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Biotechnology Company Looking to Increase Their Inbound Leads and 


 The world leader in high quality processed bio-sample products


Need to increase product sales and leads online.


Emeryville, California

About The Client

BioChain is the world leader in high quality processed bio-sample products and analysis services used in advancing translational medicine, companion diagnostics, and clinical product research and development. BioChain’s products are available for DNA and RNA sequencing, PCR and RT-PCR, gene expression analysis, DNA and RNA purification, protein extraction and purification, and protein expression analysis. BioChain’s One-Stop Services for Next Generation Sequencing, from clinical sample collection, sample preparation, sequencing to bioinformatics analysis, will revolutionize the industry.

Project summary

I was hired as the online marketing specialist for the compmany. They advised me that they wanted to grow their revenue online through digital marketing specifically PPC advertising and SEO. They were already doing PPC advertising with one of the major big box agencies but were not seeing the results they needed. When they came on board, they weren’t on the first page of Google for several keywords that they knew would grow their business.

We were able to boost the number of daily visitors from 116 in January to 4, 043 in December. This translated to $35, 800 in FREE organic traffic.

The Strategy

Increase sales through content marketing, PPC advertising and SEO. 

We adopted a three-phase solution to stimulate organic traffic growth and generate leads for the Biotech company.First, we researched the audience and customers targeted by the company to find out who they are and how they use search engines. This allowed us to identify keywords that could be targeted to generate higher conversions.Secondly, we set out to create brand trust through content marketing. Our copywriters crafted high-quality content and SEO optimized content posted on blogs. The content targeted the identified keywords, and it was geared to provide valuable information to prospective customers rather than promoting the BioChain. We included calls to action on each of the content to encourage potential customers to ask for free consultations. The calls to actions were vital in generating leads.Next, we implemented custom Google Ads campaigns geared to target the characteristics we uncovered on targeted the targeted audience and customers. The laser targeted ads packed the BioChain’s unique selling propositions, product benefits, calls to actions, custom ad extensions and retargeting.

The Outcome

Keywords ranked on Google
Monthly search traffic
Estimated traffic cost

Breakdown of ResultsContent Marketing• 17 new blog posts on the BioChain Blog• 4 pillar blog posts each more than 2,500 words long• 2 press releases each one with 530 full-page placements on high authority sites such as CBS, Reuters, NBC, and ABC.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)We were able to boost the number of daily visitors from 116 in January to 4, 043 in December. This translated to $35, 800 in FREE organic traffic.Google AdsWithin the one year, we:• Scaled the Ad account up to 22 leads• Reduced lead acquisition by $122 per lead• Acquired leads from top brands & institutions• ROI – 3 months 5x, 6 months 4,000%

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