Hi Im Lorenzo Gutierrez a website designer in Santa Cruz California. I build professional and responsive websites. Free consultation and Im open 7 days a week.  

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Meet the Santa Cruz Web Designer

Lorenzo Gutierrez is a website designer from the Santa Cruz area. He has been professionally designing and developing websites since 2013. Since then he has sharpened his skills to become one of the most in demand web designers in Santa Cruz California. It’s easy to see how he has developed this reputation: for over a decade she has been helping clients develop successful branding strategies, unparalleled creative advertising concepts, and innovative interactive marketing solutions. For proof please see our countless customer reviews on Google and our website. We love making our customers happy.  Clients love the 1:1 personalized attention they get combined with Lorenzo’s professional and creative digital marketing skills. We work on a variety of platforms such as WordPress Shopify to name a few. 

My Approach to Website Design and Development

I’m not your run of the mill wesbite designer. I am available to meet in person at your Santa Cruz businesses or at a local coffee shop. Then I actually get to know your business to create the best plan of action for developing a cutting edge website. Our Santa Cruz website design agency offers branding, graphic and logo design. We are focused on providing the best experience with a 5 star product backed by a 5 star service. We pride ourselves on delivering superior work. 

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Our Web Design & Development Projects

Alameda Tint – Alameda California 

NessPowerFit – Sacramento California 

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Lorenzo Gutierrez

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Website Design FAQ

What do you call a person who creates websites?

Someone that designs and develops websites can be called a website designer as well as: coder, web developer and programmer. 

How long does it take to build a website?

For us it takes around 2 weeks to a month to build a website with the average time being 2 weeks. However the industry average time to build a website is much longer being 6+ weeks. 

How do you hire a web designer?

To hire a website designer you should get in touch with them, typically through their website contact form or just give them a call. Then you can schedule a meeting to see if it is a good fit for the two of you. 

What does a website designer do?

A website designer is someone who has several skills sets in order to build and redesign websites. They must first be creative in order to bring the website design to life. A website designer also has to be technically savvy in order to execute what is technically needed to be implemented.

How much does it cost to hire a website designer?

Websites on average cost $5,000 from start to finish. If you are looking at hourly work then an average price for a website designer is $75 per hour.  

What do you call a person who creates websites?

A person who creates websites can be called several things such as: website designer, web developer, coder and much more.

How long does it take to build a website?

Industry standard is around 6-8 weeks depending on the turnaround time of the client to proivde feedback and approval. However we aim to complete websites in under a month. Our average is two weeks from start to finish to complete a website.

Do you only create WordPress websites?

WordPress is one of the main platforms we use to build websites for our clients. WordPress is a super stable, dynamic and secure platform for websites it is said to be the content management system for around 30% of all websites. Even though wordpress is our main content management system we use we also build websites on other platforms such as Wix and Shopify to name a few. 

Do I have to be a local Santa Cruz resident to work with you?

No we work with people around the nation. However for our Santa Cruz clients we are able to meet with them because we are located in such close proximity.


About Santa Cruz


About Santa Cruz Ca

Santa Cruz is a beach city on the central coast of California. Santa Cruz has plenty of cool shops to eat, shop, surf and have a good time. Some of my favorite spots to visit in Santa Cry are the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. They recently shot a movie here as it has a cool background being one of the best amusement parks right on the beach in California. My top ride at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk is the Giant Dipper. I have to ride this ride at least once every time I go.  Some of the cool local beaches I like to check out are. Natural Bridges State Park, West Cliff Drive, The Mystery Spot. The city has mild weather year round which makes it super popular with tourists.


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