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google search ads

Google Search Ads

Google search ads convert the highest of Google advertising products and this is my speciality. As a pay per click management consultant I build scalable Google Ads PPC campaigns, some of my campaigns have went on to generate 5x within the first 3 months. Using the correct keywords and match types are ways I ensure that you are in the top of search results. Google ranks keywords dependent on their popularity or relevance to a business, so I strategically choose these carefully and then ensure that they appear seamlessly in your text.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing Ads

Digital remarketing Ads reminds website visitors about your brand based on previous interest they have previously shown in a product. They are a form of reminding visitors to a site and provide a link to their site should the customer or potential customer wish to visit their site.  These adverts are proven to be effective because research shows that a customer will visit a site several times before making a purchase. As a pay per click management marketer I create fully custom remarketing ads for your business.  

google shopping ads consulting

Google Shopping Ads

Online searches are the most common way for today’s consumers to pick and potentially purchase goods and services. Therefore, you want your company to stand out among the millions of other advertisers who appear on a Google shopping search. Google Shopping Services direct potential customers to your site by refining their needs to companies who offer exactly what they are looking for. We are expert pay per click management marketers in creation and optimization of Google ads. 

How Our Pay Per Click Management Services Work 

Whether you are developing your own PPC strategy or outsourcing to a PPC consultant, there are various steps that need to be followed to ensure maximum traffic and ultimately maximum business to your site.

 1. Find the most cost-effective keywords for your products or services

2. Check out what your competition is doing

3. Create adverts which will align with search engine requirements

4. Keep checking how your adverts are translating into business and optimise them if necessary

More on Pay Per Click Management Services

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?pay per click management services

PPC is an abbreviation for pay per click’. It refers to a tool which is used by website advertisers whereby they pay a fee to the publisher for each click that is performed by a visitor to the site who clicks on the advert. In short, companies want to get their message in front of the right people and at the right time using an appropriate message. However, advertisers need to ensure that they are receiving more money from the customers who visit their sites than they are paying the publisher. This is known as conversion. So, in order to ensure that the conversion rate is high, advertisers need to place their adverts on sites of publishers whose products appeal to their customers as well. 

This is where PPC consultants comes in. A PPC consultant knows how to create and optimise your Google PPC ads for conversions to ensure that your company gets more business from your budget.

How do I Create a Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign?

 1. Develop a strategy that fits with your business

 2. Developing the most cost-effective keywords

3. Writing the best adverts to optimise traffic

4. Ensuring your company stands out using Ad extensions

5. Use shopping Ads to develop effective shopping campaigns

 6. Analyse your data through tracking

 7. Provide focus and optimise your campaign

 8. Produce reports to provide feedback on how the campaign is going

  Using these tools, a PPC management consultant will provide concrete results as to how effective their services are and how well their services are being translated into business. They can also pinpoint areas where you are spending money which are not converting into business. This can help to outweigh any cost you are paying to the PPC management agency. 

 Who needs a Pay Per Click Marketer or Consultant? 

 – Companies that are new to the online market

– Companies that don’t have the expertise in-house to perform effective PPC Management

– Companies that want to optimise their use of online services but are struggling to connect with customers

How Does Pay Per Click Marketing Work? 

PPC consultants have so much expertise in the field that it would be impossible for anyone new to the field to gain their knowledge in a reasonable period. Although they may not be miracle workers, a professional PPC company should provide sustainable and measurable improvements in your business, and if they cannot do this, they should have justifiable reasons why this cannot be achieved. They should then offer alternate strategies to improve business.

PPC consultants are experts in Google and how Google searches work. As they are familiar with the process and know Google inside out, they will have premium access to any support that is required. As a layperson, a fledgling company would not have access to such support and may spend a great deal of time trying to get answers that a professional can access in minutes. Google actually certifies a digital marketing consultant this can be in Google: Adwords, Shopping or Analytics to name a few. Not only that, but a PPC consultant will be aware of all the latest innovations in Google searching and how to optimise your keywords and your adverts to convert to maximum business. Some PPC professionals might even have access to new innovations before they become common knowledge, thus putting your company ahead of the game. They will also know how to promote your ads using keywords which Google likes, and if these ads translate into regular traffic then Google rewards companies with reduced fees. This is one of the inside tricks that a PPC Manager can assist you with, ultimately saving you more money than you are paying them.

Work One-On-One with a Top Pay Per Click Marketer 

 A PPC consultant will really get to know your company and your business to pinpoint where potential customers may visit and how to encourage them to visit your site and to engage with your services. If you have a PPC strategy in place, they will work with you to enhance what you already have in place and to maximise business. Obviously one of the main factors is to ensure that any money spent on keywords is money well spent. They will identify the best keywords for your business and to monitor how well these keywords are working. These professionals have the expertise to insert as many keywords in an advert that is written succinctly to be aimed directly at a potential customer. They may use Ad Extensions and Shopping Ads to add weight to your campaign and ultimately to try and increase relevant measurable traffic to your site. 

Of course, one of the main benefits of employing a PPC specialist is that they are constantly watching traffic on your site and have the technology to monitor the conversion of this traffic to business. They can refine keywords and provide reports on how your ad spending is being converted into actual business.

Hire a Pay Per Click Management Services Marketer – Who Will Achieve Optimal ROI

In short, outsourcing your PPC Management to a professional consultant can save you a huge amount of time, time which could be spent developing your business using your professional expertise. The PPC Managers will use their expertise to increase flow of traffic to your site and ensure that it converts to business to the best of their ability. One of their most important functions will be producing regular reports which indicate how successful your PPC advertising is and offering suggestions as to how your conversion rate can be improved. You have a professional working behind the scenes of your site which is constantly monitoring your advertising success, and permanently coming up with ways to increase traffic and business. If your in LA we have an office there where we offer our PPC Los Angeles services. Learn about PPC management prices here. 

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