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Lorenzo Gutierrez Digital Marketing is a marketing agency focusing on the CBD industry. We have assembled a world class digital marketing team that comprised of SEO specialists, social media experts, coders and content writers all focused on helping our clients with their growth. We are firm believers in doing things the right way. We don’t cut any corners or take any shortcuts with our customers marketing campaigns. Furthermore we treat our clients like true partners, you will get to know Lorenzo and the team. 

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Why Choose Use As Your Hemp CBD

Marketing Agency 

1. Reliable: Were not your fly by night company. We have a proven track record of being a reliable digital marketing agency. We have been in business since 2013. In this time we have serviced hundreds of clients. 

2. Certified in Google Analytics: We are certified Google partners with a certification in Google Analytics. We know how to properly analyze your websites metrics and make the changes to give you the best results. 

3. Passionate About CBD: We are true fans of the healing power of CBD. We know how great this product is and love to partner with more brands to bring it to the masses. 

CBD Marketing FAQ


cbd marketing companiesWhat is CBD?

According to Live Science. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a trending ingredient the natural products industry and is the focus of a new area of cannabis research. CBD is one of many cannabinoids, or molecules produced uniquely by the cannabis family. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the primary psychoactive element in marijuana), CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t have a strong effect on cognitive brain activity and doesn’t cause the “high” associated with marijuana. Many users like CBD because it does not get you high but provides many of the medicinal benefits that they are use to with cannabis. In fact, there have been studies done that you can check out here. Because CBD is non psychoactive this means you can use CBD products such as tinctures, oils and creams throughout the day while at work or on the go.

CBD Marketing Has Challenges

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The CBD market provides numerous challenges and that is why you need an experienced and effective CBD digital marketing agency. According to analysists the CBD market is worth to be around 20 billion. This has attracted many new players, investors and CBD companies. It can be difficult for your CBD company to stand out with all this competition.

Furthermore, Google and Facebook the two largest advertisers do not allow CBD advertisements. So, this means you can forget about PPC ads, remarketing and paid social advertisements.

Can you advertise CBD on Instagram?  

So, you own or run a CBD business and you are wondering if you can run advertisements on Instagram or Facebook. You can certainly try but your ads will get almost always get disapproved. Instagram and their parent company have a always had this stance not allowing marijuana or CBD companies. 

Can you run ads for CBD?

Yes you can run paid ads for CBD but they will not be on the typical platforms Google and Facebook. One option to run ads for a CBD business is to run programmatic advertisements. The Mantis Network is one of a handful of programmatic advertisement networks that cater to the marijuana and CBD industries.

How to Market Your CBD Company?

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The first thing you need is a solid CBD marketing strategy so that you can grow and become the industry expert and go to brand. 

CBD Digital Marketing Strategy 1: Get a CBD Website Designed and Developed

You need a website to get started with a business now a days. It is essential as your future customers are going to want to look you up and find out more information about your brand and see if you are legit. Make sure you spend the time to research and find the right CBD website agency because this will save you time and money. Do not cut corners and hire cheap workers overseas as you will most likely get a cheap looking website. Your brand is at stake. Visit our CBD website design company page to find out more. 

CBD Digital Marketing Strategy 2: Search Engine Optimization AKA SEO

After you complete your website your going to need visitors to sell to. This is where SEO comes in. SEO a way of increasing your rankings in search engines like Google organically. SEO is difficult and the CBD industry is very competitive. Be prepared to have a good size budget to move the needle. You need an experienced CBD SEO expert like ourselves to guide you through and give you the best result in the shortest amount of time. Visit our CBD SEO company page to find out more. 

CBD Digital Marketing Strategy 3: PR

PR is an important part of your marketing strategy. SEO PR can be expensive. To get the best result and bang for your buck your going to want to focus on these tips. In your PR marketing strategy, you want to educate and promote your brand, you can include your unique features and latest offers.

Next focus on reputable and authoritative websites that people trust. When we do PR for our clients, we send it to ABC, FOX and CBD affiliates.

cbd digital marketing companyCBD Digital Marketing Strategy 4: Influencer marketing

The gigantic increase in the use of social media offers a lot of opportunities for businesses and enterprises to market their product or service. And although it might be hard to develop a large social media following to sell your wares, there are ways to work around that. One of them is influencer marketing. This means utilising the social media following of an individual by paying him to share a link to your product or service. Influencer marketing can be very effective since an influencer’s following is often very willing to buy products the influencer promotes or uses.

CBD Digital Marketing Strategy 5: Programatic Advertisement

With modern algorithms and data collection, it is possible to very specifically choose the audience that sees your advertisements. Whereas before you had to ‘direct Buy’ a certain spot on a website that all visitors of said website see, you can now join in a kind of auction form that allows you to specifically choose the websites where your ad will be shown, the time your ad will be shown and what kind of internet users you want your ad to be shown to. This makes it possible to make your ads extremely specific and potentially very effective.

CBD Marketing Strategy 6: Trade shows

A gathering of companies and consumers where products are presented and conversations are held about a certain topic are called trade shows. These events are often only accessible for companies showcasing they newest products or services and customers that are interested in those products or services and have registered for the event. Trade shows are a great way for companies to present their newest wares to the customers that are actually interesting and to have meaningful conversations with competitors to improve upon their product or service. These events can be very effective and helpful if organised well.

CBD Digital Marketing Strategy 7: Social media marketing

Another convenient way to advertise with social media is through social media marketing. Again, there is no need for a big and active social media following. The way social media works is by paying the platform (e.g. Instagram, Facebook) to show your ad to a certain audience. You create an advertisement that you want shown to your audience. You can then select the exact target audience, location and amount of money you want to spend. Not only is this a great way to reach the audience you want, it also gives you an insight into the demographic of your target audience. You can experiment with different types of ads or audience settings and observe the results through the ‘insights’ feature the platform offers.

CBD Digital Marketing Strategy 8: Content marketing

Content marketing is a more work intensive way of marketing on the social media platforms but it can be cheaper and more sustainable. Content marketing means you create content surrounding your product and service and thereby creating a following that is interested in the subjects around your CBD products. This form of marketing is done best if the content is not obviously trying to sell its audience anything but rather focusses on entertaining or informing. The trick is then to put the links to your CBD products into the content in a subtle way.

CBD Digital Marketing Strategy 9: Build an affiliate network

You can have other people sell your CBD products online by creating an affiliate network. You recruit people that have a social media following or that are specialised in online marketing and offer them a commission on each sale that they make of CBD. You have to make sure that even after paying this commission, you still make a profit on your products. Building an affiliate network is a proven way to effectively sell your CBD products and even companies like amazon use affiliate programs to sell more products.

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About the Hemp Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill reclassified hemp, and it is now legal to grow industrial hemp. This means, once policies are in place, hemp growers will be eligible for many USDA programs. The Farm Bill defines hemp as containing 0.3 percent or less tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, on a dry weight basis. USDA is working to implement those policies now. USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service is developing an interim rule that will outline how states, territories, and tribes can submit plans that will enable producers to grow hemp in those areas. This rule is a first step that will enable USDA agencies that administer farm programs — including USDA’s Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Risk Management Agency — to provide guidance on eligibility for additional farm programs. [Source].

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