Digital Marketing for Hip Hop Artists & Rappers

We connect the dots for Hip hop artists online. Hip hop is the number one music genre and in this highly competitive market you need an expert music marketing company to have your back.

We are that. We help artists to reach their full potential through digital distribution, PR and social media marketing. 

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Digital Marketing Services for  Hip Hop 

Digital marketing, advertising, campaign strategy & execution to build your brand, attract new customers and drive revenue. 

Digital Music Distribution

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

PPC Management

Content Writing & Marketing

Web Design & Development

Conversion Optimization

Digital Strategy

Reputation Management

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing for Hip Hop Artists Done Right

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All the Work Done in House

Many digital marketing agencies outsource their work to get it completed cheaply, this ends up getting poor results. We are a true in house digital marketing agency all of our staff have been working with us together on a number of succesful projects.  

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Passionate About Hip Hop

We are industry experts at hip hip marketing. Hip hop is what we live and breathe its not just our job its our passion. We find that this makes a difference in our campaigns as we put our TLC into each, 

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Results Driven

We are a result driven music hip hop marketing agency. We first sit down with you to find out your goals so that we can help you reach them one step at a time. Whether it be growing your fan base, more record sales or better branding; we got you!

More About Marketing for Hip Hop Artists & Rappers

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An independent hip hop artist you need an effective music marketing plan if you want to take your brand to the next level.  In your music marketing plan, you want to include your short term and long-term goals as well as the way you are going to achieve these goals. In case your wondering why you need a music marketing plan then here are some reasons.

Why Create a Hip Hop Marketing Plan

  1. A music marketing plan shows your sponsors or investors that you are serious about your career with a plan on how to achene your goals. The hip hop industry is extremely competitive an no one is going to want to invest into a hip-hop artist that does not have a plan in place. They will simply look for another artist.
  2. A hip-hop music marketing plan will help you attract record labels. More and more now record labels are looking for artists that can build their own brand, fans and sales.
  3. A music marketing plan will help keep you and your team organized. You will be able to track and see what’s working and what’s not.

Why Hiring a Hip Hop Marketing Company Makes Sense

You want to grow your brand but you need to focus on whats important making that fire hip hop music. That’s why we have created our hip hop marketing services to help aspiring hip hop artists get out there reach more fans and grow their brand online. Reaching more hip hop fans is more than just posting pretty pictures on social networks. You need strategy and a capable and experienced team to get the job done right. Your brand is at stake and it is imperative that you work with a professional hip hop marketing team.Hip hop marketing

Working with our Hip Hop Marketing Company

We are a full service hip hop and music marketing company. We first get to know you and your brand ion our initial kick off meeting. After this we send you a thorough questionnaire to fill out that has all the details about your brand. This allows us to create custom marketing campaigns for you on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube among other online platforms. Before anything gets published online we make sure to run it by you and your team. This ensures we are all on the same page regarding deliverable’s and your brand. We will send you monthly reports and are always available to chat about your hip hop marketing campaigns.



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