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 Through human-powered collaborations, we develop meaningful creative moments. We connect offline experiences to online communities. From content production to influencer events, our spaces are designed for social.

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We Connect Your Brand With Influential People With Influencer Marketing  

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the latest marketing trends. When you take a look at your social feed you probably see a bunch of posts that are sponsored content from influencers. 

As content and paid advertisements on social networks has become increasing costs. Many brands have been leveraging influencer marketing and there is no reason why yours can’t too. Influencer marketing is affordable alternative to other paid media strategies and provides great brand awareness, sales and leads.

We connect the top influencers from around the globe that match your audience and create high quality authentic content. We use data and analytics to math our brands with influencers.

Influencer Marketing Done Right

We use data a analytics to math our brands with influencers.

  • Multiple platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook
  • Influencer Discovery
  • Talented Influencers
  • 100% use rights to the content
  • Link tracking for accurate measurement of campaign impact
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Reporting during and after campaigns
Influencer Marketing Agency Goals

influencer marketing companyInfluencer Marketing Goal #1: Increase you brand awareness

With our influencer marketing serv ices we increase your brand awareness. We do this working with your budget to get the best return on your investment.

Influencer Marketing Goal #2: Gain more followers + engagement

Gain more followers with our influencer marketing agency. We focus on real targeted followers that engage with your brand no bots.

Influencer Marketing Goal #3: Expand your reach

Expand your reach into new and existing markets with influencer marketing. This ultimately leads to more leads, sales and opportunities

Influencer Marketing Goal #4: Increase click through rate (CTR)

Influencer marketing when done right can have great click through rates. Here are some results from a hubspot partner – Sampled were 150 Campaigns run by 95 brands that launched on the Grapevine Platform in 2015. Every campaign sponsored at least 1 YouTube creator video and tracked conversions via the Grapevine Conversion Pixel. The results – videos campaigns were viewed over 47M times, clicked over 970K times and generated over 24K conversions (as of May 2016)

Influencer Marketing Goal #5: Increase sales $$$

Increase your sales with infleuncer marketing agency services.  We laser target your audience with authentic infleuncer created content to drive sales for your brand.  

Influencer Marketing Goal #6: Increase revenue

Increase revenues by leveraging influencer marketing for your brand. Influencer marketing is a great untapped marketing channel that provides great return on investment ROI. Many of the big brands are doing influencer marketing and there is no reason why small brands can’t do this as well. 


Influencer Marketing Goal #7: Increase conversion rates

Increase your conversion rates with influencer marketing. 

Influencer Marketing Goal #8: Raise event awareness

Raise awareness to your brand awareness with influencer marketing. 


Influencer Marketing Goal #9: Promote company launch

Influencer marketing is a fantastic way to promote your company launch. 


Influencer Marketing Goal #10: Find brand reps

Our last and final influencer marketing goal that we are going to mention is finding brand reps. We work hard to bring you brand top reps from around the country that are the best at infleuncing your product or service to their audience. 



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