in segmenting the audience. When a list is narrowed down, it becomes extremely effective in solving eth problems.

3. Weave a personalized buyers’ persona

It is very important in the present day to create a personalized buyers’ persona that must be made a part of medical device marketing strategy. Each and every buyer is different. Especially, when it comes to the physicians and the doctors, the medical device manufacturing companies have to build a unique persona for their clientele.

HubSpot highlighted “Personas are significant to affect the ideal customer we’re trying to attract, and relate to our customers as real humans.’’

Buyer personas have been successful in creating a mark in the marketing arena. So, it is necessary that the medical device manufacturing companies take note of it and add it to their medical device marketing strategy. The buyer personas help in developing a close-knitted relationship with the customers.

Although, the medical device manufacturing companies will sell the same thing to each and every doctor, however, through buyers’ persona, the message will be made specific.

If the medical device manufacturing companies try to incorporate buyer personas of different physicians and the doctors in their medical device marketing strategy then it would be really helpful in influencing these doctors into having a certain kind of contact. Thus, the marketing of medical devices would become a piece of cake.

4. Interact socially with the customers

As mentioned earlier in the article, marketing tactics are changed in the present era. In earlier days, social media did not exist. So, building a presence globally was a hard task, almost impossible. The modern-day tactics are a lot more improved, easy and convenient. However, you must have the knowledge to accurately implement the tactics. Nowadays, social media is booming. Each and every person uses social media. Whether they are teachers, doctors or related to any other profession, social media profile is a must-have.

Now even the doctors and the physicians have become tech-savvy and social media enthusiasts. Well, social media has proved to be of great help to them. It has not only helped them in enhancing their clientele rather the social media has been instrumental in making them a global figure. So, if you are working in a medical device manufacturing company, you want to create a unique medical device marketing strategy and you want to engage with these doctors and physicians, social media is the right way to go.

In 2011, Manhattan Research led the Digital MedTech Physician study, the Annual Healthcare Professional Communication Report 2016, in order to find out how surgeons and other physicians get to know about the medical devices through digital channels.

Through this study, it was found out that physicians who use MedTech products are highly techy and they want to interact with the medical device manufacturers through an online portal.  It also suggested that 50% of the physicians are interested in buying medical devices through online promotional programs and they do not want to meet the sales representative in person.

Similarly, QunatiaMD established that around 65 % of physicians use social media websites in order to fulfil a variety of professional needs. Another study of the Journal of Medical Research implied that 60 % of the physicians consider that social media “improves the care they deliver”. Consequently, around 24 % of physicians think that the usage of social media is helpful in learning new medical information.

A number of MedTech companies are making sure that the physicians grow through the usage of social media and this is the reason, they are incorporating social media into their medical device marketing strategy. Medtronic is one of those company. Medtronic has always advocated the usage of social media. The company has been using social media platforms for strengthening physicians. The company has made its accounts on a variety of social media platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The major elements of the social media presence include:

  • The company stays active 24/7 through social media. By indulging in social media, the company would be able to sell the products explicitly. Also, the queries would be answered almost immediately and the information would also be updated instantly.
  • CEO of the company is the most important person. So, when the CEO of the company puts a status or sends a tweet, it draws an impeccable impression on the target audience.
  • The homepage of the company completely embraces social media. In this way, the visitors would be able to connect socially with the company.

5. Design convincing case studies

The main question that arises is that what the doctors and the physicians actually require from the medical device manufacturers? What is the kind of information that is needed by the doctors and the physicians from the medical device manufacturers? So, when these questions were asked through a survey, the doctors and the physicians responded that they would prefer education over every other thing. So, now you know what you have to do in your medical device marketing strategy.

In this way, case studies are the best way to inform pharmaceutical professionals. HubSpot once stated that: “Case studies are important to the MedTech buyer persona because before a purchase is made through it, they have to be assured about the fact that the device that is being marketed is safe and successfully being used by others. They want to be assured that the purchasing decisions they make will lead to positive patient outcomes.”

A case study is a full-fledged process through which research takes place and it is considered very important for a medical device marketing strategy. It is directed towards a particular person, a thing or a phenomenon in order to find in-depth information regarding the object under study.

Let’s have a look at a few companies that create case studies in the right way:

  • Stryker: Stryker conducts case studies in order to let people know about the benefits that are produced through the usage of their products. The results are depicted by showing the statistics and figures regarding those advantages.
  • Intel Healthcare IT: The case study highlighted the importance of strategic technology initiatives. These initiatives helped in mitigating readmissions.
  • Siemens: This case study was initiated specifically for Immunoassay Workcell solution. It depicts the way through which productivity is increased and operational expenditure is alleviated. The results are highlighted through numbers that show an increase in efficiency and decrease in work hours.

6. Utilize Video Marketing

In the age of visual content, video marketing has become an essential part of medical device marketing strategies. Videos can provide a detailed demonstration of how a medical device works, its benefits, and its applications in real-life scenarios. This can be a powerful tool to engage physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Why Video Marketing?

  • Visual Appeal: Videos can visually represent complex medical devices, making them easier to understand.
  • Emotional Connection: Through storytelling, videos can create an emotional connection with the audience.
  • Accessibility: Videos can be shared across various platforms, reaching a broader audience.

How to Implement Video Marketing?

  • Create Educational Content: Develop videos that educate physicians about the features and benefits of the medical device.
  • Share Success Stories: Showcase testimonials and success stories from other healthcare professionals who have benefited from the device.
  • Offer Virtual Demonstrations: Provide virtual demonstrations to allow physicians to see the device in action without the need for in-person meetings.

7. Collaborate with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders in the medical field can be a game-changer in medical device marketing strategies. These influential professionals can endorse the medical device, providing credibility and trust.

Why Collaborate with KOLs?

  • Credibility: KOLs are respected professionals in their field, and their endorsement can add significant credibility to the medical device.
  • Influence: Their opinions and recommendations can influence the purchasing decisions of other healthcare professionals.
  • Networking: KOLs can provide access to their professional network, expanding the reach of the marketing campaign.

How to Collaborate with KOLs?

  • Identify the Right KOLs: Look for professionals who are respected in the field related to the medical device.
  • Build Relationships: Engage with them, understand their needs, and build a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Leverage their Influence: Utilize their influence through joint webinars, co-authored articles, or social media collaborations.

8. Implementing a Multi-Channel Approach

A successful medical device marketing strategy must be multi-dimensional, utilizing various channels to reach the target audience. This includes online platforms, offline events, and personalized communication.

Why a Multi-Channel Approach?

  • Reach: Different physicians and healthcare professionals may prefer different channels. A multi-channel approach ensures that the marketing message reaches a wider audience.
  • Engagement: Engaging the audience through various channels provides multiple touchpoints, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Adaptability: Different channels can be used to convey different messages, allowing for a more tailored approach.

How to Implement a Multi-Channel Approach?

  • Identify the Channels: Determine the channels that are most effective for reaching the target audience, such as social media, email, webinars, conferences, etc.
  • Create Tailored Content: Develop content that is specifically designed for each channel, considering the preferences and needs of the audience.
  • Monitor and Analyze: Continuously monitor the performance of each channel and make necessary adjustments to optimize results.


Medical device marketing strategies must evolve to meet the demands of today’s busy healthcare professionals. By understanding their needs, preferences, and challenges, medical device manufacturers can develop targeted and effective marketing strategies.

The key to success lies in personalization, engagement, innovation, and adaptability. Whether it’s through personalized communication, video marketing, collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders, or a multi-channel approach, the goal is to connect with the target audience in a meaningful and impactful way.

By implementing these strategies, medical device manufacturers can not only reach their target audience but also build lasting relationships, drive sales, and contribute to the advancement of medical technology.

Physicians, the doctors, and the C-suite Executives might be leading a busy life. They might not have enough time to book more appointments. Yet, it does not mean that they do not require the newer medical devices. It also does not mean that they do not want to interact with medical device manufacturers.

If you are a medical device company, indulge in creating a modern medical device marketing strategy in order to induce your potential buyers. Make sure that you are incorporating the newer ploys in order to influence the pharmaceutical professionals. As the trends are changing, the needs of the patients are also changing.

As a medical device manufacturing company, make sure that you are relying upon modern tactics- Be Personal in the communication process, Engage the target audience through customized E-mail, Weave a personalized buyers’ persona, Interact socially with the customers, and Design convincing case studies. All these modern day techniques would be helpful in delivering a personalized message in order to induce the pharmaceutical companies into actually making a purchase.

Are you a healthcare professional looking for innovative medical solutions? Explore our latest medical devices designed to enhance patient care and streamline medical processes. Contact us today to discover how our cutting-edge technology can transform your practice.


What are medical device marketing strategies? Medical device marketing strategies are targeted approaches used by manufacturers to promote and sell medical devices to healthcare professionals, such as physicians and C-suite Executives.

Why is personalization important in medical device marketing? Personalization helps in building a strong relationship with the target audience, understanding their specific needs, and providing tailored solutions.

How can social media be used in medical device marketing? Social media platforms can be used to engage with healthcare professionals, share information, provide updates, and build a community around the medical device.

What role do Key Opinion Leaders play in medical device marketing? Key Opinion Leaders can endorse the medical device, provide credibility, influence purchasing decisions, and expand the reach of the marketing campaign.

How can video marketing benefit medical device marketing? Video marketing can visually demonstrate the medical device, create an emotional connection, and make complex information more accessible and engaging.

What is a multi-channel approach in medical device marketing? A multi-channel approach involves using various online and offline channels to reach and engage.

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