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Our goal with our music marketing services is to deliver results to our clients that provide a solid return on their investment. We have a unique experience helping indie artists, label, artists and musicians build their brand and fan base with cutting edge music marketing strategies. 

As a full service music marketing company we handle everything from graphic design, playlist campaigns, music districution on the top platforms such as Spotify, Apply Music, Pandora, Tidal, Soundcloud and Youtube. Working with us allows artists and labels to focus on whats most important the music!

Music Marketing FAQ

What does a marketer do in music?

A marketer in music promotes the artists/labels music to grow their brand and increase their fan base.

How do I promote my music in 2019?

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To promote your music in 2019 focus on the following music marketing strategies.

  1. Make a cool logo.
  2. Get a professional website developed.
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Influencer Marketing
  5. Playlist promotion
  6. Submit your music to the top music platforms.
  7. Blog all about your music
  8. YouTube advertisments.

What is the best way to promote your music?

The best way to promote your music is through digital marketing some of the more popular music marketing strategies are: social media marketing, influencer marketing and display ads.

What to look for in a music marketing company?

When looking for a music marketing company online you first want to start by searching online. You are going to want to sort through the lis of music marketing companies and find one who is reputable, has great reviews and can help you obtain your goals. Also make sure the music marketing company has case studies so you can see some prior results they have achieved. 

Music Marketing Tips

10 Stellar music marketing tips that can make your strategy a sure-shot hit!

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The music industry is getting highly competitive day by day. The right kind of Music marketing is needed by every artist who is looking to make money out of their art. If your song is out there on Apple Music or Spotify, you still cannot think of a stable career. However, once you hit a million views, an earning of under $10,000 is made easily. Also, if you are considering touring, then keep the fact in mind that it is costly and not affordable by every other artist.

In order to increase your art’s reach, we have come up with a few solid Music marketing techniques that are going to put you on the top of the playlist of any music enthusiast.

Let’s get going!

Music Marketing Tip 1. Do not forget your roots

We are right in the middle of the digital era and you might be thinking that the CDs and the old vintage stuff is not useful now. However, the music enthusiasts favour their old vintage stuff as it is close to their hearts. Apart from that, Nielsen Music stated that the yearly sales of vinyl records in the US increased by 15 times in the past 12 years. So, you can surely never miss out on the Music marketing that is done through the records store.

Go to your favourite records store. Advertise your band in any way you like. You can paste stickers and posters. You can go as funky as you can.

Music Marketing Tip 2. Social Media is the need of the hour

USC Annenberg (PDF) came up with a shocking revelation regarding the usage of social media by the Americans. It was found out that the Americans use the internet for about 24 hours in total in one week. As a music marketing company, you must never forget how vital social media is for Music marketing. You simply cannot overlook social media while stitching a perfect Music marketing campaign.

Twitter is a great way of marketing any band or a song. Just send a tweet using a hashtag and you will notice how quickly an impact is created. Facebook is another social media website that people use a lot to find out any update regarding the upcoming events. Through Facebook Events option, you can find out the events happening in the vicinity.

In August 2018, Facebook also made it possible to sell event tickets through the platform itself. Therefore, now there is no hassle in searching for a genuine place to buy the tickets.

Music Marketing Tip hip hop music marketing companies3. Create an interactive community

As a music marketing company, you can make use of the hashtags and bring the fans even closer. The hashtags help you to bridge the gap between the fans presents all over the world. You just have to create a hashtag of a new album or any concert, rest of the promotion will be assured by the fans. If the band uses the hashtag, the trend will grow further. Similarly, sometimes the trend gets such a hype that whoever is not exposed to the latest trend will ultimately get to know about it.

Thus, a strong community will be created. The fans present all over the world will have a chance to interact with each other. Also, your band can interact with this intuitive community. This is how a positive public image is created.

Music Marketing Tip 4. Conduct contests to attract more people to your concerts

Contests are a great way of enticing the audience. In order to attract more people to your concerts, your music marketing company can conduct a few contests to ensure that more people land at concerts. Schedule a Facebook Event and post a message that whoever is able to bring a particular number of people at the concert will receive a special gift from the band.

The gift could be anything starting from a free concert ticket to a separate meeting in person. Conducting a concert is an engaging way of promoting your band and getting multiple numbers of people at the concert.

Music Marketing Tip 5. Freebies are loved by people

Who does not love freebies? Talking from the perspective of a music marketing company, a freebie given does not mean that you have lost the race. It is just the beginning. Well, people love freebies. If you want to become a famous band, you would have to sacrifice on a few initial perks. Conducting a free show or distributing free CDs of your album can create a huge impact in the entire Music marketing campaign. At the start, you might lose something but eventually, you will be known to a lot of those people who did not know about your brand in the first place.

In an era, where every artist is looking forward to achieving instant success, a free show or a free bunch of CDs can literally transform your personality into a humble and a fan loving band.

Music Marketing Tip 6. Radio shows are eternal

Radio is a medium that is eternal. Though the impact of radio may have been slashed yet you cannot overlook this particular medium which is cheap, available at most of the places, an easily accessible. Local radio stations provide a great chance in adding a buzz to your band. The local setups of the radio stations allow you to go to live and sing in the studio. Nonetheless, you can also choose to play the already recorded songs which is an equaling appealing way of enticing your audience.

Music Marketing Tip legit music promotion companies7. Indulge in touring with other artists

You can tour with a bunch of artists that are similar to your band. The quintessential part of Music marketing is to have a wider outlook. When you would look around, you will find a number of artists that are looking to make a mark. Consequently, your band can collaborate and tour with such artists. It will not only increase the reach of your band but also, it will help you to get new fans and to make them stick to you for a long period of time.

Music Marketing Tip 8. Showcase your life

An artist’s life is an open book. The relation between you and fans can only grow when you would give them insights regarding your personal life. The die-hard, dedicated and ever-loving fans always need something interesting and personal coming right from your life. Fans would want to know what your daily routine is. What are the first thing you do when you wake up and so many other personal things that fans might want to know.

Basically, when you would bring your fans a touch closer to you, your music would feel differently to them. A long and hard connection would be developed. Thus, you can look forward to creating a YouTube channel where you would be able to document your life through vlogging. Tell your subscribers about your personal life and make them a part of your life. Many top artists around the world have created their own YouTube channels and are doing so well on this platform. But, if you are hesitant to make a video, create a blog and write about your personal space there. Embrace your fan following and make them feel special.

Music Marketing Tip 9. Make your fans a part of your music

Fans are connected to you in every shape. But, the significant attachment that your fans have with your band is in terms of the music. So, make sure that you take useful feedback from your fans and make them a part of your music. You can get in touch with your fans by asking them to indulge in the music creation process. You can ask them to name your new song, design album covers, send you a few lines that you might incorporate in your new music lyrics.

The feeling the fans get when they are attached to you is so different to explain in words. Nonetheless, if you choose to give them small incentives, it would be an icing on the cake for them. For example, you can choose the best design for the album cover and gift that particular fan a free concert ticket or something similar. Thus, it is an incredible way of engrossing your fans and bringing them much closer.

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Music Marketing Tip 10. Produce music videos and release them on social media

Now that you have noted the immense success of social media, you can use it for making and releasing awesome music videos. An attractive method of Music marketing is to create super-awesome music videos in order to attract a larger fan base. If your content is good enough, you are most likely to get a huge number of shares. This is how viral videos are created. This is how you can reach those whom you have never touched upon.

An interesting part is that your music marketing company does not have to have a lavish budget just to release a music video on social media platforms. There are multiple videos present on YouTube that were released without investing a single penny. So, what you are waiting for?



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