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Digital Marketing Services for  Healthcare Organizations

Digital marketing, advertising, campaign strategy & execution to build your brand, attract new patients  drive revenue. 

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Healthcare Marketing Done Right

healthcare marketing consultantImprove Brand Awareness 

Improve your brand awareness with us; we have the experience and creativity to create and or redesign and bring your brand to life.

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Target the Right People

We understand the factors that influence your potential patients decisions, the best ways to connect with them and how to motivate them to act.

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More Patients 

We drive organic and paid traffic to provide more patients to your healthcare organization through strategic targeting and ad placement. 

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Reporting and Analytics

We leverage Google Analytics, Search Console and our proproetary dashbpard to arm you with reports sent on a weekly/monthy schedule. 

Healthcare Marketing FAQ

What does marketing mean in healthcare?

According to the Center to Disease Control (CDC) Health Marketing involves creating, communicating, and delivering health information and interventions using customer-centered and science-based strategies to protect and promote the health of diverse populations (CDC).

What is healthcare marketing strategy?

A healthcare marketing strategy is an investment and based on an inbound marketing process aimed bringing in more inbound patients to the clinic through a variety of strategies such as: content marketing, SEO, SEM and PPC. There are several healthcare marketing trends you want to lookout for and include in your strategy.

Why is healthcare marketing important?

Healthcare marketing is important because it builds your brand and creates a steady stream of patients healthcare to your practice.  

How do you market healthcare services?

To properly marketing healthcare services you need to focus on a variety of channels with healthcare digital marketing strategies.

1. Healthcare SEO:

When someone looks up healthcare in your area or for your certain specialty you want to be found first online. This is where SEO comes in. Most people only go to the front page of Google and click the first couple listings. By optimizing your website for search engines by SEO you can provide your healthcare organization with more online visibility

2. Healthcare Content Marketing:

When you think of content marketing you think of blogging but there is much more that you can do with it. Content comes in a variety of forms such as case studies, infographics, videos and social posts to name a few. Content marketing is an awesome way to brand yourself as the industry expert by providing quality actionable content to help peoples questions they may be looking for online. By investing in content marketing you are able to funnel your leads through your sales funnel without being salesy.

3. Healthcare PPC Advertising:

PPC ads let you get up and running with advertisements online immediately. There is no waiting with PPC like SEO. Once you have your campaign setup are ready to go.  When is comes to PPC ads you want to go with Google Ads they have the most market share and the best product.

4. A Professional Healthcare Website:

Your website is your foundation.

This is where people will go to look up your organization. There is much competition in healthcare industry and an outdated website could potentially turn off potential patients. Don’t let this happen to your healthcare company. By  having a professional looking and built website you have the best chances at attracting and converting leads into customers.

5. Healthcare Social Media Marketing:

People spend hours everyday on their favorite social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. By social media marketing you have the ability to connect with these potential customers. Social media marketing goes hand and hand with branding you may not see an immediate impact but it will pay off in the long run.

More on Healthcare Marketing

healthcare marketing agencyHow to Create Effective Marketing Strategy for Healthcare

Every industry, including the healthcare industry, can host digital marketing campaigns to promote products or services. However, it’s not going to be easy since several healthcare professionals have already launched digital marketing campaigns thus increasing the competition. If you want to make the best out of it, you need to focus on the most productive forms of digital marketing. The method of implementation of digital marketing strategies is going to contribute significantly to its success or failure. 

Why do you need to focus on building an effective marketing strategy for healthcare if you are in the healthcare industry?

Like any other business, any healthcare provider needs to make profit to stay afloat. As a marketer, you need to adopt the best marketing strategy for healthcare businesses. The main objective here is to create a community of patients.

Healthcare marketing starts with a change of the mentality for all the involved parties. You must start looking at it from the angle of retail marketing. That way, you can make the digital marketing strategy for healthcare patient-centric. This makes sense because the patient is the customer. Thus, all the marketing goals must be geared towards better patient engagement, more satisfaction and great patient care.

Marketers must know that the modern patient looks for more than just good treatment. They look for excellent customer care experience. As they go to a healthcare center, they go as customers first and patients second.

There are many reasons for healthcare marketing, but below are a few of the most important of them all:

You get to engage patients at low cost

In the 21st century, a patient is no longer a patient. This is a consumer/customer looking for an experience plus treatment rather than just treatment.

In any other industry, customer engagement is the Holy Grail of marketing, and so it is even within the healthcare industry. But first, what is required is a paradigm shift in the way we think about patients. That way, you can start seeing patients as consumers rather than as, well, patients.

One of the results of marketing that is focused on the patient as a customer is more engagement at lower costs. Patients will always come back if you gave them a good experience. They never forget.

medical marketing companyCreating communities of patients

One of the roles of marketing in any industry is the creation of communities. Communities start and keep conversations about brands going. This is what you must strive to do as a healthcare marketer.

Healthcare is very sensitive, but at the same time, people want to share their personal stories of recovery and success. You can help them by providing them with a platform to share these stories. In return, your brand becomes an intermittent part of the conversation.

Social media and websites will give your consumers a nice place to engage with each other. Create online forums and communities where you can share helpful health tips and so on.

It enables you to run a consistent brand campaign

Consistency and focus in your web-based and social media marketing campaigns is very important. You must keep pushing the same brand message to all of your audiences irrespective of the size of your healthcare practice. A sound strategy for healthcare digital marketing will always include remarketing.

Benefits of sound marketing strategy for healthcare

  1. Data analytics will help you enhance your marketing strategy. You can stop wastage of resources by dropping trial and error methods when you start making data-driven decisions.
  2. When you create a patient engagement center, you welcome both positive and negative reviews. The former means you are doing good. The latter can show you areas that you can improve to enhance customer satisfaction.
  3. A vigorous marketing strategy for healthcare can get you many return customers. When patients walk into your facility, they are looking for something special. If they like the customer-centric treatment that you give them, they will come back.
  1. You can keep the patients engaged with customized and on-time outreach messages as they walk their healing journey with you.
  2. You can hold on to your patients for a long time. Long-term interaction with your patient leads to the enhancement of loyalty among all of the healthcare communities that you have created.
  3. You can use multiple avenues for connecting with the patients. Most importantly, you can use the same channels for remarketing to the same patients.
  4. Healthcare marketing helps you to assess productivity and do critical data analysis to make important decisions.

How to create an effective marketing strategy for healthcare

Identify the target patients/clients

As a marketer, the first thing to do is carry out an extensive online and offline research to find the target patients. This kind of research is based on behavior, demographics, geographic and psychographic trends.

After identifying the target patients, you shall then direct the marketing funds and budget to getting the full attention of these people. After identifying the target market, you can know how to create the most suitable content for them. You are also able to direct resources more effectively than when you are trying to capture the general market.

medical digital marketing agencyOptimize the website, make it friendlier and direct to the point

This is the most important factor. When patients land on the homepage of a healthcare website, they should know what you offer in less than 10 seconds.

If it takes longer than 15 seconds for someone to tell what kinds of healthcare services the facility offers, you can conclude that you have lost business.

After impressing the patients with what you offer, you want to prompt them to take the next move. For this, make sure the Contact Us button is at the most focal point. It should be visible and at the most accessible position.

It is recommended that you limit the contact form as much as possible. The only information that patients should be required to provide on the form include name and email address. That is all the information that a marketer needs to market and remarket to prospective patients.

Consistent online presence is important

In the mind of the patients, all healthcare facilities look the same. The “ambience” is the same. The atmosphere is the same, well perhaps apart from the sports hospital in Qatar that is in a world of its own.

Find things that make your healthcare facility unique and use that as a springboard to step ahead of the crowd. If you have a hotel environment with many relaxing spaces in the healthcare facility, be sure to let the patients know with a lot of images and videos. Patients are looking for a hospital that makes them forget they are in a hospital.

Find anything that makes the medical and the non-medical staff at the healthcare facility unique. Capitalize on the things that stand out. At the same time, make your branding consistent to retain more long-term customers.

Post genuine patient reviews

Chances are that most of the patients who will come to the facility will have found you online. Ask them to leave genuine reviews of their experience at the facility. While there is a flurry of cooked reviews nowadays, customers can smell fake reviews from miles away.

One of the best tips for marketing strategy for healthcare is to keep it genuine. No one can be as genuine as a customer who does not have any stake in the business. If there are negative reviews, tell the customers what you are doing to correct the situation. Of course, the positive reviews will go a long way to get you new customers.

Display ads and PPC is an effective marketing strategy for healthcare

Today, you will find that display ads are ranking higher than SEO. Thus, if you are ranking number one on page one for a keyword like Optician in Miami, you will find that there are three or four ads of opticians in Miami in the preceding three positions. Thus, you are actually not ranking for number one. In a marketer’s eyes, you are at number four, which means reduced clicks. Use PPC marketing as well as SEO to rank for keywords that most people are using to find the kind of healthcare service that you offer.

Choose the right technology for healthcare marketing

As a standalone industry, there are technologies designed for healthcare marketing alone. They include the following:

HCRM (Healthcare Customer Relationship Management)

This system collects and collates data from different healthcare marketing campaigns (as many as you have deployed). You can then use this data to make data-driven decisions. These are decisions regarding where to invest more marketing resources, which campaigns to discard and so on.

Marketing automation software

The use of such software is to help the marketer distribute content to the targeted customers at the best times. This can be content running on blogs, email or even social media. It can be follow-up content or content about a new product or service that a healthcare provider is introducing. Sometimes, it can even be content to remind patients to do something or other that helps them enjoy a better quality of life.

Content Management System

This system manages content so that it can then be deployed to the right recipients by the marketing automation software mentioned above. It also helps the marketer to keep the content aligned to the brand message for consistency.

Software will be costly to implement at the beginning. However, it removes human error from the picture, does the work of four or more people and is scalable, so it can grow with your business.

Healthcare marketing case studies

Mayo Clinic Blog

On this blog, you will find many personal stories from patients, their families, caregivers and medical personnel. This blog is the perfect example of a thriving online healthcare community. In their description, they say that https://sharing.mayoclinic.org is a place where doctors, patients and families come to share experiences.

healthcare marketing case studies

Banner Health uses infographics

Infographics pass the message faster than text and no player in the healthcare industry does it better than Banner Health. They share important information like nutrition, parenting, baby care, myths and truths on various health issues, mental health and so on using infographics. 

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Dana-Farber Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center

Dana-Farber ran an inspiring and hope-restoring women’s cancer campaign. They had videos showing their excellent equipment and facility for dealing with cancer. Their videos were shared on social media, attracting a lot of attention from affected people. This also generated a debate as people sought answers to different questions regarding cancer treatment.  

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