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Lorenzo Gutierrez

Digital Marketing Consultant

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Website Design & Development

 We’re a creative website design agency, we deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

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Logistical Integration

Customers do not like surprises; this is where our website design service will guide you thoroughly. Expert designers will provide you and your customers to track the package in real-time. Moreover, you also get to manage every other consignment right from a single panel and do not have to consult the courier company over and over again.


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Impeccable Security

We provide impeccable SSL secured portals. Thus, your clients will find it very easy to make transactions while they purchase products over the internet. With this facility all the confidential information of the client viz. credit and debit card number, passwords, etc. are stored in an encrypted format. Thus, they are of no use to the third party.

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Effective Communication

Our professionals focus upon how you can effectively communicate with your clients. Effective communication is key during the online business endeavor. Your website will get duly integrated with several marketing tools which will offer you a great deal of ease in communication with your potential customers.

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Crafting the Digital Brand

Pages of a website have an excellent impact on the mind of the user; this is the reason why you need to focus more on website design and development. Our expert designers provide impeccable guidance to you in choosing a catchy theme for your small business as well as for e-commerce portal. They also make you aware of the visual hierarchy, which is considered as one of the most important aspects of a portal design. We will offer you a typical F or Z visual hierarchy pattern, this will make it easy for a user to go through your portal.

Fonts are considered the next big thing in the page designing process. The professional designers of our company use Sans-serif fonts during page development. These fonts are not only beautiful to look at but they are easy to read. While coloring your website, we keep in mind about the ratio of the global population which is suffering from color blindness and use the shades which everyone can distinguish with ease. The experts use an excellent color palette which is complementary to each other.

Moreover, professionals avoid usage of many color combinations as it creates confusion and gives a distorted look to the web page. This entire prospect will make your web portal user-friendly. We also provide excellent logo design for your web portal which provides genuine aid in branding your company and getting more and more customers.

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Stunning eComm Websites

These are the key features on which our experts focus during e-commerce website design process. Through our excellent and flawless services, you will get to acquire a flexible shopping cart which provides an opportunity for the users to add or remove products with a lot of ease. We pay attention to the user-friendliness of the site and prevent complex buying procedure so that the customers can easily buy their desired products from the site.

Various payment gateway options are also added on the e-commerce website. Thus, the customers get to choose from wide varieties of options to pay for the products.


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Website design through WordPress

WordPress is one of the most preferred platforms for websites. It allows including different types of widgets on a page which makes it more functional. Various types of widgets which we provide to our clients are email marketing, customer service, social media access, analysis, and search, etc. For your web portal, you will also be offered an excellent, customized theme which enhances its overall beauty and users will find it very easy to navigate it. You can also acquire a widget for plug-in edition. This will make your website user-friendly in nature. Thus, in the long run, you get to increase the market share of your company.

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What is included in website design?

Building a brand new website is not a child’s play! When you are building a website, you need to conceptualize and plan. The owner of the website needs to follow the theme of the website and according to that, they add graphics, texts, layouts and images. All this falls under website design.

When we talk about web designing, we are referring to a number of skills which includes content production, web layout, and graphic design.

Buying a domain and investing in a hosting plan is not enough! If there is no layout, content and graphics – there is no life in your website. How do you put life into your website? The focus is on aesthetics. You add visual imagery, create a user-friendly experience, and offer a better layout. You may have heard that content is king. The website needs to have content, a design that matches the theme and even the user experience.

For example, a visitor goes to your website by clicking on a link and is unable to navigate. They are looking for the ‘best baby shampoos online’, but your website is taking a long time to load and open. As a novice, you have chosen a complicated layout and the user experience is not as straight-forward. The visitor will be in a state of dilemma and will leave your website ‘for good’. The idea is to make them stay, give the visitors a reason to come back to your website and buy your services/products. This will happen when you hire a professional website designer and focus on aesthetics and meaningful content.

The question is – How do you differentiate between website design and website development? Let us find that out in the next section!

What is the difference between website design and website development?

Majority of the people are confused about the concept of website design and development. While both these areas are different from each other, but your business requires both. If you ask us, the boundary between a designer and a developer is getting blurred. A designer has started learning technological languages to be a master in both areas.

Let us cut to the chase and understand the difference.

1. The Role of a Web Designer

  • A web designer is responsible for the aesthetics of the website.
  • They use design tools such as Photoshop, Adobe, Illustrator, and Sketch.
  • If the owner of the website has a theme in mind, you will be responsible for creating a design that would be suitable.
  • Web designers are much more creative and imaginative as compared to the Web Developers.
  • They create a welcoming environment for the future visitors
  • They have good knowledge about graphic designing and logo design.
  • Website designers are always up-to-date about the latest designs and trends.
  • They are responsible for typography, color palette and even branding of the site.

2. The Role of a Web Developer

  • Coding of the products
  • They are not as interested in the design, but the coding should be clean
  • Web Developers are more objective and analytical
  • They turn the design into a full-fledged website
  • The role is to get a website fully functional
  • Server architecture is involved
  • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets is a must
  • The Back-end developer create the backbone of the website by using languages such as MySQL and PHP.
  • Full-stack developers can build the entire website from scratch.

Both the professionals have different areas of expertise, but their job is equally important. Let’s find out!

Which is better a web designer or web developer?

While Karl Marx believed that social division of labor is not ideal, Emile Durkheim considered the society as an organism. Just like our body cannot be fully functional without several parts, a website cannot be complete without both. In order to bring your website to life, you would need a website designer and a web developer.

Can one factory worker create a whole car in a day? The answer is NO! The factory owner needs to hire several workers to build that one car. If he hires only one person, he will be able to produce only one car in a month or maybe an year. If he hires hundred workers, he will be able to reach his goal. Similarly, you need professionals to build your website.

However, you would require a web designer and a developer to fulfill the need. Your site will come to life when both the parties join hands. They will work towards creating your website and ensuring that it is visible to millions of users.

A professional website designer will ensure that the visitors do not get confused. The website design should be easy to understand, navigate and should be predictable in nature. This helps in building a positive and long-term relationship with your clients. For example, the user reaches your website through an Instagram link, but they are not able to find the content that is useful for them. What will they do? They would not waste any more time on your website and will go to a competitor’s website.

A simple-to-grasp website design can attract search engines as well. No matter how fancy and good-looking your website is, you would need to code it properly. If it is not coded properly, search engines will not be able to read it. In order to avoid technical glitches, you need to hire a website designer and a web developer.

Broken links and a prolonged loading time is a warning sign! The visitors are not going to appreciate this and will find a better website to visit! That’s precisely why you need a web developer and a designer.

You could even hire a full-stack developer, who can build your website from scratch and can handle all the responsibilities without needing several hands. However, you would require both website design and development for your website to be the next big thing!

If the whole idea is to gain visibility and get prospective clients, then your next step should be to hire a professional.

How much does it cost to hire someone to build a website?

Let’s talk about the money! This is an important aspect because at the end of the day, you are spending money from your pocket. While some startup businesses opt for a free website design, a wealthy businessman may hire a professional designer.

You cannot look at a website and predict the costs that went to build it. Just because the design is impeccable does not mean that the owner has put in more money! Does it load fast enough? Is it easy to navigate? Are the search engines able to read the code?

In order to understand the cost, you need to segregate the different areas. There is setup, content creation, design, maintenance and a lot more to handle. You cannot just give a vague number and start building a website. The average cost of building a website is:

  • Setup takes about $160. This is when you hire a professional website designer. There are free website builders, but you are not going to reap the full benefits from those. You need to create your own identity.
  • Design and building will take up about $5000. Don’t neglect this aspect because your website needs to be coded well and should be able to load fast. Also, the creative aspect is equally important.
  • Content creation takes an additional $500. Consider investing in a good content creator because the content is king!
  • Maintenance requires an additional $500.
  • Hosting costs are about $3-$25/month
  • It can take about 2-5 weeks to build a website from scratch.

It all depends on whether you are opting for DIY or you wish to hire a professional. If you have a personal website, you can opt for a free website design which is ideal for blogs. This is not the best option for businesses!

If you ask us, then we will tell you that you must invest in a designer and a developer. Why? The answer is simple!

You have a business to handle and a professional knows how to optimize your website, get it out there, find a suitable layout and design and handle all the technical aspects. The price can vary because there is so much competition out there! There are many web design and web developing solution companies that are offering the services at the most competitive rates. Finding a company will not be a difficult task, but you need to choose the best.

How do I hire a good web designer?

Just like an architect is hired from the start, a web designer is involved in the process from the beginning. They are creative and that’s precisely how they turn your vision and ideas into a full-fledged theme and design for the website.

In order to find a good web designer, you must look at their portfolio. A professional will always have a portfolio to show to their prospective clients. Never jump at the first offer because you need to gain perspective and find the best designer for your website.

Not everyone can understand your vision. Let us take the example of a business owner, who specializes in the kids clothing line. The theme of the website is kids clothing and it cannot be dark, gloomy or dreary. The web designer will understand the theme and work around it! There should be bright colors, an easy-to-navigate design and a quick loading time. They will use apt graphics that will interest the parents of the kids to click on your website and search for products.

As a small or medium business owner, you need to focus on online branding. The whole world is going online and they are looking for products and information on websites. If you want to get noticed in the Google search engine, hiring  a good designer and a developer will be a wise idea.

The website has no life without a good website design. So, your first step should be to hire a good website designer. Most of the companies have their own websites, a portfolio page and they will sit down with you to understand your requirements and vision.

Hire A Professional Website Design and Development Company

Consider this as an investment! As a business owner, you are not reaping benefits without going online. In today’s world, teens, kids, parents and the older generation are using technology to buy products and services. There is no doubt that there are malls for buying branded products, but most people believe in saving money and indulging in online shopping.

Your business needs exposure and building a website would be a wise move. So, invest in a good website designer and developer to gain the attention of prospective clients. This will help you and your business to get more leads!

Hire a web designer today!

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We can do amazing things!