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We service the city of San Jose with web design and development services backed by around the clock support.

Website Design Features

ecommerce website design

Ecommerce Website Design

lead generation website design

Lead Generation Website Design

custom website design

Custom Website Design

Informational Website Design

Meet the San Jose Web Designer

I’m Lorenzo Gutierrez the founder of this agency. I have an MBA in strategy and management and I am also a certified Google partner. My team and I design and develop professional websites for San Jose organizations. Our websites don’t just look pretty but come packed with the features you need such as search engine optimization aka SEO so that your website is search engine friendly.

We have been designing and developing websites for San Jose companies for over 5 years now. We have worked with small mom and pop business in San Jose as well as publicly traded companies. No matter the job we have solutions.

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If you are ready to get started with a new website or redesign of your existing then contact us through the form below. Please leave your contact information and we will be in touch as soon as possible, which typically is within 24 hours. Will send you a link to schedule a time with us where we can discuss the web design project. In this discussion will ask you some questions regarding the website to be developed like how many pages, what type of site will it be, example sites and who will provide the content. After this discussion will run over the details and provide you with an estimate for the job to be completed.

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Website Design FAQ

Why hire a website designer near you?

Hiring a website designer near you provides many more benefits that hiring seeming remotely who does not live near you. Some of the advantage to hiring a web designer or web design company near you is that you can meet with them face to face to discuss the project. Meeting face to face is a traditional method of working together and some people prefer this over using screen share services and phone calls.

How web design helps business?

A website can help your business in many ways. One it provides a foundation for your potential customers check out the information about your business to determine if they want to do business with you. A website also provides means for potential customers to contact you from and finally a website is helps your business by generating new leads by the use of content marketing, SEO, PPC and other digital marketing strategies.

How does web design work?

Web design is what creates the overall look and feel when you’re using a website. It’s the process of planning and building the elements of your website, from structure and layout to images, colors, fonts and graphics. [Source]

How do I choose a web design company?

In order to choose a website design company there are several things you should consider.

  1. How long has the website design company you are considering been in business
  2. Take a look at their online reviews. Yelp and Google My Business are two good places to check.
  3. Check out their web design portfolio of sites they have designed.

How can we create a website?

To create a website, you can you a free website builder online. There are several website builders that have simple drag and drop editors. Combine that with your preferred template and you can have a new website completed in a couple hours. GoDaddy and Squarespace are two companies that have website builders that we recommend.

About Web Design & San Jose Ca

Why it is important to have a website designed?

In the age of technology, where almost every individual has access to smart phones and with just a few swipes across their Smartphone screens, they can obtain any information they want, the website is of utmost importance.


For this, the appreciation goes to the highly optimized search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The information people generally need is stored in specific websites and these search engines present the user with the most relevant websites based on their search.


If you own a business and still don’t own a website then you are lagging behind my friend. Because it can help you and your business to reach unimaginable heights.


A website is a place to showcase your achievement, your products, and the service you offer to the world. A website provides credibility to your venture. On top of all this, the most important part is, it can fetch you more customers.


What makes a website design stand out from others?


The truth is, according to the latest survey by Netcraft in September 2020 there exist more than a billion sites on the internet, which is a gigantic number. On top of that, the number keeps increasing as every single second passes by.


Now the question that arises is this, how my website is going to be visible to the intended customer base? That is a complex process and to help you with that, we are always here for you. You can contact us right now.


Coming to the point, the important things, which make a website better, are as follows.


Intuitive And Simple Navigation


A good website is one that has the simplest navigation options, it shouldn’t be hard for your customer to find what they are looking for. Navigation is of utmost importance if you want to retain visitors to the site. Remember this, your visitors are always going to be in hurry, so don’t make them work hard to find what they are here to find.


Elegance of a Site


If you want your site to make a lasting first impression on a visitor then the site should be eye-pleasing. It should have a proper color combination and images that support your brand and adds value to it.


A professional and well-designed site will have an elegant design and helpful content that will be easy to read. Aesthetic design isn’t the only thing that needs to be considered during the designing phase, the loading time of the site should also be kept in mind.


The Importance of SEO


A nice looking website is not going to cut the deal for you if it doesn’t draw traffic from the internet. Most of the consumers to your site will come from the search engines, but, As we have discussed there are more than a billion sites on the internet that are competing to be on the top when a user searches for something related.


To make sure your site comes on the top, your site should have been designed by keeping the best SEO practices in mind. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which includes some technical things along with the use of title tags, keywords, image optimization, etc.


And we can surely help you with that to make sure that your site will be on the top when a relative keyword is searched.


The Quality of Content


The quality of the content matters, every text on the site from the greetings to the product description matters. The content should help the visitor to better understand the products and services you have to offer, which means the content should be user-centered and not company-centered. Providing user-friendly content while keeping the company goals firmly in sight is what we offer.


To do this correctly the understanding of the consumer from the inside out is required. If you know the customer then you know exactly what they are looking for and with this knowledge, you can present your consumers with the right content at the right time.


These are some of the best web design practices which we follow when creating any website.


How owning a website is going to help your business


The research shows that up to 85% of people will inquire about the business online before making a purchase, and if you don’t own a website then you are missing out on that consumer base.


This means lack of a website decreases your credibility. If you have one then it makes you look professional, it increases your presence in the online world which will help your business to earn a reputation.


That is also something that we offer, we maintain the reputation of your brand online.


A website increases your consumer base; if you have a properly optimized and polished site then your revenue will increase many folds from the consumers utilizing your services or products through a website.


Today social media is a regular part of the daily life of most people, they spend a significant amount of their time on the sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Quora, by promoting your site on these platforms you can bring in more customers.


At this point, let me mention that we also offer social media marketing services, by using smart and unique techniques we target the specified audiences to convert them into consumers.


By visiting, your website visitors get to know more about what you have to offer and can directly contact you from the details on your site, which is very convenient and customers appreciate this convenience and convenience brings loyalty. So, with the website, you are going to get many loyal customers.


These are some of the benefits, which you get from having a website. With expertise in different areas like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Content Writing, and Reputation management, we can bring much-needed growth to your business.


Along with these services, we also offer PPC Management, Conversion optimization, Email marketing, and Digital strategy so that your business can thrive in the online world.


About San Jose Ca


web design san jose caSan Jose is a major city in Silicon Valley and technology spot. The city of San Jose has approximately 1 million people living there. This makes San Jose the third largest city in the state of California. San Jose is known for innovation. The city has a University San Jose State which is located in the downtown area. Other notable areas in downtown San Jose are the Tech Museum which is a museum devoted to the exploration of science and technology. The city is generally divided into the following areas: Downtown San Jose, Central, West San Jose, North San Jose, East San Jose, and South San Jose. esides those mentioned above, some well-known communities within San Jose include Japantown, Rose Garden, Midtown San Jose, Willow Glen, Naglee Park, Burbank, Winchester, Alviso, East Foothills, Alum Rock, Communications Hill, Little Portugal, Blossom Valley, Cambrian, Almaden Valley, Silver Creek Valley, Evergreen Valley, Edenvale, Santa Teresa, Seven Trees, Coyote Valley, and Berryessa. [Source]



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