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Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is the backbone of digital visibility. In today’s digital age, being found organically through search engines is paramount. Our comprehensive SEO strategies ensure that your brand stands out in the crowded digital landscape. From keyword research, on-page optimization, to high-quality backlink acquisition, we cover every facet of SEO. Our approach is holistic, combining technical expertise with content strategies to drive relevant traffic to your website. With continuous monitoring and timely adjustments, we ensure that your website not only reaches the top but stays there. Partner with us and watch your organic rankings, traffic, and conversions soar.

PPC Advertising

Maximize reach! Pay only for clicks. Boost sales instantly.

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, PPC advertising offers immediate results. Our PPC strategies are designed to maximize your ROI, driving targeted traffic to your website. With meticulous keyword research, ad copywriting, and continuous campaign optimization, we ensure that every penny spent translates into tangible results. Our experts navigate the complexities of ad platforms, targeting the right audience at the right time. With real-time analytics, we adjust bids, refine targeting, and optimize ad creatives to ensure maximum efficiency. Dive into the world of instant visibility, increased conversions, and unparalleled growth with our PPC advertising services.

Website Development

Stunning designs that captivate. Elevate your online presence.

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Your website is the digital storefront of your business, and first impressions matter. Our website design services focus on creating visually stunning, user-friendly, and responsive websites that captivate visitors. We blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that every design element serves a purpose. With a keen eye for detail, we craft websites that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for conversions. Our designs are mobile-responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices. From layout to color schemes, every choice is made to align with your brand identity and business goals. Let us transform your online presence with a website that stands out and delivers results.

Content Writing & Strategy

Engage audiences with tailored content. Drive brand growth.

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Content is king, and in the realm of digital marketing, it’s the voice of your brand. Our content marketing strategies are tailored to resonate with your target audience, driving engagement and fostering brand loyalty. We delve deep into understanding your audience’s needs, crafting content that informs, entertains, and inspires. From blog posts, infographics, to video content, we ensure every piece aligns with your brand voice and business objectives. Our content not only attracts but also converts, turning visitors into loyal customers. Let us tell your brand’s story in a way that captivates and converts.

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Looking to amp up your small business? Let’s dive into marketing together!

I’m not only good at what I do but also super approachable. I’ve got a knack for turning small businesses into success stories. Ready to join the club?

Your Small Business Deserves Big Success – Partner with Our Company Today!

I’m Lorenzo Gutierrez, the driving force behind our small business marketing agency, where we specialize in unlocking the growth potential of small businesses like yours.

With an MBA degree and a passion for data-driven strategies and a broad spectrum of digital marketing tactics, I understand the unique challenges faced by small businesses.

Our team believes in more than just standard advertising methods. Instead, we focus on combining tried-and-true techniques with innovative solutions. This blend ensures that your marketing doesn’t just reach a wider audience but also connects meaningfully with potential customers, turning them into loyal patrons.

In a marketplace filled with noise, we want your small business to be heard clearly and confidently. Whether you’re a local shop or an emerging enterprise, we’re here to help you navigate the marketing landscape with simplicity, offering solutions that are both easy to understand and effective in execution.

small business marketing agency
local seo for small business

SEO (Local SEO and Google Business Profile Optimization)

Local SEO is essential for businesses that serve a specific area or community. We help ensure that when potential customers in your vicinity search for services or products you offer, your business is one of the first they see. By optimizing your website and other online assets, we aim to increase your visibility in local searches.

Additionally, we’ll make certain your Google Business Profile is complete and accurate. This is the snapshot of your business that people see on the right-hand side of Google search results. We ensure it contains the right information, from your opening hours to customer reviews, to help customers easily connect with you.

PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a straightforward way to get your business in front of potential customers.

You place ads online, and you only pay when someone clicks on them.

Our team will design compelling ads aimed at your target audience, placing them on search engines or other relevant websites.

Not only do we create these ads, but we also monitor their performance. This way, we can adjust strategies as needed to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Our goal is to drive more traffic to your site and convert them into paying customers.

ppc advertising for small business
web design for small business

Web Design

In today’s digital age, a website acts as your business’s virtual front door. We focus on designing websites that are both visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Whether a visitor wants to purchase a product, learn more about your services, or simply get in touch, we ensure they can do so effortlessly.

Moreover, we understand that more people are browsing the web on their phones and tablets. Therefore, we prioritize making websites that look great and work seamlessly across all devices.

A professional, mobile-friendly site can make all the difference in capturing potential clients’ attention and business.

Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms are where a significant portion of your potential customers hang out.

We specialize in creating targeted ads for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others.

These ads are designed to engage users and lead them to explore what you offer further.

But it’s not just about putting ads out there. We continuously monitor their performance, gathering insights about what’s working and what can be improved.

By adjusting our strategies based on real data, we aim to maximize your reach and impact on these platforms.

social media marketing for small business
content marketing for small business

Content Marketing and Writing

Content marketing is all about providing valuable information to your customers, and in doing so, building a relationship of trust.

We’ll help you craft articles, blogs, and other content that answers questions, offers solutions, or simply educates your audience about what you do.

Not only does this position your business as a trusted authority in your field, but it also improves your online visibility. Search engines love fresh and relevant content.

By consistently sharing quality material, we can help boost your website’s rankings, making it easier for customers to find you.

Why Partner With Us for Your Small Business Marketing Needs?


With a decade of experience, Lorenzo Gutierrez Digital Marketing has become the go-to small business marketing agency for companies seeking to enhance their online presence. What sets us apart and makes us the preferred choice for small business marketing services? Here’s what makes us unique.

Comprehensive Solutions

At our agency, we pride ourselves on offering end-to-end solutions for all your digital marketing challenges. From the intricacies of SEO to the dynamic world of social media management, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that no stone is left unturned, and every aspect of your digital strategy is optimized for success. Whether you’re looking to enhance your online visibility, engage with a wider audience, or increase conversions, our integrated approach ensures you achieve your goals.


Certified Professionals

Digital marketing is competitive, and having the right team by your side makes all the difference. Our agency is home to a group of certified professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the table. Their dedication to staying ahead of industry trends ensures that the strategies they develop are not only current but also effective. With a combination of experience and innovative thinking, they’re equipped to craft campaigns that stand out in the crowded digital space and deliver results.

Results-Driven Approach

In the world of business, results matter. Our commitment is to ensure that every campaign, no matter how big or small, makes a tangible difference to your bottom line. While we value creativity and innovative thinking, we never lose sight of the ultimate goal: delivering measurable outcomes that boost your business growth. Our methodologies are rooted in data-driven insights, ensuring that every decision we make is backed by concrete evidence, leading to strategies that genuinely drive success.

Transparent Practices

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, it’s crucial to have a partner you can trust. Our transparency sets us apart. We ensure that every step of the process is laid out for you, leaving no room for guesswork. By prioritizing open communication, we ensure that you’re informed about every move we make. Moreover, our clear reporting methods offer you a detailed view of your campaign’s performance, empowering you to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.




Client-Centric Campaigns

Your business is unique, and so should be your marketing strategy. At our core, we believe in putting our clients first. We take the time to delve into the heart of your business, understanding your vision, values, and target audience. This in-depth understanding allows us to design campaigns that truly align with your brand’s essence. By connecting on a deeper level, we ensure that every strategy we roll out not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Dominate Local Search Results

For many small businesses, the local market is where the heart of their revenue lies. Being easily discoverable by potential local customers can be a game-changer. Our strategies are designed to place your business at the forefront when local customers search for services you offer. We leverage tools and techniques specifically optimized for local search to ensure your business stands out in its vicinity. From optimizing local listings to crafting content that appeals to the local audience, we put in the effort to ensure your business becomes a recognizable name in the community.

A Small Business Digital Marketing Company

That Delivers. Listen to Our Testimonials!

I worked with Lorenzo for nearly a year. From the initial recruiting process, Lorenzo was an exceptional manager. His communication skills were unparalleled, and he always stood up for his employees. He coordinated several cross-functional teams to create the best marketing strategy possible, connecting people with technical knowledge and marketing skills to ensure nothing was lost in translation. We worked in a complex biotechnology field, and Lorenzo’s digital marketing skills helped drive paid and organic reach to the website, blog, and events. Lorenzo was kind and considerate, particularly to a newcomer, and quick to deliver usable feedback respectfully. He helped improve the work of everyone around him. It would be my absolute pleasure to work with Lorenzo again.

Natasha Vashist

Content Strategist, Meta

I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with Lorenzo in various high-profile projects. Lorenzo’s knowledge of SEO, SEM, and Google Adwords is the best in Monterey County. His commitment and relentless effort in finding the right formula that works best for his clients is what sets him apart from the rest.

He’s a great guy who not only treats business – professionally, but he also builds great relationships with his colleagues and clients.

I look forward to working with him again!

Rick Gebin

Communications Specialist, Contra Costa County Office of Education

Lorenzo is amazing. He one of the most relax & professional person I ever had the chance to work with. Everyday he work hard to increase Biochain online visibility which generated loads of lead for our sales team. On top of doing a great job for the company, he’s always willing to teach others on SEO & marketing strategies . Overall, if you ever have the opportunity to work with Lorenzo expect a great working relationship and results.

Jason Nguyen

Product Manager, BioGenex

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Law Small Business Digital Marketing FAQs

What does a marketing company do for a small business?

For many small business owners, the marketing world can seem like a big maze. It’s hard to know where to start or which path to take. Enter the marketing company – your guide to navigating this confusing landscape. They’re the experts who know the ins and outs of promoting a business, connecting with customers, and building a brand. But what exactly do they do for a small business?

Strategy Development:
A marketing company helps a small business by first laying out a clear game plan. Think of it like a roadmap. If a business is a car, then its marketing strategy is the GPS, guiding it to its destination. By understanding the business’s goals, its target audience, and the competitive landscape, a marketing company can plot out the best route to success. This isn’t just about running ads or making a website. It’s about putting together a comprehensive plan that looks at all aspects of marketing and finding the best way forward.

Brand Building:
Every business has a story to tell. A marketing company helps share that story in a way that connects with customers. This means finding out what makes a business special, what sets it apart, and then broadcasting that message to the world. When people think of a product or service, they often think of a brand. Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple – these are all brands that people know and love. A marketing company helps small businesses build a strong brand, making sure that when people think of a certain product or service, they think of that business first.

Once the strategy is set and the brand is built, it’s time to shout it from the rooftops. Promoting a business is all about getting the word out. This could be through online ads, social media posts, email campaigns, or even old-school methods like billboards and radio spots. A marketing company knows the best ways to promote a business, making sure it gets seen by the right people at the right time. It’s like having a megaphone that’s tuned to just the right frequency, ensuring that the business’s message is heard loud and clear.

Digital Presence:
In today’s world, being online isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity. A marketing company ensures that a small business has a strong footprint on the web. This means having a website that’s easy to use and looks good. It means being active on social media, connecting with customers and sharing news and updates. And it means making sure that when someone searches for a product or service, that business pops up. It’s all about being seen and making a good impression.

Advertising Campaigns:
Ads are everywhere – on TV, on the internet, even on the sides of buses. A marketing company creates and manages these ads for a small business. They figure out what the ad should say, where it should go, and how much to spend on it. It’s like putting up signposts that lead straight to the business, guiding customers in and showing them what’s on offer.

Market Research:
Knowledge is power. Before making any moves, it’s important to know the lay of the land. This is where market research comes in. A marketing company collects data, surveys customers, and analyzes the competition. They find out what people want, what they like, and what they don’t. With this information in hand, a small business can make informed decisions, ensuring they hit the mark every time.

Customer Engagement:
A good business doesn’t just attract customers; it keeps them coming back. Engaging with customers is about building a relationship. It’s about understanding their needs, listening to their feedback, and making them feel valued. A marketing company helps foster this relationship, creating campaigns that engage and excite customers. It’s about turning a one-time buyer into a lifelong fan.

Feedback and Improvement:
Last but not least, a marketing company doesn’t just set it and forget it. They’re always listening, always learning. They collect feedback from customers, see what’s working and what’s not, and then tweak and adjust. It’s a never-ending cycle of improvement, ensuring that the business’s marketing efforts are always on point and always effective.

By understanding these different areas, small businesses can truly harness the power of marketing. With the right help, they can connect with customers, build their brand, and pave the way for long-term success.

Is it worth using a marketing agency?

Understanding the Value of a Marketing Agency:

Every business, whether starting out or well-established, has a story to tell. A marketing agency’s role is to help share that story in a way that catches attention. For many business owners, the vast world of advertising and promotion can feel like an intricate maze. Navigating through it alone is not only challenging but can also lead to missed opportunities. This is where the role of a marketing agency becomes invaluable. They have the know-how and skills to guide businesses through this maze, ensuring that their story reaches the right ears and eyes.

While some might be hesitant, thinking that handling marketing internally could save costs, there’s more to consider than just the immediate expense. Marketing agencies come equipped with a team of professionals who specialize in various areas. From understanding search engine behaviors to creating compelling content and tapping into social media trends, these experts have dedicated countless hours to mastering their craft. This specialization ensures that your business’s promotional efforts are not just good but exceptional, standing out in an ever-competitive market.

The Time and Resources You Could Save:

Think about all the hours spent trying to understand the nuances of marketing. For many business owners, these hours take them away from focusing on their core operations. Marketing agencies, with their knowledge and tools, can streamline this process, making efficient and impactful decisions on your behalf. They already have the necessary software, understand the platforms, and can make informed decisions faster than someone learning on the go.

Additionally, the flexibility an agency offers is unmatched. If your business faces a sudden growth spurt or perhaps a slow season, an agency can adjust strategies promptly. No need for you to hire new staff or purchase extra tools. They’ve got it covered. This flexibility not only saves resources but also ensures that your marketing efforts remain consistent and effective, no matter the business climate.

Introducing Fresh Ideas and New Strategies:

Sometimes, being too close to something can make it hard to see it from a fresh perspective. It’s easy for businesses to fall into a routine, sticking to what’s familiar. However, in the fast-paced world of marketing, what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. An external marketing agency brings a new lens, offering creative insights and innovative strategies that can rejuvenate a brand’s image or appeal to a different segment of customers.

Change is the only constant, especially in the world of business. Marketing agencies stay updated with the latest trends, ensuring that your business remains relevant. Their fresh perspective can breathe new life into campaigns, giving your brand a modern and appealing touch.

Making Decisions Based on Data:

The digital age has brought with it a goldmine of information. Every click, like, share, and comment is a piece of data waiting to be analyzed. But understanding this data is an art in itself. Marketing agencies are adept at sifting through these numbers, identifying patterns, and drawing actionable insights. Their decisions are backed by concrete evidence, reducing the chances of missteps.

Knowing which advertisement led to the most website visits or which social media post had the most engagement isn’t just useful; it’s essential. An agency can pinpoint these successes and replicate them, ensuring a higher return on investment. Their analytical approach takes the guesswork out of marketing, leading to strategies that are both effective and efficient.

In conclusion, while the upfront cost of hiring a marketing agency might seem daunting, the long-term benefits, from saved time to expert insights, make it a worthy investment. As the saying goes, “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.” With a marketing agency by your side, your business is poised for growth and success.

How do I find a marketing agency for my small business?

Starting Your Search:
Every small business owner knows the importance of good marketing, but not everyone knows where to start when looking for an agency. Some of your best resources are closer than you might think. Talking to fellow business owners or trusted friends can lead you to agencies with a track record of real-world results. They’ve been in your shoes and can guide you based on their experiences. On top of this, doing a basic online search can open up a world of options. Simply looking up “marketing agencies for small businesses” will introduce you to a myriad of potential partners. Remember, it’s not just about finding any agency; it’s about finding the right one for your specific needs.

Checking Reviews and Testimonials:
The beauty of our interconnected world is that it’s easier than ever to find opinions on just about any service provider. And when it comes to picking a marketing agency, those opinions matter a lot. Online reviews and client testimonials can offer valuable insights into an agency’s strengths and weaknesses. More than just the number of stars or the general tone, look for reviews that talk about the agency’s responsiveness, understanding of small business needs, and overall results. These can be your guiding lights as you navigate your choices.

Understanding Their Expertise:
Every marketing agency has its strengths. While one might excel in running online ad campaigns, another might be a genius in the realm of social media. Your task is to pinpoint which type of marketing strategy will best serve your business and then find an agency with a track record in that domain. Ask them about their past work, especially with businesses similar to yours. Their past projects can be a clear indicator of what they can achieve for you.

Meeting the Team:
There’s more to an agency than just their track record and expertise. The people behind the scenes play a massive role in your collaboration’s success. By setting up face-to-face meetings, you can gauge how well you connect with them. It’s crucial to pick an agency with a team that understands your vision, listens to your concerns, and is willing to work closely with you to achieve your goals.

Evaluating Costs and Packages:
Cost is always a significant factor for small businesses. While it’s essential to have a marketing budget, it’s equally vital to ensure you’re getting good value for your money. When you discuss with agencies, inquire about their pricing structures. Some might offer package deals, while others could be more flexible with a la carte options. Always keep in mind what services are most important for your business and see how they align with the agency’s offerings.

Looking for Transparency:
Marketing is a two-way street. You’re not just handing off a task to an agency; you’re collaborating with them. This means open communication is critical. A good agency will keep you updated every step of the way, sharing both the victories and the challenges. This level of transparency builds trust and ensures both you and the agency are always aligned in your goals and strategies.

How much does digital marketing cost for a small business?

Getting Started with Assessments and Strategy:
Taking the first step in digital marketing involves knowing where your business stands online. An expert can look at your online activities, understand who you are trying to reach, and set out clear goals for you. This step often costs more because it’s like laying the foundation for a house. However, the price varies based on how detailed the assessment is and the kind of strategy you need.

Every small business dreams of making it big online. But to get there, there’s a roadmap to follow. This path begins with understanding where you currently are in the online world. Experts can help shine a light on areas you might not have noticed, helping you see where you might need to make changes. And while setting this roadmap might feel costly at first, it’s an essential part of making sure the rest of the journey is smooth.

Website Costs – Building and Taking Care:
Think of your website as the front door of your shop, but online. If you’re starting fresh or think your website needs a complete redo, this can be where you spend a good chunk of your budget. But it doesn’t stop at just building it. Websites need regular care, updates, and sometimes even a place to exist online, which means more monthly costs. Still, having a website that’s easy for people to use, especially on mobile phones, is crucial.

In today’s fast-paced online world, having a website that welcomes visitors is key. It’s where they learn about you, what you offer, and how you can help them. While creating this online space can be a big part of your initial costs, it’s an investment in your business’s future. The monthly expenses that come after, like updates and keeping the site running, are all part of making sure that your digital shop remains open and inviting to all who visit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Being Seen Online:
SEO is like a signpost that helps people find your business online. It’s about making changes to your website, speeding it up, and connecting with other sites. How much you spend on SEO depends on your business type and where you want to be seen. SEO isn’t a one-time thing. As the rules of the internet change, your business needs to adapt, meaning ongoing costs.

When people search for something online, SEO helps your business pop up in those search results. It’s a bit like being on the main street in a town. Everyone gets to see you. The price of this visibility depends on how competitive your business area is and where you want people to find you. And with the ever-changing nature of the internet, keeping your spot on the main street requires continuous effort and some ongoing costs.

Paid Advertising – A Direct Way to Reach People:
Some online platforms let businesses pay to show their ads. Here, you decide how much you want to spend every day or month. The cost can be different based on where you’re advertising and who you want to see your ads. Checking and adjusting your ads can help you get the most out of what you spend.

Paying for ads online is like buying a billboard on a busy highway. You choose where it goes and how big it is. The costs can change depending on the platform and how many people you want to reach. But with the right attention and changes when needed, your billboard can attract many potential customers without breaking the bank.

Social Media – Connecting and Sharing:
Staying active on sites like Facebook or Instagram is important for some businesses. The costs here include making things to share, planning when to post, and talking to followers. Depending on how many sites you’re on and how often you post, you might think about hiring someone or working with an expert.

Imagine social media as a big gathering of people, all talking and sharing things they like. For businesses, it’s a chance to be part of the conversation. Being there and sharing your story comes with its costs, like creating posts and chatting with followers. The price depends on how many platforms you choose and how often you want to share. But being in the middle of that gathering and connecting with people can be invaluable for your business.

Making Content – Blogs, Videos, and More:
Creating things like blogs, videos, or pictures can help talk to your audience and boost your online presence. The cost can vary. For example, a professional video might cost more upfront than a written article. But having a mix of content can make your online space more lively and engaging.

Having a variety of things to share online, like articles or videos, is like offering different products in a store. Some people might prefer one over the other. The costs change based on what you’re creating. Videos might need more investment upfront, while articles might be more budget-friendly. But having a mix means there’s something for everyone, keeping your online space fresh and inviting.

Keeping Track with Monitoring and Analytics:
To see if your online efforts are working, you need tools that show you the numbers. Tools like Google Analytics help, but sometimes you need an expert to explain what those numbers mean. Some businesses also invest in more advanced tools or experts to get clear reports, which means added costs.

Understanding how well you’re doing online is a bit like checking the cash register at the end of the day. You want to know what worked and what didn’t. There are tools that show you these numbers, and sometimes, you might need someone to help make sense of them. While this might add to your costs, it’s like getting a report card, showing you where you can improve and where you’re shining.

Learning and Growing with Training:
The online world keeps changing. Staying updated might mean joining workshops or online classes. Spending on learning ensures your business stays ahead and uses the latest online methods effectively.

Just like in any field, staying updated in the online world is crucial. It’s like regularly tuning a car to make sure it runs smoothly. While this might mean an added cost, like attending a workshop or taking a course, it ensures that your business remains in top shape, ready to race ahead in the online competition.

Picking the Right Services:
Many experts offer services in bundles. These bundles can help save money, but businesses need to see what they’re getting. Sometimes, picking services based on your unique needs can be more beneficial in the long run.

When shopping for services, it’s a bit like looking at combo deals in a store. Some bundled deals might seem great for the price, but it’s essential to see what’s inside. Just grabbing a deal without knowing if it’s right for your business might not be the best choice. Sometimes, selecting what you genuinely need can be better for your growth and budget.

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