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Lorenzo Gutierrez

Digital Marketing Consultant

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Make cannabis sales by appealing to everyone: Here is how to market your dispensary

You might be wondering how do I market my dispensary. Well in this article we are going to cover everying from A-Z.

Advertising is key to sales, Cannabis sales are no exception to that rule. Knowing the right advertising process can drastically boost your business. To market your dispensary, you need to optimize the options of advertising.

Advertising for a cannabis dspensary should go beyond the regular. Since it is still a controversial topic for many it isn’t a wise option to place it out there on the regular advertising plans. Still harvesting advertising plans through outdoor, print and online platforms, your cannabis business can boost sales quietly but effectively. You will need to set up a marketing strategy to be able to fully implement your advertising options without creating hostility from those still against it. For in-depth details on how to utilize these marketing options to boost your sales in cannabis, read on.

how to make your dispensary stand out with marketingWhat dispensary marketing strategies to use

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To get the most out of these marketing options, you need to apply more than one at a time but you also need to know how to utilize them to their limits. To achieve that you need to consider these four age groups while marketing.  They are Ages

  • 18-37: this group is inquisitive and willing to try out new ideas including the use of cannabis as a medical tool
  • 38-54: this group, is less inquisitive and are more skeptical in trying out new things. Although with the right push you can achieve that
  • 55-74: this consist of open-minded people, who have seen the world and understand that things do change
  • 75 upward: this is the hardest to please. They are loyal to what they know and won’t be swayed easily.
  • These groups should be identified as major goals as they will constitute your client list. Let’s call each age group A-D respectively.

How to utilize your dispensary marketing options

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Now that we have a clear understanding of what your goals are, you should focus on making the best out of various advertising platforms to market your dispensary. Here are some very useful options:

  • Bus advertising: buying a bus might not be very workable form many new companies so try renting a bus for some time. Paste your advert over it and need I say that you should make it as attractive and entertaining as you can. Choose a bus whose route goes through sections of the city that have a flock of group B and at a period when they can see it. So choose a bus that takes more of the morning or evening shift on a route with lots of work areas. Your primary targets in this option would be those of the age group B since they are more likely to take the bus to and from work, they are also more likely to be stuck on the same traffic with the bus. This, by the way, is what you want.
  • Emailing Marketing: the biggest challenge of this method is getting those emails. So try offering something in exchange for the emails. Try giving out little coupons or points for each email you get. This advertising process is favorable to all age groups because everyone checks their emails at some time. Be sure to make your emails brief and informative and possibly a bit mysterious, to have them wanting to learn more. This way you do not just end up in their spam list.
  • Google business page: you do not exactly get to pay to advertise on this platform. What you need is to get your business on this Google page, make it informative and educative and hope that Google users will come across it. This style is suitable for groups A and B.
  • SEO optimization: you will need a web page for this. Then write articles and impute on cannabis as many times as you reasonably can, the keywords people might use when searching for your product type. After which you just have to trust that Google will refer people to your link when it becomes important. Applicable to all age groups.
  • Magazines and newspapers: this choice can be very useful in gaining all age groups, so how can you market your dispensary with this advertising tool? For magazines, since cannabis can easily blend with its topics, target those that fall under lifestyle and health, they tend to have more enthusiastic and inquisitive readers.  For newspapers, which are the main way you can reach out to age group D, Try getting a spot on the last page. Since the age group D is the most unlikely to welcome new products, do not bombard them in the beginning but wait till the end and then plea your cannabis case to them. Remember to use magazines that cover your business region.
  • Social media: there isn’t much to say about this. It has been greatly utilized by companies and businesses. Get as much media presence as you possibly can and ensure that you have informative and entertaining posts on the uses and benefits of cannabis always. This is favorable to the age group A and B.
  • Events hosting: get as much awareness done using events and seminars and street outreach. Go as all out as you can financially afford. Invite experts and public figures who can attract their fan base to your events to speak on their experience with cannabis. This will favor the age group A, B, and C.
  • Make road trips: if you have some customer base outside of your city or on the outskirts then making road trips will be a great advertising method. And you can kill two birds with this stone. Not only do you get to make the road trips, but you can also add a bus advert made as you go and street outreach or even seminars at each stop. You end up getting the attention of each age group.
  • Oral communication: the oldest means there is, tell someone and have him or her tell ten other people. And then you are on a streak. The more people you can get to refer others the better. You could always offer a little incentive for each referral made and you will be shocked how many clients you will make. This is more favorable to the age Group A and D because they tend to have lots of clicks and group which they regularly communicate to.
  • Affiliate with other Businesses: how to market your dispensary with this means relies on your ability to connect with other non-competitor businesses. If you can have them associate their business with yours in return you can associate with them then you can gain more client list. This will work.
  • SMS messaging: that will entail meeting network providers and gaining people’s contacts. This will cost you but it can work well for all age groups.

Summing it up on How to Market Your Dispensary:

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Whatever choice you make, remember that this article on how to market your dispensary depends on consistency and perseverance. More still since the business of cannabis is relatively new you need to determine. Follow the motto – the more you try the better your chances. Also remember to have very detailed, informative and entertaining adverts made highlight the good of cannabis and things unique to it medically. Be as short and clear as you can. Use lots of pictures and color mixtures and you can be certain to attract as many clients as there are.n If you need addistance get in touch with a reputable dispensary marketing agency like us.