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Now a days when someone is looking for a law firm to do business with they go online and Google it. 

We connect the dots between your law firm and your audience online.

Our digital marketing agency has proven experience helping to grow law firms by increasing caseloads and maximizing ROI. 

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Digital Marketing Services for  Law Firms

Digital marketing, advertising, campaign strategy & execution to build your law firm, attract new customers and drive revenue. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rocket your site to the front page of Google with our SEO services for law firms. We know what works to move the needle for your business and get you results as quickly as possible. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Now more than ever people are spending more and more time on social media. This is where you want to market your law firm. We offer social media content, strategy and management. 

PPC Management

PPC advertising is a great way to get instant traffic and appear at the top of search results. However if not done right it can be a burden and costly. If your PPC account is not generating you a substantial ROI then get in touch with us. 

Content Writing & Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to attract new visitors to your website. However it takes time to research and write quality content. Lets face it you have a law firm to run and writting articles is not the best use of your time. Let or team of expert content writers and marketers go to work for you. 

Web Design & Development

Do you have a ugly or outdated website that needs a refresher? We can also design a new custom website from scratch. No matter what the task our team of web designers and developers works on designing creative websites that appeal to your potential customers and capture leads. 

Conversion Optimization

Make the most out of your existing traffic with our conversion optimization services for law firms. Conversion optimization helps increase your conversions thus increasing leads and sales. Conversion optimization is a great investment for your law firm. 

Digital Strategy

Get a custom roadmap to online sucess. Lorenzo is a digital marketing consultant that specializes in digital strategy. He has worked in a number of industries including legal. 

Reputation Management

If your search results are unfavorable people will simply choose to not do business with you. Our reputation management and repair services sanitize the search results for you and your law firms name so that when someone searches you look awesome.

Email Marketing

If done right email marketing can work great. If done wrong it can hurt your business. We send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales, and this is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

Law Firm Marketing Done Right

Protect Your Reputation 

Your online reputaion is everything, it is often the determining factor if someone chooses to work with you. We make sure that when someone looks up your law firm you look good.  We also manage and respond to any reviews in an appropriate manner.

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Execution Matters

We know you need consultation and cases for your law firm that make a real impact on your bottom line not just clicks and rankings. Execution matters, we provide real no fluff digital marketing results. 

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Reporting and Analytics

Receive weekly/biweekly or monthly reports of your major metrics. Data and analytics help influence our decisions in our marketing campaigns. We’ll take care of all the details so you can focus on signing new cases.

Law Firm Marketing FAQ

digital marketing agency for law firmsHow do I promote my law firm?

The best way to promote a law firm in this digital age is through online marketing. This would include: SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and paid search and social advertisements.

How can I market my law firm online?

You can market your law firm online through a variety of digital marketing techniques. Some of the most popular techniques are: search engine optimization, blogging, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google paid search.

How do you successfully market legal services?

In order to successfully market legal services you need to set forth your goals. Your goals could be to to grow brand awareness, leads or sales. Key performance indicators or KPI’S will let you know if you are reaching your goals so you will want to monitor them; your KPI’S will vary depending on your chosen goals. A digital marketing strategy is necessary in order to achieve your goals.

More on Digital Marketing for Law Firms

law firm marketing agenciesIt doesn’t not matter if you’re a startup or you have an established law firm you can benefit from our digital marketing services. We specialize in growing law firms through cutting edge digital marketing services. We know how to grow your brand, increase your case load and consultations.

Our experience has allowed us to work with a variety of law firms around the country. We have seen their pain points in regards to online lead generation and customer acquisition. Law firms often resort to paying thousands for online advertisements / banner ads or from buying lists from vendors that just don’t provide a considerable ROI.

This is why we offer law firm marketing consultant services to help lawyers that actually work. Get real leads from customers who are ready to do business with your law firm today!

Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies That Work

Build your brand

As a law firm you want to first start by building your brand. Find out what is your unique selling proposition. Are you a trustworthy lawyer that would like to leverage the trust factor?  You can leverage that many other lawyers may be untrustworthy while you are someone they can trust with their legal matters?

Show you are the industry expert

You can do this through content marketing. Content marketing is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge on a subject. Focus on trying to help your target audience rather than trying to self-promoter. You will yield much better results. Don’t worry about giving out too much of your best advice because this is what will separate you from the rest of the lawyers and attorneys. Most of the time people are too lazy or cannot do this type of work themselves and will hire the expert; you!

Another way to demonstrate your expertise on a subject is by writing case studies on your law firm website. Highlight your achievements of your law firm on your case study. Case studies are a great way for your potential customers to see how you handle certain matters and the results you can provide.

Create and run Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads is one of the best and fastest way to start generating leads for your business. Google Ads is a platform that allows businesses to bid on certain keywords that appear at the top of Googles search results. By bidding on keywords such as, “attorney near me” or “lawyer in your city” you can start attracting leads to your website. Google Ads for law firms can be expensive so it if you do not know what you are doing it is best to hire or work with an expert like myself. I am a Google certified marketing consultant in Google Ads. I can help you to create and optimize your Google Ads campaigns and turn them into a money-making machine.

Public Relations and Press Releases

Public relations and press releases are another way to make sure you look good online when someone searches for you. Investing in press releases provide much more benefit than getting featured in a fancy website. Press releases also help out with search engine optimization. You can then showcase that you have been featured in these prestigious websites. This will add tons of credibility to your law firm.

Leverage LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn is a great social media marketing platform for professionals. As a lawyer / attorney you ought to have a brand presence here. You first want to start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and make it like a landing page. This means filling out all of the relevant information. When you create your bio content rather than having it read like a resume, highlight what you do, how you do it, what others are saying about you and how to contact you. This is what I call a client facing profile.

SEO Optimize All of Your Practice Specialties

If your law firm covers several different areas of law then you want to optimize those pages for search. For instance lets say you are a injury attorney you would want to build pages among the types of injuries you specialize in like car accident, workplace etc. Each page should be properly titled, have enough content and have all the basic on page SEO optimizations covered. By ensuring that every area of law that you offer is covered on your website this will ensure that you will have valuable web traffic coming in. 

Publish Fresh Content

Google loves fresh content.  People search for all sorts of answers related to your legal practice such as, “How much does an attorney cost.” By publishing fresh and new content you can cover a wide range of topics like previously mentioned  showing you are the expert in this field. People want to do business with experts and answering their questions online with fresh content is one of the best ways.  Your blog is the best place to do this.

Get Published on Legal Directories

There are numerous legal directories that you can list your law firm. By publishing your law firm on these directories it accomplishes a number of things. One it makes your business appear more reputable. Two it increases your search ranking and finally it provides web traffic as people go to these directories to find law firms to do business with. Search engines rely on these directories to find out who to rank locally and nationally, by being listed on as many legal directories as possible you give your law firm the best chances at ranking higher on Google. 

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

I dont know if its happen to you but if I go to a website and it is not mobile friendly and hard to navigate I click away. You do not want this to happen to the traffic to your law firm. Make sure your website is mobile friendly by checking how it appears on your phone. If your website is not mobile friendly then hire a web developer to develop you a new website that is mobile friendly. In addition to being easier to navigate Google actually ranks websites that are mobile friendly better. 

Use Social Proof

People like to see how you have helped others. Focus on obtaining positive reviews from past or present clients you are working with. You can ask them to give you a review on several different platforms such as: Yelp, Avvo.com, Google My Business or LinkedIn. Social proof is one of the best ways to show you are the expert at providing legal help. Strong reviews carry a lot of weight than any other marketing strategy that you can employ now a days. You can say your the best law firm however people may be skepitacal and have a hard time believing it. However if you have multiple people saying this online it carries much more weight for potential customers who may want to do business with you. 


Top reasons why law firms should opt for digital marketing.


In today’s situation, when technology and the internet are taking over everything and influencing the working principles of every industry, a fruitful platform is established for businesses to conduct their operations effortlessly. Gone are those days when firms had to invest in advertising methods that had no impact or provide options to track back how many people are for real getting influenced by the ads. Now with the advent and incorporation of the internet into the process of advertisement, companies can easily check their growth and also revert back to how many people are actually appreciating their work and also preferring them over their competitors.


Digital marketing is the fruitful process that goes behind the success of many companies out there. And this made it quite a quintessential aspect for every small company out there. Law firms especially should look forward to investing in digital marketing in today’s situation due to various beneficial aspects of it. It is a huge myth that only eCommerce businesses or service providers should invest in digital marketing. It is important for any business to reach out to their targeted audience effortlessly, and for the same reason, law firms should undoubtedly incorporate digital marketing in their advertising process.


If you own a law firm, you have to work pretty hard to create a good reputation in order to attract a good number of clients throughout the year. If you have invested that amount of effort, then it is not justified not to get digital marketing; your efforts should be showcased to the outer world so that people in need of efficient and loyal attorneys can easily reach out to you as well.  


Digital marketing will make your path easier in the industry by implementing strategies and comprehensive methods to push your company up in the levels and, most importantly, will keep your income steady throughout the year.

There are plenty of reasons why law firms should think about getting digital marketing; below are a few elaborated.


Brings you closer to your targeted audience.


With other forms of advertisements like the old ones, which involved putting up flyers and posters or the best getting an ad made and played on the television, there were no methods or possibilities where the company could know how many people are paying attention to their ads or appreciating their work also. There was no possibility to connect one-to-one with a targeted audience with the conventional methods of advertisement. But digital marketing makes sure companies get that opportunity. Digital marketing’s strategy behind working is to make law firms connect with their targeted audience on a personal level. It will involve multiple surveys and marketing channels via which law firms can connect with their audience and showcase their efficiency in the industry. The marketing strategies utilized in digital marketing are of the following:

Social media platforms: here, your work will be showcased, along with putting up daily posts to stay active in the outer world. Social media platforms are great places connecting innumerable numbers of people all over the world. Hence it is undoubtedly one of the most effortless yet effective platforms to connect with your targeted audiences.
SEO: SEO or search engine optimization is a constructive way of optimizing your website’s content so that your reach increases and people looking for services similar to what you offer reach you easily.
Pay per click: as the name suggests here, you will be monetizing your advertisements. So whenever someone clicks on your ad, you will be paid a portion commission. But this comes with multiple other aspects which your digital marketing services provider will elaborate on.


Represents your brand effectively.


All the hard work and efficiency of your team working behind your law firm to make it an established name will go into wastage if people are still unaware of your good work. If people stay unaware of your achievements and not familiar with your reputation, then they will never be able to choose your law firm over your competitors. Digital marketing, on the other hand, will make sure all the good work done by your brand will be showcased or represented in the digital or outer world. It will create effective strategies and will make sure your company is represented in the digital world with full potential.  You need to make a good impact on your targeted clients in the shortest possible time, and digital marketing helps you to do that effectively. It creates a smooth path for law firms to survive online and make a better image of their brand as well.


It gives an opportunity to share information.


Legal procedures involve multiple aspects, and many people are still unaware of their rights. So digital marketing will provide you with an opportunity to not only connect with your targeted audience but also share valuable information with them. Anyone looking for something important about their case might get the information from your website and simultaneously will choose you as their attorney as well. The online world is an easy place to get deceived, so you can use your website and digital marketing to guide your clients on the right path with the right information. This way, you are not only creating an informative platform for your clients but also taking your law firm one step ahead by making it useful for other people. These are the small aspects that your law firm will lack if digital marketing is not incorporated into your advertising operations. And these small things matter the most in the long run.


It helps in strengthening the trust of your clients.


In the digital world, everything depends on credibility, and trust grows in the same way. Digital marketing will help law firms to establish their credibility by making them showcase their achievements and working protocols; it will make sure your firm stands out utilizing the smartest strategies. And on doing so, you will be passively strengthening your trust with your targeted audience. By posting the reviews and achievements made by your law firm, people will be aware of your good work. And we always look forward to investing our money into companies who are excelling in their game.  If you are working hard to make a difference in the industry, then not investing in digital marketing is a fool’s choice. On strengthening your trust with your targeted clients, your name and fame will enhance, and that is the key to be a renowned name in the legal practice. Trust is one of the key factors in retaining the reputation in this industry, and digital marketing makes it effortless for law firms to maintain their reputation and fame.


Better client experience.


It is essential to provide your clients a better experience as well in order to retain your fame. Nobody wants to invest in a sloppy company that is not willing to invest time and effort into their company. Hence it is better to invest in digital marketing in order to give your clients a smooth experience with your work as well. While dealing with a website, everyone seeks credibility and transparency. Digital marketing makes sure all that is provided to your targeted audience. Digital marketing implements strategies involving email marketing, creating responsive websites, and a lot more, where valuable information is put so that targeted clients get to see what they need. Enhancing the client experience is not only beneficial for the moment but also makes your company’s path smoother in the long run. People, after experiencing the good aspects, will suggest your law firm to someone they know, and as a result, your client base will also increase. That is what your firm will need the most appreciating from clients, and enhancing numberof clients will bring your firm closer to success as well.  


Retaining your client base.


This is one of the most important things that any business out there needs to focus on in order to sustain themselves for the longest period of time in the industry. Your law firm definitely needs to do good in the current days, but what about the future? You definitely want it to excel in the field and bring better results in the future, and to make that happen; digital marketing is very much needed. Digital marketing makes sure that your company’s position is secured in the industry for the long run. It focuses on the present-day and strengthens the future at the same time. You definitely want the same amount of appreciation from your clients in the future as well. Digital marketing plans and implements specific methods so that the chain is maintained where one client is benefitted by your service and they pass down the good reviews to someone else in need and furthermore. This way, your law firm will never sit idle without work, there will be a steady flow of cases coming, and as a result, your profit earnings will never stop as well.


Digital marketing is no more an alternative in today’s situation when the internet is connecting everyone and everything. So if you are struggling with your law firm’s income, it is high time you invest in digital marketing.



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Bankruptcy LawyerDebt LawyerBusiness / Corporate Lawyer
Collections LawyerContracts LawyerLitigation Lawyer
Patents LawyerCivil Rights AttorneyHuman Rights Lawyer
Criminal Defense AttorneyExpengement LawyerTraffic Ticket Lawyer
Crime LawyerDUI- DWI AttorneyEmployment Lawyer
Employees’ Rights LawyerEnvironmental LawyerEstate Law Attorney
Family & Divorce LawyerAdoption LawyerChild Custody Lawyer
Divorce LawyerImmigration LawyerMilitary Lawyer
Estate Planning LawyerCorporate LawyerPersonal Injury Lawyer
Car Accidents LawyerPrivate Practice LawyerProperty / Real Estate Law Attorney
Public Interest LawyerTax LawyerTrial Lawyer



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