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Google Search Ads

Billions of searches go on every day. Show up when your potential customers are searching for your business with Google search ads. I am a Google certified marketing professional. Google PPC ads are my speciality. I create and manage Google PPC search ads from A-Z. These aren’t your cookie cutter one size fits all PPC campaigns. I create custom PPC campaigns for each business as each business is unique and has a differint unique selling proposition which I look to jihgligh in the ad copy.

Google Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are ads that serve ads and follow your previous website visitors. These visitors are some of your most qualified leads. If you are running PPC ads without remarketing you are simply leaving money on the table. Google remarketing ads are a great way of driving lost traffic back to your website. Remarketing ads also keep your business on top of your audience’s mind so when they are ready to purchase. We specialize in management of Google remarketing ads and provide outstanding results.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads accounted for 76.4% of US retailers search. We are an elite Google shopping agency. We know how to launch sucessful Google shopping campaigns for ecommerce brands. If you run an ecommerce store Google shopping ads are a great way to market your business online. With Google shopping ads you can show your products directly in search results. We will help you create your ad feed, manage the ad, and stay on top of negative keywords to give your brand the ROI it needs!

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Plan, Execute and optimize PPC management strategy to maximize your results and revenue. The Google certified partners and PPC specialists look forward to the company’s entire budget and PPC ad strategy. The PPC management strategy can be performed by a team of in-house workers or by an external agency.

PPC Management Aspects

For PPC management, some of the key aspects need to be followed by PPC experts and agencies.

Keyword search: researching and finding out keywords which the respective audience is searching

Split testing: constant testing of new advertisements and landing pages

Target channels: targeting the paid media channels which should be pursued for advertising

Campaign optimization: optimizing the campaign structure depending on the highest performing keywords. The keywords which bring more traffic to the website should be used more as compared to other keywords.

PPC monitoring: monitoring each keyword for efficiency and enhancing the use of keywords and campaigns which have a positive impact on ROI.

Competition analysis: monitoring the activities of competitors, the keywords and advertisements they are using.

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5 Star Rated PPC Agency in Los Angeles

Not every organization is capable of possessing resources to hire in house PPC managers and specialists. The organizations have limited resources and are new to the PPC world must hire an agency for PPC management. If you are looking for a PPC Agency in Los Angeles, then you are at the right place. We offer PPC management in Los Angeles and help the companies to achieve optimal Return on Investment and Maximize the conversion rate. The PPC management services we provide will continue to perform for a longer period to increase your ROI.

Focus Areas

While designing a PPC management campaign, our experts use search and display in conjunction with conversion rate optimization. We also increase the results of every PPC channel depending upon their different performance. As a result of our PPC management campaigns, the metrics are great but we keep on executing new ideas to enhance the sales further.

Key Areas of PPC management in Los Angeles

The successful PPC management campaigns are built on four key areas. These include:

The setting of realistic goals

PPC structure

The crucial Period

Measuring and optimizing results

Setting up realistic goals

For setting up realistic and data-driven goals for the PPC management, you first have to know about the metrics of your business, including customer lifetime value, product margins, customer acquisition costs, average deal size, return on Ad spend, and return on investment. These metrics can be used as a benchmark for initiating your successful PPC management campaign. Another important thing is the proportional relationship between these metrics. After measuring the metrics, and their relationship with each other, it is important to remain optimistic as well as realistic. PPC management is not expected to bring 100% ROI results, but some strategies might.

The PPC campaigns are expected to bring an increase in the number of purchases, generate more leads, and increase the awareness of the brands. If a company is running an online store or selling digital products, then an increase in a number of visitors will lead to an increase in the number of purchases, which is the most important goal here. If a company is selling high ticket products or offering professional services, then generating leads is the most important goal. PPC can also help to build the brand by enhancing the visibility of a new business or bring your business to top.

PPC Structure Optimization

The PPC campaign structures can be designed with the help of Google. Google makes things simple to set up the campaign to generate maximum possible revenue, but it should not always be followed. If you are designing a new campaign, and you are new to this procedure then pause the campaign on the onboarding process to optimize all part of your campaign and make it the best possible to generate maximum ROI. After the initial setup is done, optimization and structuring of the PPC campaign can be performed. The elements to be focused on for optimization of PPC include keywords, campaigns, Ad groups, Ad copy, Ad extensions, Landing pages, and Analytics. Research keywords as per your knowledge and tools and then select those keywords which make the most relevant to your business objectives.

The Crucial Period

The first month after setting up the campaign is very crucial as the campaigner must look out for the new keyword ideas, negative keywords, and top performing keywords. After identification of top performing keywords, they are added to the ad group where they will contribute to increasing the quality score. During the first 30 days, measuring click-throughs and landing page performance should also be checked regularly. The measurements include ad variation click-throughs, landing page engagement, and the most conversions generated by specific landing pages. With all this kind of data in your hand, it can be ensured that your long-term PPC management strategy has been optimized to perfection.

Measuring and Optimizing results

After setting up the campaign, it is important to keep a check for measurements and optimization for getting long term goals. It can be performed in the following two ways. These ways include expanding the PPC strategy by adding ad groups, new campaigns and target keywords, and split testing the existing assets to boost the performance. The PPC campaigns can be optimized by testing new keywords, split testing new variations, and split testing landing page elements.

We provide PPC Management in Los Angeles, which is a strategic initiative to initiate a profitable Google Ad campaign means using data to inform, optimize and grow over long-term. With the PPC Agency in Los Angeles know how to create and optimize your Google PPC ads for conversions to ensure that your company gets more business from your budget.

How We Write Quality Google PPC Adwords Ads That Convert

Google Ads are a vital marketing tool for online business owners. They need to be engaging, attention grabbing, and they need to lead to a landing page that delivers all that was offered in the ad. Below are ways we create and write quality Google Adwords PPC Ads for our Los Angeles clients.

Use Best Keyword Practices

Your keywords are essential for Google Adwords  and the landing page. You want to use keywords in both, and in a way that relates to users.

Keywords in Ads

Consider how people use search engines. When looking for the best smartphone on the market, no one is typing the brand name of the phone you are selling. They are searching “digital marketing consultancy” or “digital marketing los angeles” and you want to mirror those searches in your ad copy by using the common terms in the ad title and the body of the ad. You then want that ad to lead them directly to that information on the landing page.

Keywords on the Landing Page

Include terms and words that people will be searching and ensure that they represent what they will find on your website. Divide the page into headings and bullets that are easy to read and ensure the page is easily navigated.

Include a Call To Action

Each Google Ad needs a call to action such as “Learn more here” or “Buy now” or “Read more”. Each of these statements give the reader clear direction about what will happen when they click through to the landing page.

Solve a Problem for the Reader

Often people who are searching Google are looking for an answer to a question. Your ad needs to solve a problem for that reader. For instance, if you offer a dog training service and frequently have visitors asking how to teach their dog to sit, you will want to create ads that demonstrate your expertise. Your ads can do one of the following:

  • Ask the question they are asking “how do you teach your dog to sit?”
  • Tell them the problem you are going to solve “Teach your dog to sit in 24 hours”
  • Explain how you can help “Use reward methods to teach your dog to sit”

These ads will mirror the searches used and are very clear on the services you offer and how you can solve their problem.

Provide Proof

Use your landing page to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in your field. Include a few quoted testimonials from former or current customers that valued your services. Link to your online review page or list some of your most recent reviews. When possible, use statistics to show the validity of your service. When a reader sees the proof on the page, they are more likely to stay and learn more.

Be Authentic

Honesty in advertising is crucial. A misleading ad can not only make a user click away to another site, but word of mouth can cause you to lose even more business. Ensure your ads are up to date and not leading to expired promotions or out of stock inventory. Avoid making promises that you can’t keep.

Use Every Advantage

When creating your Google Ads, use every advantage that you can. Check for popular searches and tie them into your service and use ad extensions and dynamic ads.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions allow you to add extra snippets of information to your ad, such as business location or business ratings. This can help you show up in more search results. There are many ad extensions to choose from including Callout Extensions and Structured Snippets.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads allow you to target your ads to the customer base you want. For example, if you are selling women’s clothing at a New York boutique, you could target women in Los Angeles. This can be broken down even further using an age range or an income bracket. This ensures your ad spend is going to potential customers, rather than anyone online.

When creating your ad, keep in mind that you are targeting people. Would you click on the ad? Would it grab your attention? Is it solving a problem for someone, or just selling a product? The customer is the most important part of this equation and should not get lost in the process.

Kick-Start Your Google Adwords PPC Campaign With These 6 Tips

As one of the top platforms for advertising, Google Adwords enables both small and big companies to advertise their services and/or products and services within hours to their potential customers! Once you use its platform you will understand that it has different settings and targeting options suitable for various business types. Such number choices and settings can sometimes cause confusion for newbies making them spend a considerable amount of their marketing budget without reaching the marketing goals they were aiming for. So, it is better to understand and have a clear insight of Google Adwords to avoid wasted ad spend on wrong marketing strategies.

Following 6 tips will help you achieve your marketing needs in 2019 through Google Adwords.

  1. Having a great account structure

If you are looking for your ad spent getting converted into profit, you have to maintain an Ads account that is very well-structured. Mere improvement of the Ads account structure makes it possible to drop the Cost-per-acquisitions (CPAs) by 60%. Each campaign should be closely related to ad groups, ads, and keywords. You will see advertisement costs being reduced by Google in return.

  1. Search network campaigns are good options to start

Regarding targeting your services and products for the most potential customers, using the search network is the best. So it is the best option to start your Ads campaign.

  1. Keep your CPC and daily budget low

It is difficult to assess the amount of traffic your ads will receive at the beginning of a new Ads campaign and how quickly you want to spend your stipulated budget. You will definitely not want to shed off a couple of thousand dollars at the early stages of the campaign without too many conversions against the spending.

  1. Images and ad copies are important

Visual appeals matter a lot. Images are of prime importance for ads with display networks. You must have images that catch the attention of the potential customers so that they click on the ad. Similarly, ad copies are equally important and probably the most essential element of an ad campaign. It must attract the ideal prospects while at the same time should repel the people who have less potential to become your customers.

  1. Precise tracking and testing

You have to keep tracking the progress of your Ad campaigns and continuously try different keywords, ad placements, ad types, and bid strategies to make the campaign successful.

  1. Device specific campaign set up

With increasing mobile user base, it is highly possible that a big portion of traffic from your Ads may be coming from mobile devices. If you are thinking that traffic from mobile and desktop devices will provide similar results, you are wrong. So categorize device-specific campaigns.

Following these simple tips will help guide you to a good start and prevent wastage of your marketing budget in 2019.

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