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We leverage data and analytics to give you the election outcome you want.

The crucial element to winning is strategic and effective political advertising at all levels including local, state and federal races. 

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Major Benefits of Political Digital Marketing

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Whether its building you a custom website or advertising we provide your political campaign with  more exposure with ad placements on the top publishing platforms such as Google and Facebook. 

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We laser target your potential voters to give you the best outcome. We use data and our experiene running digital marketing campaigns. 

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We measure and analyze before and during our digital marketing campaigns for effectiveness. This ensures our clients the best return on investment (ROI)

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Levels the Playing Field

Digital marketing levels the playing field. Advertisers can compete with much bigger brands nationally with strategic campaign bidding. 

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Digital marketing, advertising, campaign strategy & execution to build your brand, attract new customers and drive revenue. 

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Political Digital Marketing FAQ

How do you promote a political candidate?

 To promote a political candidate work on the following digital marketing strategies.

1. Branding the Candidate:

Take the time to properly brand the candidate. Branding the candidate includes: messaging and marketing, website, logo, colors, fonts, digital assets.

2. Tell a Story:

Start early by gathering all the materials needed to tell the candidates unique story: their accomplishments, struggle and how they came to become the candidate they are today.  Voters want to know who they will be voting for without feel like they are being sold.

3. Have a Professional Politician Website:

People are going to research you and look up your website. When they do you want to make sure you look good with a professional website. Your political website does not need to have all the bells and whistles but needs to have a few things such as a professional design, about page describing your story and a way to contact you. There are several free website builders out there to get the job done or you can opt for a web design and development agency.

4. Create Content.

Content comes in a variety of forms besides the standard text. Invest in creating unique content for your website and campaigns such as infographics, high quality photos, videos and blog posts. Your blog is a great place to keep updating with fresh new content as nothing is worse than a stale website.

5. Arrange Email Marketing Campaigns:

Keep in touch with your email list but marketing to them through email. Email marketing is cheap if used right can provide a great marketing channel for political candidates.  There are several email service providers where you can easily setup an email marketing campaign. Some of my favorite email marketing providers are: MailChimp, Aweber and Constant Contact.

6. Political Digital Advertising:

We live in a digital age people spend a majority of their time online on their favorite websites websites as Facebook, Google and Instagram. This is where you want to be with your political advertisements. Some of the best digital channels for marketing a political candidate are: social media marketing (Facebook and Instagram), SEM and Display Ads.

How do political parties use advertising and media?

Politicians are now leveraging digital advertising and media now more than ever to win elections. Here are ways they do it: News conferences, “Exclusive” one-on-one interviews, TV commercials, print ads and social media.

Why is political marketing important?

Political marketing is important because it is used to raise awareness about a candidate and inform the public about critical leadership changes. Additionally the importance of political marketing is how effective it is at spreading messaging and informing the public [Source].

How do political campaigns use social media?

Social media is a great way for political candidates to connect with their audience and share updates. Political candidates should view themselves as brands and conduct themselves accordingly on social media.  According to a blog Sprout Social, “How effectively their actions resonate and how carefully they uphold the image they want to project makes them one and the same to their audience in this environment.”

Political Digital Marketing Info & FAQ

digital marketing for electionsPolitical Digital Marketing- Is it worth the efforts, time and money?

Digital marketing has gained an exceptional amount of popularity in the past few years. Every field has incorporated digital marketing in order to ensure that their business is enhanced. So, making use of digital marketing in the field of politics can be considered as one of the sanest steps to take at this point in time.

Integrated campaigning is the mixture of all the renowned marketing tools that are used to disseminate one particular message to the target audiences. The target audiences, in this case, are the voters who look forward to any message, coming from their desired political party.

1. Develop a comprehensive voter database

In order to enhance the political digital marketing, a voter database is significant to understand the diverse tastes of voters. In the 2016 Elections, Donald Trump developed a comprehensive voter’s database that contained about 500 data points regarding every entity. All these points were divided in different ways in order to target the specific voters.

At the start of the campaign, nothing is more important than information. A voter database, compiled in a professional manner can prove to be decisive in elections. Within political digital marketing, an e-mail address or a phone number are those magical elements that are enough to convey a message to the target audience. Try to develop a comprehensive voter database to reach as many voters as you can.

2. Divide your target audience and each out to them through different mediums

The current era is all about understanding the exclusive needs of the target audiences. Once you are able to divide your target audience, you would be able to disseminate an apt message to the divided groups of voters. You can divide the target audience in a number of ways. A good method is to separate the audience on the basis of their addresses so that you can counter the issues of a specific locality.

Another method is to divide the target audience on the basis of past records of voting. In this way, you would be able to comprehend the voting trends, thereby you can put an influence on the voters through the past records by giving them what they need. Try to develop around 10 different divisions and then further sub-divide the segmentations for a powerful and result-oriented political digital marketing campaign.

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3. Create a variety of subjects and stitch them for different mediums

A political digital marketing campaign is always a mix of a number of subjects. As a party, standing in the elections, you would form a number that you would want to incorporate into society. For example, you would want to create jobs, bring equality and justice or fight against corruption. So, all of these mottos can be transformed into different subjects. Obama while standing for elections, came up with a subject ‘Yes We Can’ in which he gave away the message of unity and hope [Source]. The message was extremely classy, catchy and effective for the target audiences.

4. Produce influencing stories that create the right impact

You might be willing to put forward the step you took for enhancing the healthcare facility. But, if you would go ahead and convey simple words to the target audience, an impact will never be created. You must develop a storyline of the activity that you performed for improving the healthcare facility. Transform emotions into a story and convey it to the target audience in a subtle manner so that an impact can be created. Storytelling is one of the greatest instrument that will pierce the hearts of the listeners, a loving and a peaceful account of your endless efforts would hit the target audiences hard and everyone would be able to interpret the message instantly.

5. Move from one channel to another impeccably

A well-made political digital marketing campaign is built when you tackle a number of channels at the same time. You might be delivering a message on a social media platform and after a few minutes, you would have to confront an audience face to face. The entire team must be able to move from one channel to another flawlessly, without disturbing the coherence of the message. One core message always remains the same across all the mediums. Therefore, it is important to understand your campaign goals for achieving success. Make sure that your status on Facebook matches the tweet that you sent on Twitter.

5. Create a brand of your own self

Brands in the modern era are able to convey a message to the target audiences that are uniform in all the areas. Talking about the brand of the political digital marketing campaign, you must understand your past, your likes/dislikes and your main aim. In this way, if you are a candidate and you talk often about peace. Then, your brand would be resonated with peace. Everyone will understand that you will not tolerate injustice.

So, this is how your audience will be able to understand you in better ways through the brand that has been created. The brand can be repeated

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throughout the political digital marketing campaign and would be recognized swiftly.

7. Consume as much content as you can

Content is the king- It is rightly said so. Thus, one of the major element to understand during a political digital marketing campaign is the flow of content. Your target audiences will provide you with content now and then in the form of a tweet, a message on Facebook, through an e-mail, through a community meeting and so on.

Consequently, now the duty is on you to transform the raw content into a persuading message that can be grasped quickly.

8. Remain aligned with the methods of political digital marketing

Political digital marketing is a specialized way of integrated campaigning. Your team must be cognizant of the methods of political digital marketing. The messages of the campaign are spread across the mediums. However, the consistency of the message must not be spoilt. In this way, your target audiences will be able to decipher your message, making you quite effective in the campaign.

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