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We Specialize in Digital Marketing & Advertising for Marijuana Brands

We are your go to agency for Marijuana brands and companies. We combine our passion for the marijuana industry with our exceptional digital marketing skills to create campaigns that work and generate ROI. 

As a full service marijuana marketing agency we do it all from SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and content creation. Working with us allows you to focus on other businesses tasks as we put your marketing on cruise control driving in inbound leads and sales. 

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Why You Need to Hire Us As Your Marijuana Marketing Agency

As marijuana becomes legal in more and more states and in more and more countries, it is important for a growing marijuana business to create a strong brand and identity in order to be able to compete in a highly competitive market. Big business is now pouring in money into marijuana both as growers and reseller and it is important that your business does not get left behind in this race. In order to create a brand in the very unique marijuana industry it is important that you hire a marijuana marketing agency that understand the specific needs and questions of this industry and as if that was not enough the marijuana industry is heavily regulated and there is plenty of restrictions on how you can promote your business.

Marijuana Digital Marketing

Questions to ask before hiring a marijuana marketing agency

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Not one business is alike and therefore it is important that you think about and understand what your business needs before you go looking for a marijuana marketing agency.

marijuana advertising agencySome questions that needs answers:

  • To whom will I advertise? Is my target the end user or is it another business?
  • If I target end users do I target the medical field or recreational? Both?
  • Will I have the marijuana marketing agency take over my whole advertisement strategy or do I only need them to help out with a specific task? E.g. creating a poster or a logotype? Maybe all I need is some consulting and help to get started and after that I will be able to manage on my own?
  • What is my budget? Will I spend the same amount per month or will it depend on some other factors for example the amount of back log orders?
  • What are my channels to advertise on? Here it is important to know the local legislation and where and how you are allowed to advertise.

Now your ready to hire a marijuana marketing agency

Once you have asked and answered these questions then you can begin to look for marijuana marketing agencies that fit your specific needs contact a few different agencies in order to explain your situation and see how they plan on helping you. If you find a good agency that fits your needs both your business and the agency will gain from the relationship and it will be money very well spent since marketing is such a crucial element in a new and highly competitive market, whoever makes the right marketing move now can be the winner of the whole industry tomorrow so there is no time to wait for the marketing decisions, the best time to plan out your marketing strategy was yesterday the next best time is today.

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