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Digital Marketing Services for  Life Science & Biotech Companies

Digital marketing, advertising, campaign strategy & execution to build your brand, attract new customers and drive revenue. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the process of building traffic through increasing the visibility of a website or a social media page. A couple ways to accomplish this is by improving your web design or creating more engaging content to gain favoritism from a search engine. This is important for any company as the more visible the company is, the greater the likelihood of a customer visiting their website and making a purchase.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This involves the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote a product or service. This is an effective form of marketing because it allows companies to interact and engage with their customers while simultaneously building brand loyalty. Customers buy from companies they trust, and social media is the perfect way to build that trust.


PPC Management

This is a type of management where a marketer oversees their pay per click strategy and budget. While there are helpful parameters set in place for most PPC marketing platforms (e.g. Facebook and Google), this type of management is essential to make sure a company is investing their money effectively.

Content Writing & Marketing

Web design consists of using a variety of skills to produce and maintain a customer-friendly website. Web development is one of the steps in the process of web design where you are bringing the customer-friendly website to life for the first time.

Web Design & Development

Web design consists of using a variety of skills to produce and maintain a customer-friendly website. Web development is one of the steps in the process of web design where you are bringing the customer-friendly website to life for the first time.

Conversion Optimization

This is the goal of increasing the percentage of website visitors that become customers by the end of their visit. The best ways to accomplish this is by writing compelling PPC ads, correlating landing pages with the ads that the marketing person creates, and testing the company’s landing page design.


Digital Strategy

These are the tactics used via technology to improve a company’s overall performance. Some ways that a company can implement this include engaging with customers through social media pages, optimizing their website for mobile devices, and ensuring their ads encourage action and conversion.

Reputation Management

This involves managers monitoring customer opinions about their business and developing strategies to reinforce or change these opinions. This is typically achieved through social media posts, audience engagements, and PR meetings. This is essential for all companies because a bad reputation taints a brand, leading customers to not want to do business with them anymore.

Email Marketing

This is the use of email campaigns to encourage new, current, or former customers to engage with the company. While the end goal is to convert these customers and generate more sales, even just connecting with them increases the likelihood of them doing business with the company in the future. Most emails contain a special offer or theme such as a discount, a new product, or helpful tips for the company’s niche.

Biotech Marketing Done Right

life science marketing agencyBrand Builders 

Your life science companies most valuable asset is your brand. We have the creativity, strategy and capability to design and develop a professional brand for you online.  

biotech marketing companyTechnical 

We know the life sciences industry has very specialized and technical products. We have the  experience writing and marketing complex solutions to get the job done right the first time. 

Reporting and Analytics

We got you covered with monthly reporting and analytics straight from Google on our own custom dashboard. We include all the major metrics you need to see such as clicks, impressions, sales, bounce rate and sources.  

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Biotech Marketing FAQ


What is Biotechnology?

NC Biotech explains. Biotechnology is the most prominent component of the life sciences. Simply put, biotechnology is a toolbox that leverages our understanding of the natural sciences to create solutions for many of our world problems. We use biotechnology to grow food to feed our families and to make medicines and vaccines to fight diseases. We are even turning to biotechnology to find alternatives to fossil-based fuels for a cleaner, healthier planet.

What is Life Science?

The simplest way to define life science is the study of living organisms and life processes.

According to NC biotech, they see it as science involving cells and their components, products and processes. Biology, medicine and agriculture are the most obvious examples of the discipline. However, as science becomes ever more complex, it is more difficult to find clear definitions and boundaries.

What is a life science company? 

A life science company is a company that specializes the study of life and living things. Living things are also called organisms. Life science is often referred to as biology. Life scientists work in many different settings, from classrooms to labs to natural habitats.

What Are the top life science companies to work for?

According to Biospace the top 3 life science companies to work for are: 

1. Boston Scientific

2. Johnson & Johnson

3. Eli Lill

What is biotech marketing?

Biotech marketing uses traditional and digital strategies to grow its brand and sales. Traditional marketing strategies consist of tradeshows, cold calling and TV ads. Digital marketing strategies consist of SEO, content marketing, PPC and social media marketing.  

What digital marketing services do you provide?

We provide a broad range of digital marketing services to drive paid and organic traffic and turn your website into a revenue generating machine.

What type of biotech marketing services don’t you provide?

While we like to help as much as possible there are some biotech marketing services that we don’t provide such as tradeshow marketing and most traditional marketing strategies like TV, radio, print etc.   

 How much does biotech marketing cost?

Biotech companies can expect to pay from $5,000-$40,000 per month on marketing. For digital marketing alone an average number we’ve found within the industry is $10,000 per month.  

More on Biotech Marketing

life sciences digital marketing exampleHighly Experienced Life Science & Biotech Marketing Agency

My name is Lorenzo Gutierrez I am a digital marketing consultant and the founder of the agency.

I worked for 2 years as a digital marketing specialist for a Silicon Valley Biotech company. After I grew the company’s revenue into the millions and generating an overwhelming number of inbound leads by cutting edge digital marketing strategies, I decided to start my agency.

Now I work with life science and biotechnology companies helping them grow with their digital marketing, branding, SEO, PPC and online customer acquisition.

Life Science & Biotech Marketing is Complex and Requires a Specialist

One of the issues I found in my time working as a marketing specialist was that life science marketing is difficult. The products are complex and the audience is highly intelligent. I’m sure you know this by now. Because of this scientist and PHDs almost always have to complete most of the marketing tasks. However, it is not in your companies’ best interest to have your scientists and PHDs doing the technical and tedious marketing tasks such as writing content and creating online advertisements.

This is why you need an experienced and competent life science marketing agency. So that your team can focus on what’s most important and focusing on your life science company.

I have over 2 years of direct industry experience marketing to the life sciences audience. I know what works. My experience will help your company dominate online!

life sciences digital marketing company4 Digital Marketing Trends for Life Science & Biotech

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Life science and biotech companies are sluggish in incorporating new trends into their life science marketing campaign. The digital impact may have been booming but, the life science and biotech companies are determined to stick with the age-old ways.

However, other industries are swiftly inculcating modern trends, without any hesitance. So, if the life science companies kept on repeating their behavior then they would be left far behind in the race. Thus, the opportunity would be missed and the companies would only regret their decision.

The digital world giants, Amazon and Google have entered into the pharmaceutical market. While the biggest companies of the world such as Coca-Cola are increasingly focusing upon digital marketing for higher revenues.

It is high time that the life science companies realize the importance of digital marketing and encompass the modern-day trends that are likely to impact the life sciences business in the near future.

Have a look at the modern trends of 2019 that will hit the biotech marketing hard!

Biotech Marketing Trend # 1. Online influencers are the big players of the future

YouTube is a platform that was once considered to be a medium for playing the latest videos only. But, now the games have changed drastically. Celebrities are born through YouTube. These celebrities are termed as influencers. Apart from that, whoever has a hard online presence is doing the job beautifully on online platforms.

The online influencers have made their own space where they influence a bunch of people. Whenever the influencer uploads content, it is seen and appreciated by their fans. Therefore, you have to find a solid influencer that puts out your message without much exaggeration. You could ask them to make a video regarding your service, or you could ask for putting up an Instagram post or even a single tweet.

The traditional mediums are continuously losing the competition to smaller channels. The first and foremost reason for it is ‘Trust’. The online influencers have built their small family over time. The family is deeply connected in such a way that both the parties put trust in each other. Thus, if the influencer refuses to take money for promoting your service, do not get astonished. They tell their audience everything. So, it would not be a surprise if they tell the audience first regarding the promotion and then take the assignment.

For any digital influencer, their fan following is everything!

biotech marketing agency

Biotech Marketing Trend #2. Video is a growing medium that is surpassing the other mediums in popularity

According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast, video is going to hold 82% of the internet traffic by the year 2021. Therefore, the increase in popularity of this medium is easily going to surpass any other medium. It also has been observed that the tweets and the Facebook posts that consist of a video are shared more.

Video is also one of the convenient methods to convey a message. You do not have to do much rather just open the video recorder, make a video and upload it. Also, the people who are unable to read will easily decipher your video message. So, if you are not countering this particular medium in 2019, then your biotech marketing campaign is seriously missing out on the biggest advantage.

In the past days, Live Video also gained swift regard and admiration. Through live videos, QnA sessions could be conducted easily, a product could be launched and an interesting connection could be framed. Therefore, live videos are highly impactful for life science marketing campaign.

Biotech Marketing Trend #3. Email stills hold an upper hand in devising an exceptional marketing strategy

Email, notorious for being overused, is still an influential medium that is always on the top of the list of any marketing strategy formulator. However, the tactics have changed now. Earlier people used to sit back and read the email thoroughly. But, the scenarios have changed now. Due to the exceptional pace of life, and an excessive amount of emails being sent, people ignore emails consistently.

Now, the time is for audience segmentation. So, when the segmentation of the audience is done properly, only the right people receive the right email. Thus, the chances of the email being read out and understood increase rapidly.

Brand24, that sells social monitoring software, indicated that they have got a really interesting way of interacting with people through emails and social media. A bunch of emails are sent to the target audience. Now, Brand24 use their software to identify which of the recipient has not read the mail. Now, all those recipients would be located on the social media channel on which they are highly active so that they can be reached. So, this is how the message is sent to them through the mixture of email and social media.

According to SalesForce, 75% of the life science marketing people do not put efforts in synchronizing email with social media. Consequently, if they continued in the same manner, they are likely to bring harm to their life science marketing plan.

life sciences marketing agency

Biotech Marketing Trend #4. The online world and the offline world work in coordination

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Life science marketing people are of this thought that their offline practices yielded positive results in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Offline practices solely used to work in the past. But, now they are expensive and outdated. Now the era has changed. Now, people work by mingling the online and the offline world for better results.

The offline sales meetings are no longer producing the kind of results that were expected of them. So, connect these offline sales meetings with the online world. Keep the prospect up to date by letting them know about the things they are interested in through emails. In this way, the prospect would know that you care about him/her. Thus, the chances of breaking the deal would increase instantly.

Integrating the offline world and the online world means making use of both the major mediums and accounting for a larger clientele. There are mainly two basic types of audience. One is resistant to change and takes a lot of time in incorporating the new trends and the other is likely to acknowledge and adopt the change immediately.

Therefore, both the types of the audience will understand the core of your life science marketing campaign because it would include elements of the online world as well as the offline world.

A seamless, steady and uniform brand presence would be developed. When the offline pamphlets, print ads, banners, and hoardings would be resonated with online ads, Facebook ads, YouTube videos, tweets, Instagram posts, and live videos, the target audience will easily get the message.

This is how your entire life science marketing campaign will be a hit. When the message will be the same across the channels, the profitability and the revenues will increase manifolds!

Now is the time to break free and incorporate useful digital marketing trends in any of the life science marketing strategy. These marketing trends are going to leave everything behind in the coming day and age. Consequently, brainstorming and finding the future curve is significant for achieving the best possible results!


Let us help you reach more customers and grow your biotech company!