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Now more than ever when someone is looking for a real estate agent they search online. We give you the online visibility you need to expand your business. This includes website design, PPC advertising, social media marketing and digital marketing.  

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Digital marketing, advertising, campaign strategy & execution to build your brand, attract new customers and drive revenue. 

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When you work with us your not just a customers your a partner. You will get to know my team and I. We invest our time and resources to give you the best return on your investment. 

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We know as a real estate agency you need leads. We use advanced tools and technology to target your audience efficiently and bring you hot leads straight to your phone and inbox. 

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All of our clients recieve their very own account manager who is their point of contact. Your account manager will guide you along the way and be of any assistance answerting any questions you may have.

Real Estate Digital Marketing for Agents FAQ


How do I market myself as a new real estate agent?

1. As a new real estate agent you want to first work on your branding. This would include your logo, imagery, photography and website.

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2. Set up your social media accounts. Start with the major ones like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Then you can build supplimental social profiles to boost your brand such as Tumblr.

3. Get an awesome business card created. We recommend vistaprint their cheap and of high quality plus they get the job done quickly.

4. Hire a professional phoitographer. Quality pictures make a huge difference. When working with a pro preferably with photographing homes you will have a much better chance of sellign the house quicker and for a better price. If you are looking for more real estate marketing strategies take a look at our blog post. 

How do real estate agents get clients?

Below are some of our top sttrategies for real estate agents to get new clients.

1. Build yourself a killer website.

2. Work on content writing and marketing. By doing so you can come up in organic Google searches

3. Start social media marketing on the top platforms. Social media marketing should be considered a long term marketing startegy as you are essentially building your brand and social proof.

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4. Let your family and friends and tell them to tell their friends. This will help spread the word about your services. People like to work with people they know and get a reference from.

5. Network at open houses. Open houses are a great opportunity to network with other real estate agents and potential prospects.

How much do real estate agents spend on marketing?

According to Real Trends “In 2017, a 53% majority of real estate professionals spent less than $5,000 on their annual marketing efforts, including both online and offline avenues.”

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Marketing

Gone are the days when real estate marketing was limited to billboards, newspaper or TV ads. The realm of technology has changed the way realtors market their real estate business to the buyers.
People still need real estate experts to help them understand and manage the process of buying properties. But the advent of software and websites have made it easier for people to do their homework to make an informed decision.
Buyers switch to online modes to gather information on the complete real estate process – the ins and outs and what does it take to buy a property. Real estate marketing involves reaching out to these people at the right time and convincing them to buy from you.
We have curated a comprehensive guide for you to understand how to embrace real estate marketing for your business. Let’s get started.

1. Start by creating a website
A website is the ultimate source of information about your business. Right from introducing your real estate company to showcasing properties and providing contact details, your website does everything. Also, rather than just confining your reach to a local audience, you can target a broad market for your business. Therefore, people outside your service radius can visit you if they wish to move-in to your community.
Here are some tips to get started with a real estate website:
Select a domain name for your website. It could be your name, the name of your agency, or a name that describes your company uniquely. Don’t forget to check the domain name availability using domain check to avoid copying others.
Integrate your website with IDX. IDX integration helps you to collect all the listings from MLS (Multiple Listing Services) and organise them at one place on your website. Here your visitors can see all the recent listings posted by you.
Make sure you have an attention-grabbing website design. Their stay time being short, your real estate marketing technique has to be engaging enough to hold them to your website till the end.
Don’t overdo, but yes, you need content on your website to speak directly to your visitors. Place all the important information about your real estate company on your website. Don’t forget to place clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to tell them what to do next.

2. Showcase your properties with high-quality images
Property listings are a significant part of real estate marketing. But just mentioning the address and property rates isn’t enough. Your visitors are humans and not robots. They need something that looks real and alive to believe you and your services. Upload high-quality pictures of the homes to show people where they are going to live. This builds trust among your visitors for your services and they can easily picture themselves in those homes.
How to excel in imagery for real estate marketing?
Use 3D scans to show the interior of the homes to your visitors. Take pictures from different rooms and upload them to portray the actual feeling of living in that particular house. It makes them roam about virtually in the home.
Try a drone camera to capture the entire home with the surroundings. Drone photography captures a broad view of your homes enticing people to visit them personally.
Take pictures in natural light. This makes your room look more spacious and airy. You can hire a professional photographer if you are not a pro in capturing real estate images.

3. Don’t just stick to images – use videos too!
High-quality images entice people to explore more about your homes. This is the right instance where you can make them engaged on your website. The more time they spend on your website, the more chances you get to impress them. Shoot videos of your properties. Take your visitors to a virtual tour of the house right from the entrance to each and every room in the home. Videos are the next-level real estate marketing hack to hook people with your content.
How to do video marketing right?
Start the virtual from the entrance. Record the surroundings, walk through the doors, roam about in the hall, zoom into the rooms, and let them invite your visitors on their own.
You can even use your smartphone to capture videos. Technology is much advanced today, you can now shoot anything from your phone and use effects to make it more impactful.
Take videos from different angles of the house. This is possible if you hire a professional with relevant skills to record your home from diverse corners. Videos also help your visitors decide whether your home is exactly what they are looking for, rather than personally visiting the house just to say a ‘no’.

4. The best place to advertise – Facebook ads
The power of real estate marketing can be best utilised on Facebook. People are very active on social media sites. This is the place where you can reach your customers easily. With the help of Facebook targeted ads, you can attract specific audiences for your real estate business. You can also run more than one ad at a time and easily manage all of them at the same time.
Some tips to get started with Facebook ads:
Target one segment of your audience in one ad. Specify your group in the Ads Manager and create your ad. Write ad copies, upload images, and add a clear CTA to your ad.
Create one more version of the same ad. A/B test your ads to check which one of them secured most of the clicks and is able to convert more visitors. Repeat the process for every ad campaign.
Experiment with multiple ad types, including, single image ad, carousel ad, or slideshow ad to showcase your homes in different possible ways. Don’t forget to include the kitchen, bathroom, and the living room in your images.
Try to be value-adding along with being promotional. While creating ads, you can add a few questions to foster engagement with your ads. It can be anything from “saving costs” to “decorating the interior”.

5. Use the latest version of real estate marketing – Blogging
Content is King and when it comes to real estate marketing, it is no exception. People don’t specify their buying intention at first when they search online about homes. There is certain information that helps them to reach the buying decision. And, this is where real estate blogging comes into picture. The main purpose is to attract more organic traffic to your real estate website so that people can start trusting your service for their needs.

Let’s see how you can incorporate blogging into real estate:
Create content around the pain points of your real estate audience. What are the problems they may face while searching for new homes? How to look for properties online? And then make them understand how you can help them.
Find keywords related to the real estate industry. Research what queries people make while looking for homes, real estate agents and then target those keywords in your content for higher visibility.

Target long-tail phrases in your content to bring specific-intent audiences. Use them naturally in your content to bring these audiences to your website and take desired action.

Ask them to leave comments on your blog posts and engage with them if they have queries related to your content. This is how you build trust and convince people to try your services.

Real estate marketing isn’t a cup of tea for many agents. Often they do not know their audiences and target wrong or uninterested people only to waste their time and money. But, there’s a way out. If you also find yourself stuck in the process of marketing your real estate business, follow this guide and stay tuned with our blog for more such posts.


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